Sonoran Snowcones

120 S Avenida De La Vista, Tucson
(520) 344-8470

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Eli D.

Absolutely horrible service. The young woman (glasses, dark black hair) was so rude after I asked if she could add mango juice. she gave me the chamoyada with a dab of chamoy and plain ice. I was really confused by the raspado so I went to ask for mango juice only and she refused and said "that's a chamoyada". I've had the same raspado at other shops many times and this one was by far the worst. She ended up charging me to add juice to my d that was originally ice, little chamoy and a few chili candy (rielitos). Trust me, avoid it! That girl needs a new job that does not involve interacting with people whatsoever.

Regina C.

This cake was one of the best cakes I've ever had in my life! I ordered a little cake for my boyfriend's birthday and everybody loved it! Every lady that helped me with my order was super nice, I highly recommend this place because it's local, not expensive at all and their cakes are amazing

Golda V.

Just had a fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice here, the barista squeezed the ripe ruby red grapefruits right then and there - this is good stuff! I love grapefruit juice and this is the best I've had. Their other snacks look tempting as well, will be trying more. The ambiance here is great as well, a real Tucson westside treasure and right near the new flowing Santa Cruz river. Spaces to work and plug in, and coffee and beer available next door.

Iris V.

After reading numerous "Yelp" reviews, we decided to place an order with Dolce Pastello. It was a wonderful experience communicating with the baker Aide. She accommodated our requests for creating a cake for my brother-in-law, a professor retiring with over 40 years of service. We alI Loved the 3 Leches cake. It was by far the most delicious cake ever. If you appreciate quality, service and taste, we would highly recommend a visit to the Dolce Pastello.

Sharon Williams

absolutely delicious. nice place.

Mohamed Mohamed

Couldn't find it...if you have nothing to do put this address in your gps and have fun trying to find "Sonoran Snowcones" you'd probably have a better chance finding unicorns or bigfoot!

Bebe M.

I first ordered a pineapple mango raspado with ice cream but after the first bite, some bees came by and drowned themselves in my raspado. I went back and explained to her what happened and she either wasn't listening or didn't understand what I was saying. So then I asked for a small pineapple mango raspado with ice cream but this time I wanted to try just a little bit of chamoy. She kept getting the order wrong and I kept having to repeat myself but she wasn't understanding. After about 5 minutes of going back and forth with her of what I wanted she finally got the order right. Right before I paid again, I told her how my previous raspado was ruined by those bees that flew inside of it. She just nodded and took my payment. After a few minutes she gave me a raspado that was completely overpowered by chamoy after I told her I just wanted a little just to try. I tried finding some ice cream to calm the overpowering chamoy but she forgot to put the ice cream too.

Melissa T.

Their vanilla tres leches did not disappoint. One of the best cakes I've had. Thank you for making my Abuelita's birthday memorable and special. We will definitely order again.

Kelly M.

My cake was beautiful it was smaller than I expected but it was so dense there was plenty to go around I highly recommend the staff was kind and accommodating I will definitely return

M D.

Just stopped my to get my raspado fix and they were closed. The plaza was busy with a lot of patrons but Sonoran was closed. Bummer.

Sarah C.

What a nice surprise and treat this was! My boyfriend and I ate lunch at Sies Kitchen, and it was such a nice day out we decided to walk around the courtyard and check out the other shops. I stopped at Sonoran Sno-Cones and my sweet tooth was enticed. I had never had any of these desserts I was seeing so I asked the girl who was working a few questions. She was very helpful and patient. I decided to order a small Macedonia which is a cup of vanilla ice cream, pieces of peach, pineapple, strawberry, and mango. SO GOOD. The small was $4.50 and 2 people could easily share it. The fruit was frozen fresh fruit and tasted so sweet and fresh. The juice along with the fruits and ice cream was just a wonderful combination! I'm already craving another one now! I'm so glad I discovered this place and will definitely be back for more!

Monica G.

Sad to say I will never going to comeback to this place. This was my favorite raspado place in Tucson, but since they have a new girl (chubby girl dark hair) she is so RUDE... I don't know what is wrong with her, first time I was oh maybe she had a bad day but when I comeback next week she is still was very rude.

Arleen E.

I ordered a tres leches cake for my daughters graduation party. Excellent tres leches cake! Homemade flavors! Almost like eating a rice pudding cake. Yummy!

Rita B.

This was our first visit and we were so impressed with the whole area. It was Saturday morning and the place was really hopping with activity. I love Tres Leche, have made it several times using the Pioneer Woman recipe. I just wanted to see if the tres leche from Dolce Pastello, which I figured would be authentic, was close to my homemade version. I bought a whole cake, and served it at a Mother's Day party with was a hit, everyone loved it!! I like my homemade version, but this was Delicious. We will be returning to eat and enjoy the ambiance.

Kat M.

I've seen the previous pictures of the items here and it always looks soooo good. We finally got to go today and the lady is super rude and was too busy to explain anything as I was asking what the items had in them. The menu isn't to specific, I like my raspados a certain way. So I just ordered the Mangoyada. It's literally just shaved ice with the mango mix they have. I asked for lechera as it was listed as an extra and the lady looked at me crossed eyed like I was a nut. Like I said I like my raspados a certain way. So we paid 75 cents for like a small drizzle of lechera. Sooo not worth it. I can buy a whole bottle for a dollar. Anyway, this place is over rated not real raspados and the service is horrible. I can and saw and didn't like. Will NEVER go back. I'll stick to my favorite one on 22nd.

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