Ta' Raspado

5012 S 12th Ave, Tucson
(520) 349-3712

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Maddie Vaillencourt

I LOVE Ta’ Raspado!!!! My husband I come here allll the time, they’re always so kind and the raspados are the absolute best! I came today and the woman working spoke very little English (and I very little Spanish) but despite our communication barrier, she was very patient and made sure to help me the best she could! 10/10 recommend!

Franseli Moreno

I would highly recommend!Amazing service... even better raspados 5/5

Patricia S. Acosta

really good raspados and their tortas are good too

Sergio Curiel

Very Good Raspados, place is to small and it gets to crowdy

Readings of Luz

Bomb chips and bomb raspados. ????

Sandra Foster

Been here twice. I cant wait to bring my kids here!!!

Melissa D.

Got a mango smoothie and it wasn't good at all. The fruit juice felt like drinking straight out of a sugar packet and didn't taste natural at all. To be fair, maybe it wasn't good because there wasn't any ice cream but won't be going back to find out. My nachos were served cold and they had forgotten to make them in the first place.

Abraham Valencia

Great service

Syanna Segura

I like that it was still open and good customer service. Just the mango didnt taste good to me and the clamato wasn't cold.

Mareli Flores

Great place for a sweet treat

Joseph Weiland

Better than oasis and cheaper. Def worth the short drive down the road

Daniel Verduzco

It's it is very delicious and very nutritious good food to cool off I love going there

Victor Pino

Very good


Our favorite spot for raspados!

Four Sail

Fast service.. good variety.

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