Taqueria El Pueblito

1800 E Fort Lowell Rd a156, Tucson
(520) 339-9336

Recent Reviews

Jill P.

Super good burritos. I had carnitas and my husband had the specialty that started with a z. I forget what it was called but that one had carne asada and it was so savory and good! We have to come back for that one!!

Christian Clements

Horrible service. Horrible food. Absolutely the WORST experience in Tucson.

Erick D.

I've eaten at this restaurant a few times and it's always been pretty good. Today I ordered a few tacos and menudo for take out. The tacos were excellent. The toppings varied with the different meat types which I thought was pretty cool. The menudo was good as always. The food here is pretty good value. Nice staff too. I hope that they're able to make it through the Social Distancing time period.

Jenn Fitzmartin

Such good food and always friendly. Love the carnitas!

Chelsea L.

I was excited to try because of the good reviews. I got babacoa tacos, burrito and a Al pastor burrito. In the al pastor I found a piece of meat and picked it out, it was a legit HEART organ. I was disgusted and disappointed. I'm tired of getting shit Mexican food and getting disappointed when I'm expecting something bomb. Also, the Barbacoa meat tasted like straight dog food. I only took one bite. Is there any good Mexican food in this town? I've had good luck at the trucks, not the restaurants. Very poor quality meat, the seasoning wasn't bad but with bad meat seasoning is just like putting lipstick on a pig, doesn't work.

Tevin K.

Al pastor taco - best I ever had The rajas con crema taco - simply delish The Zacatecas burrito - when a 50yr old says OMG it's definitely not habit like ok! Cannot wait to return and have all 3 again

Flerida Valle

Decided to give this place a try, the atmosphere is great and it wasn’t too busy. The cashier was possibly our main problem since the food was good. Every question we asked was an uh hum or no. Customer service is non existent but for her to start texting as I am ordering was the cherry on top. I would go again if I knew there’s a new cashier. Could hear the workers criticize customers before they walked in.

Christy K.

Meh. Tried the corn tamales- stale with dried out edges. Pickles tasted flat but the salsa bar was fun. That said, the pico de Gallo appeared so tired we didn't even sample it. Indistinct border between public space and the kitchen prep meant I could have reached right into the tray of meat and flauta with my bare hands, from the customer side. Gross! Filthy tables in need of a wipe down with plenty of staff standing around who could have been cleaning. They just don't seem to care... we won't be back.

Eddie Sandoval

Found this Gem about 2yrs ago when I was craving a new spot for a better than Good Breakfast Burrito and Behold!..this place serves a Excellent Burrito and many other delicious items from Tacos,Flautas,Chile rellenos plus a small but Yummy Salsa Bar.

William H.

Worst El Pastor tacos that I've ever had. They were cold and you could tell they pulled it out of the fridge recently. The Salsa Bar is questionable.

Lesley P.

Good food. Great service. The food was hot and authentic mexican food.

Alison Mittelstadt

Delicious freshly made salsas and salsa bar to top off excellent huge burritos and tasty tacos—choice of corn or flour tortillas. Wonderful!

Gary Rodriguez

TOTAL RIP OFF is the only way to describe this place. Tonight I ordered a two-taco special for $5.99, for a total of $6.51. The tacos could fit in the palm of your hand, had very little chicken, and barely any pico de gallo (lettuce that I asked for in place of the drink). The tacos were tiny, the "pcd" lacked any tomato, and the front counter girl was a non-smiling snot. I told the chef that the tacos, for the price, were minuscule and he just stared at me. I stated that it was a ripoff and that I wouldn't return. They didn't care.

Art T.

I found this place after my bad time at the Jack in box next door for breakfast. The place was clean inside and outside and the restroom was also clean and they had hand soap and paper towels. The Employees were friendly and the food & salsas bar was great. I wish they had old peoples discount or Student discount and they would have more business. I will be coming back here when I do my Laundry around the corner and a few doors down.

Jesse Shaffer

Try the carnitas or the barbacoa tacos. The salsa bar perfect.

Hannah J.

Zacatecas burrito is amazing! Service is friendly and the place is always clean. Enchiladas are a little small but still tasty. Great for a quick bite while I'm in Tucson.

Alex A.

Excellent, authentic and delicious!!! Great service too!! Coming back tonight for dinner!!

Kimberly Leppots

Anjelica is amazing first of all.

Brad W.

We all had breakfast burritos, but the verdict among the two people who had sausage was not enough meat was present. My potatoes, eggs and cheese burrito was basic, but caused some severe black sludge soon after. These burritos are way too much at $7 each. Try somewhere else.

Tamar M.

Finally posting about how much we love Taqueria El Pueblito! We're so lucky to only live about 10 minutes away, because we eat here at least once a week. Their breakfast burritos are my personal favorite. But I do try something new every time I go for dinner to switch it up. My fiancé loves their carne asada burritos for dinner and bacon breakfast burritos for breakfast. Salsa bars are pretty hit or miss. But theirs is incredible. No other taqueria has yet to compare. Besides the food, the employees are very welcoming and friendly. I highly recommend trying El Pueblito out if you haven't already.

Andrew Simms

Always amazing quality and service. Carnitas is fantastic, so is the creamy avocado salsa and breakfast burritos.

Larry B.

Took the wife shoe shopping and found this place. Thought a taco sounds good. So we went in. Not to large, several tables and a counter to eat at. Ordered our tacos, I had the shredded beef and she had the Carne Asada. Both were great! They have a nice salsa bar with the normal items, several salsas, pickled onions, radishes, carrots etc. all in all a very good place for tacos. Will have to go back and try some other things.

Jennifer Dunaway

You walk in and order at a counter. Doesn't take too long to get your food. There's a little salsa bar- everything was tasty. The carnitas were a little over-cooked and dry but I actually don't mind them that way. The bean and cheese burrito, per my son, was magical. :)

Richard Spence

good quick-service Mexican food. A little pricy ($15 for this a #12 plate with a drink) but cheaper than most sit-downs. Only problem was that the carnitas inside the burrito was a bit dry. Chicken enchilada and sides were very good.

Ahmed Salama

The best fish sandwich you will ever eat.

cesar torres

Delicious tacos especially their chicharon tacos.

Aditi D.

Loved the food. Huge portions, very fresh and delicious. Nice salsa bar. Decent prices too

Apryl C.

We just came down from Washington state and wanted to have some authentic Mexican food.... This place nailed it!!! Great food! Friendly service! Thank you!

Rijan S.

Wanted a breakfast burrito around noon. They serve breakfast all day. I decided to try it. I have never been here before so I blindly trusted Yelp. I got a Zacatecas burrito with egg. It was gigantic. It was the only thing I needed to eat all day. It was affordable and it was delicious! The restaurant was clean, moderately busy, and the staff were very polite. I will absolutely eat here again! Next time I will try the chilaquiles.

Alexander Tucci

My favorite burrito place in Tucson! I brought a friend from the east coast here and he said it was the best burrito he'd ever had. Always fresh and tasty and the staff is always friendly.

Steve Poe

We almost always share the El Pueblito nachos with carne asada. More than two people need, really. My spouse loves the agua fresca selections for drinks, too.

Natalie Weitkunat

I love the tacos dorados and they have a great salsa bar!

Robin G.

MY NEW GO TO BURRITO SPOT! The freshest ingredients in town! My friend did say it was the best veggie burrito she has had in her entire life! The customer service was exquisite! The woman at the register was extremely accommodating and made us laugh :) we were even able to make our veggie burrito into veggie tacos!! If you're in to that kinda thing. My new go to rrito spot!!

Dannya Castillo

enchiladas and barbacoa crispy tacos

Cañez M Val

It was great,and the meat is not greasy is perfect

Eloy P.

I was not really impressed with the food although it had 4 1/2 stars. I was not being picky but the food was cold and the carne asada it had a weird taste. In a positive note the salsa bar was great.

Blanca Fernandez

Corn Tortilla was cold & Tacos are dry

Maryanne Mott

Service was outstanding. Dinner was old world Italian. Mmmm. We went on a Monday night and it was so peaceful .

Rachael Ridout

Some of the best fresh orange juice! Plus the burro was huge! Everything was made so fresh!

Andy Laurenzi

Ive lived in Arizona for 40 years. Many many meals at Mexican restaurants. This week there I had the best green chicken enchiladas Ive ever had. The green sauce was muy bueno.