Taco Bell

9410 E. Golf Links Rd, Tucson
(520) 722-0502

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Rosemarie B.

My friend and I went to this location last night maybe 6.30 Pm. There was something terrible wrong about their meat...it looked kind of red. In color it taste terrible and i picked the meat out of my tacos my friend had a mexican pizza and complained about the meat also after i took her home she called a hour later she had been puking it up she was shaking and has heart problems we will not be returning here ever

Liliana A.

The restaurant smells bad/dirty. The lobby was dirty with garbage on the floor. The food took a long time to make. We ordered 4 tacos supreme instead we got 4 regular tacos. The girls working were efficient as the male staff hung out by the cash register. There was also a customer with a dog in the lobby. Not happy with this location.

Jed Wells

One of the best hole in the wall bars in Tucson. Fantastic food and service. Try the prime rib dip and Tucson Turkey... Tip the staff!!!!

Debra Curry

Its great! Got exactly what we ordered. No mess ups. And so yummy

Rebecca Jimenez

You put sauces with every item. Why is it y'all keep forgetting to put them in the bag. Why I have to go back to the store to walk in myself and grab them will remain mystery to me. You ask the question every single time what kind of sauce. You literally put them in every bag so how is it you keep forgetting?

Steven Fletcher

For fast food it's just awesome and it's the only fast food place I can eat and poop solid the next day and not have stomach issues like if I go to any other fast food place...thank you taco bell for just being ahhhmazing and changing up ur menu all the time...I like a variety when I eat

Bruce Ross

It's okay just like any other fast food restaurant

John Q Public

They should take after Papa John's..."Better ingredients, better tacos." There's no flavor. On the plus side, I didn't get food poisoning this time.

Charles Algire

Fast food done well. You know what your getting and the is consistency is good. Well maintained, clean and modern. The staff are friendly and attentive. Food is fresh and prepped for you in just a couple minutes.

Caitlin S

One of the better taco bells I've ever been to. Went up to the counter have a very short wait just to check make sure they got our order, and they threw in two extra cinnamon twists just because. Super happy with our visit.

Simplistic ASF

Hands down the best Taco Bell ever! From the manager to the quality and always accurate food, to the customer service, this Taco Bell is a great place for dinner. Management knows what they’re doing here and the workers are great! Always a great experience!

Jordyn Long

Its a taco bell you know? Not the best food in the world but gets the job done. Watermelon freeze is amazing

james hagquist

They served me quickly and I was out and on the road.

Curtis Lowe

Food just sucks. Tasted like what road kill looks like.

Dean Miller

My favorite Mexican style quick bite. Never fails.

Krillix Strachan

I'm reducing my 5 stars to a 3.

Samuel Allen

Very good and they also deliver now.

Gina D.

Never waited in line at a drive through this long in my life. 20 min and still two cars ahead of me. I would leave but I'm stuck...

Edward Wagner

Everyone was nice. Staff was out cleaning the dining area twice during our visit. The food was fresh and hot. Loved the rattlesnake fries.

MrBirdmann87 .

I guess this is what no ice means. For $2.00 each I asked him to add more and he just added a bunch of foam and spilled out all the soda. Literally handed me the drink back with less than there was initially. Once upon time this location had a good night crew, Los Betos it is from now on. Edit: Oh yeah, they were oit of rice too. So the XXL Burritos I ordered couldn't even be made right. How do you run out of rice at TACO BELL, HOW?! Then cheap me on my drinks which they should have offered for free since they didn't have required ingredients.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

9410 E. Golf Links Rd, Tucson, AZ 85730