The Screamery (Houghton Location)

50 S Houghton Rd #120, Tucson
(520) 721-5299

Recent Reviews

Samantha Hendren

Waffle cones to die for..I'd say more of a shortbread flavor but delish! Fantastic hand dipped ice cream too!

Delvin Goode

The Bourbon Brittle ice cream has pretty much changed my life, all ice cream before this flavor has been a lie😉😁

L D.

The most amazing banana split. Everything homemade except the sprinkles. The ice cream is balanced and is nice and creamy without being overly sweet. Lots of creative flavors. Even my banana had the right degree of ripeness. Great customer service. Glad I stopped by for my lotsa calorie fix that is so worth it!

Trung N.

The best ice cream I've ever had. Hands down. I make an effort to visit and have a flight of their many hand crafted ice creams every time I am in town! The owners are awesome and very helpful, able to quickly and politely help you with your choices and make sure you have a pleasant time!

Robert, H.

Ice cream is great, service lousy. Pricey. $5.45 for a single scoop cone. They claim they have a military discount...forget it. You'd think you were asking for a kidney...was told it's just to hard to get it. No parking, long lines and very slow service to stand and eat good ice cream cause there is inadequate seating.

Sean F.

Great place to get ice cream. There are plenty of options and the staff was really polite. TBH the kids cone was more than enough for me and it was on special the day I went so that was a win-win. I'll definitely be back!

Becki C.

This was our first visit The ice cream was amazing!! I had Toffee Coffee and my hubby the Salt of the Sea ( I think that's what it was called) WOW!!! The waffle cone was thin but the person behind the counter did let us know before purchasing. The place was well decorated and the ice cream was on point. The part I didn't care for was the help seemed as if they didn't want to engage. Being our first time in we had no idea what we might want. My husband is a foodie and quite the chef, when wanting to discuss the waffle cone and possible fixes.. they dismissed his suggestions and advised him they knew what was wrong and was fixing it. That may seem petty but it seems that sometimes small talk is unacceptable. Oh well... my solution... order ice cream and don't ask questions or make comments. The ice cream gets 5

Robert Maxwell

Unique and traditional flavors of Ice Cream. The service is always great. If only the Houghton/Broadway store would bring back Chocolate Chip!

Eric Z.

Yummy, this ice cream is to SCREAM FOR!!! LOL But seriously, we stopped in here before a movie and were treated to amazing customer service by Kimberly. Our group of 4 made the choice to get "The Farmhouse" plate...8 scoops of ice scream, cookie/cake/brownie bottom, and unlimited toppings. This bad boy is HUGE. What a great masterpiece she created. The ladies bowed out after the half way point, but my son and I kept truckin'. I'd say we finished it, but there were a few puddles left lol. Well worth the price and even more worth it in FUN. We will return, keep up the great work.

Emily B

Really yummy ice cream. Not cheap, but worth it! Some very nice people work here too.

Erin Farrow

First time to visit this ice cream parlor. We will be back. Kimberly was absolutely amazing and went above and beyond to make sure we enjoyed our time there. Our ice cream was phenomenal as well!

Wild West

Great ice cream. Fun and educating you about how they make the ice cream. Get local honey here. Also wish I could just sample all their flavors! Will be back.

Jason Osterman

The ice cream is fantastic. I love ice cream, breakfast, lunch, dinner, whenever and this place has the best ice cream. Cant drive by without grabbing a couple of scoops.

Courtney J.

This place is great!! Staff is helpful and a lot of the ice cream flavors are great!! It's rare that I try some ice cream and I like a lot of their flavors...usually I find one I like and I stick to it. Their buttercake, honeycomb, coffee toffee, bourbon brittle and some other oatmeal cookie one are all amazing.

Sandra Y.

I have visited several times and, overall, like the ice cream. I like a thinner ice cream such as this brand. What I don't care for is that the ice cream has bits of hard fats? I'm not sure what it is but it leaves a definite film on my teeth and palate. I have told them about it. It's the way they are mixing whatever ingredients not thoroughly. I actually took my finger and scraped it off my upper mouth and it looked waxy. Not sure what that is but it has happened each time. Also the large scoops are not that large. I bought 2 large scoops in a waffle cone and 2 large scoops in a cup and those two items cost me $17.00. Guys that is too high. Who could afford to take a family there for ice cream?

Murphys L.

Ohhhh yummm! Had their ice cream at brain freeze festival and hands down the best I've had in a long long time. Tried honeycomb or something and banana cream pie- again YUM!!!

Ruthie Goltz

We love this place. Prices run around $5 for a good size serving. The flavors are to die for. The quality is top notch. I say try it once and you'll be hooked.

Doctor Deebs

I've never even heard about this place until yesterday when I went to the Galaxy Theater (The Screamery is near there). The ice cream was good and the girl behind the counter was attentive, positive, and informative. Since I'm not huge on the whole "brand fandom", it was nice to sit down and enjoy some ice cream without thinking of Dairy Queen or Baskin-Robbins and the like. I had a good time there, though it was short. I would recommend this place to anyone with a sweet tooth and loves ice cream.

The Goddess of Death and Fire

Made from scratch and has all different flavors this places Ice cream hits the spot of what ever your craving and is a good place to make some funny moments with the children. The ice cream has even won some awards.

Sarah L.

My daughter received a gift card for her birthday and when we went to spend it the cashier said they didn't accept them anymore. It had been 12 months since purchased but there was no expiration date on the gift card. I emailed and no one responded.

Michelle T.

The Screamery is one of our favorite ice cream spots on the east side. Great flavors and ample seating space. It is always busy and the staff isn't always the best at getting through the waiting customers, thus the four stars. We still love this place and will back all summer long!!

Kimberly Dawkins

The girl named Kimberly that works here is very polite and very nice. I will defently be coming back here the ice cream here is very yummy 😋 it blows dairy queen out of the water. Thank you ❤❤

Jose Santos

Still has that brand new feeling so everything is nice. The Staff are friendly and helpful. The seating is very comfortable and if the food is not ready when you order it they bring it to your seat. I like that you can pre-book specific seats so you know you and your family will be able to sit together.

April Canez

The ice cream is great but we were asked to hurry up and leave as we were finishing our ice cream because it was closing time which I thought was rude and it our ruined our family night out. Family of 6 that will not return!!

Shannon Schrell

The ice cream is delicious. My daughter only likes to go here. Their sweet cream honeycomb ice cream is so good.

Angelique Weber

The ice cream is so delicious! So rich and creamy! I reccomend coming here for your ice cream craving.

Eloy Uribe

Any ice cream you pick will be delicious... No need to sample... Just order.

Jana K.

A friend had picked me up some of their ice cream earlier this week and it was pretty good. It is close to my house and I didn't want to go out, but I wanted to try a different flavor so I ordered a pint of a different flavor through a delivery service, but they told the driver that they wouldn't allow them to purchase ice cream to go. They said that it wasn't properly frozen to be transported. I don't quite get why they are so pretentious. Do they really think that a pint of their fragile ice won't make it a three minute drive in 37 degree weather? I can say that my friend got it here just fine. They should get over themselves!

Kristi H

I’ve tried honeycomb, cookie dough, triple chocolate, and the one with potato chips and they are ALL delicious! Plus! They offer a 10% military discount 🇺🇸

Andre Baxter

Very friendly staff. Great ice cream with some very unique flavors. Tried the bourbon and bacon. Yes I said bourbon and bacon and it was pretty good. Got the Carmel Apple flavor. It tasted like I was eating apple pie with ice cream. It was delicious. I see why they were voted best in Tucson.

Julia Gallardo

This is hands down my absolute favorite ice cream place in Tucson. You have to try them all your 1st time. I did a flight because I couldn't decide which one to get. They have revolving flavors all the time, but the best is their Honeycomb!

Stacy L.

Can't believe I haven't reviewed this place. I'm a huge fan! So many rotating/seasonal flavors to choose from, its almost hard to choose! But what I like the most is their customer service. They always wait patiently while we are selecting our flavors which I appreciate. At this point, there are so many good flavors, I can't even begin to mention them all. But, I did try their strawberry ice cream this last time around and it was probably the best strawberry ice cream I've ever tasted! I'm a bit of a plain Jane when it comes to ice cream flavors, but even the wild ones like Bacon/Bourbon or Ooey Gooey Buttercake are still good options. Stop by, try a few flavors, decided on your favorite and your ice cream life will be forever changed.

Texas B.

Extremely Rude Old Lady here. Pays attention to customers she knows&ignores new customers. Skip this place and visit the one down town which is staffed properly on busy days and employs hot college girls.

Brian Lucas

The ice cream here is unique and delicious. And the staff is always friendly. Super good local shop. And their story is awesome. I highly recommend the honeycomb.

lynn faller

Thanks for your patience while we tried your many fabulous flavors. Carmel apple was the best..chunks of apple were amazing. Staff knowledgeable, helpful and genuine. Pricy but quality worth it.

Sarah Kamrowski

The most unique and delicious ice cream flavors! I had the Sweet Cream Honeycomb flavor made with local raw honey! SO good! I’m going to have to go buy a bulk tub of this gold from them! We will be back

Meagan T.

The Screamery can get crowded on some nights as it's a popular spot! The flavors are always delicious and creative. If you prefer a creamier taste to your ice cream, this is the place to go in Tucson.

Stephen A.

On a recent trip to Southern Arizona, we found ourselves wanting dessert when we were half way home back to Phoenix. Even though Tucson is the second largest metropolis in Arizona, we are still familiarizing ourselves with its offerings. Although there are many places to eat here, it's often just concentrated in the downtown area by the University. Instead of passing by and waiting to get dessert in our hometown, we chose to try out Tucson's offerings. The closest to our exit at that time was this ice cream chain called Screamery. They boast handcrafted ice-cream and unusual flavors. I ordered the banana split, and my wife got the ice cream nachos. She had the strawberry cheesecake flavored ice cream which was covered with hot fudge and surrounded by waffle chips. She liked it, but found that the waffle chips were too brittle to really scoop the ice-cream. She would have liked some whipped cream on her dish as well. It felt a bit plain to her without it, and the clerk didn't ask her if she'd like some. I found my banana split to be rather uninspired. The flavors didn't really stand out that well. All in all, the experience wasn't terrible. Perhaps we've just been spoiled by some of the amazing shops we've found in the valley?

Ronald Wright

LOVE this place it mine and my wife's favorite place to go for ice cream an when our friends and family come to AZ to visit from the East coast we always take them there...

Kimberly M.

my daughter and i discovered this ice cream shoppe ten days after it opened, and it's still, hands down, our favorite place to go when we want sinfully delicious ice cream. she adores the ooey gooey butter cake and i lovelovelove the bees' knees, cowboy cookie, and coffee toffee. if i wouldn't appear on an episode of "my 600-pound life," i'd eat it every single day. i've had some fabulous ice cream in my almost 50 years, but this is, hands down, the absolute best of them all.

The Screamery (Houghton Location)

50 S Houghton Rd #120, Tucson, AZ 85748
(520) 721-5299