7315 N Oracle Rd #105, Tucson
(520) 329-8630

Recent Reviews

Celia F.

Best bagels in Tucson! I moved from Manhattan and these are the only bagels I'll eat in AZ.

Richard S.

Moved from Tucson, I miss many things but I especially miss this bagel store! It truly is the closest bagel my Long Island haunts. Boiled and baked Support local

Luvtheheat P.

Pretentious owner who is more interested in acting like an East Coast goon, instead of friendly customer engagement. Service is spotty, quality average, price what are we saying here? It's not worth the wait, enduring a Stallone wanna-be, and eating an average at best bagel. We won't be back. A half dozen visits, always walk away wondering why we come back. Later, Bagel Joint.

Angela A.

Legit bagels here... Super chewy on the outside and soft in the inside. Prices are reasonable at $11 for a dozen. Lots of different flavors like everything, onions, cinnamon raisin, blueberry. They offer to slice the bagels for you to save yourself some hand injuries. The place can get busy on the weekends.


Only place in town like this. The bagels are so good I need a cigarette after eating one, and I don't even smoke. Friendly staff, da' best.

Tammy S.

These bagels are Delicious They have a red and green onion cream Cheese that is so yummy. Better than an bagel I have had at Ess a bagel Gramercy girl !

Drew A.

I'm a restaurant owner. Today I stumbled into this place. Dude, best turkey bagel I ever had! I told the really nice Boston lady to make me something good. She absolutely killed it! Great staff, great food. Don't miss this place. I'm mad I didn't know sooner.

Tamara T.

I love this place! They have the most freshest bagels EVER! I'm favorite place hands down!

John Stewart

Best bagels western United don't have to go to New York me on this...eggs, lox, whatever you desire...they have it for breakfast and lunch... coffee,teas,'s all, beyond good!! Put this on your "must do" list. You and your stomach will Smile!! Finally, a great Bagel in Tucson!!

Tim F

Holy bagels this joint is so good! Hands down the best place to get a proper bagel in town.

Sandy Tracey

Everything Bagel with lox was great. Good chew on the bagel.

Kim M.

These bagels are so GooD! I haven't had a bagel this good in over twenty years. Ever since the Bagel Bakery closed down, I've given up on bagels in Tucson. Now I have a new Bagel place, if only there was an Eastside location. YuMMMM!!!!

LaDawn Shocklee-Cox

This place was recommended by a friend who lives on the opposite side of town from the location. He raved about the bagels so Ihad to try them. He was spot on! The bagels were wonderful. Incredible flavor, and that's saying a lot for a plain bagel. The service was super friendly. Will definitely be returning.

Marty Markowitz

Best bagels in Tucson (or just about anyplace!). Made fresh the traditional way. Have not had as good back East or in LA! Lucky to have this little place here.


Typical bagel joint. Very friendly staff...LOVE the girl from NY. I hear the owners are Red Sox fans...I'll still go back there anyway..

LaDawn Shocklee-Cox

Located near where I live in NW Tucson, this place was recommended to me by a friend located on the far eastside. He raved about the bagels so couldn't help but try them out. The bagels were amazing! The service was fabulous and super friendly. I highly recommend!

Jared Hays

I could see the guy making the bagels by hand while I ordered. So cool!

Mace W.

Five stars (according to Yelp) = "Woohoo! As good as it gets!" And in the case of the Bagel Joint and Tucson, my rating is 100% accurate. Authentic, scratch bagels all day and every day. I am pretty sure nobody else in Tucson does bagels from scratch, certainly doesn't taste or feel like anyone else does. I wish they would add a few $30/pound accompaniments to select from, but we are in Tucson and not Scottsdale.

Steve Pollock

In my opinion, The Bagel Joint has the best bagels in Tucson. My credentials for making this decision is that I have eaten a lot of great bagels in New York City and these are in the same class

Bill M

The best Bagel place in NW Tucson/Oro Valley area.

Eric J.

As a former New Yorker, it's a rarity to find a really good bagel in the Southwest but here they are. When I'm in Tucson I stop here and buy bagels to take home and freeze. I'm sad when they runout. A taste of New York!

Jamie Robinson

Awesome REAL boiled bagels! I finally found a real bagel in Tucson! THANK YOU!!!!!

Liza Yanez Clark

Great place, fresh bagels, coffee and nice lunch menu.

Elyse H.

The BEST bagels! This place was such a treat on our trip in Tucson. The bagels are boiled and so fresh. I highly recommend this place!

Don and Sharon Mercado

the Best boiled Bagels ever. The lox is always the freshest we have ever experienced in our 49 years together. The coffee is good. Everything is always fresh. There are a lot of choices on their menu.. They have fresh salads and a variety of sandwiches. It is a fun and great place. Don and Sharon Mercado

Brian Logan

Very good bagels! Definitely gives Einstein Bros a run for their money! Staff was friendly.


My sister and I eat lunch here at least once a month. We love the BBLT sandwich. Someone said the bagels at the chains are better - that's true if you like bread. If you want a REAL bagel, The Bagel Joint is for you.

Anais Cota

So good! Their everything bagels are great with the egg, bacon and cheese, or try it with Lox on top! Both are equally delicious. Don't be afraid to try their iced lattes as well!

Geoffrey B.

Drove up here from the east side for breakfast. It's that good. Garlic bagels the best


We went here most mornings for a bagel breakfast sandwich. The sandwich is good and filling. You have many choices for breakfast and lunch. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Kevin C.

OK, I am not a bagel expert and don't want to be...but I do eat here on a regular basis. So if you're looking for a decent bagel in Tucson AZ then check it out! Yelp on !

Jes G.

I've been coming here for about half a year now and can't recommend this place enough. Great service, a cozy seating area, and without a doubt the best bagels in town. I've never had a bad experience. To the chef making the bagels, don't change a thing, you have magic bagel hands. To the staff, thank you for making every visit so special, it's hard to not leave in a good mood

Jan Lagomarsino Brummett

Average NY Bagel shops are great compared to anything out West. The Bagel Joint is much better than an average NY bagel shop. Boiled beauties , crispy on the outside chewy inside. Sandwiches are big and not expensive and their 14 bagel dozen is the deal.

Clay Selman

The Bagel Joint is the best bagel place I've had this far. The bagels are delicious and the prices are reasonable!

John S.

The Bagel Joint easily beats the chains. Always get the lox with the works on sesame (not toasted). Bagels are fresh and don't need toasting. I would give it 5 stars, but selection of cold drinks needs to be more creative. Haven't had their coffee, but suspect it is very good.

Rita Calderon

Their cream cheese is amazing. You have to try the strawberry.

Richard C Heckroth

Friendly staff, excellent bagels, I am ex NYer t the best bagels I have had in Tucson, I have been here 20yrs I will be back, Thanks

Tom W.

The Bagel joint locally owned and operated great tasting bagels. Cooked to perfection! Very tasty and fresh.

jeff o'neill

I just stopped in to grab a quick bagel. Staff was great...bagel is warm, chewy and perfect. This place just became my morning indulgence

Jenni K.

Adding Bagel Joint to my list of favorite bagels in town! The prices are super reasonable and the bagels are high quality. The bagels are soft and fresh. My favorite cream cheese is red and green onion. I wish they had more locations around town. Staff are nice and the space is small.