2526 E 6th St, Tucson
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Jonathan Tang

I am not a vegan but I definitely loved the food here. I had my doubts but heard nothing but amazing reviews of this place so my friends and I went here for lunch and it was as good as people say! I love the food and the staff is so friendly and helpful. I told them it was my first time and they took the time to explain the menu as well as recommendations for first timers and non vegan person like myself. Just all around wholesome people. I highly recommend this place if you are in the Tucson area. I will let the pictures do the talking ?Parking: Parking can be hard depending on what time of day you go but I would plan to drive around to find parking.

Taryn Williamson

The sauces and toppings they use on every dish I’ve had are really bursting with flavor. I love the ambiance and the staff are so warm and welcoming. I’ve never had a disappointing meal here. I usually order vegan options, but love that they have local eggs and other local, fresh ingredients. I recently had the best snickerdoodle cookie I have EVER had and couldn’t believe it was vegan. They are really doing it right!


A small gem of a place with good seating, great food options, friendly staff. Tried their food on multiple occasions while visiting Saguaro NP and loved it each time.

Fabrice Nye

It's not every day that you can find a good vegan Mexican restaurant. This one has a lot to offer (see menu). They serve pretty big plates—you won't leave hungry. Only thing is their main meat substitute is shredded jack fruit. It doesn't really pass muster for me as a stand-in for pulled pork. But their soy chorizo, on the other hand, is really good. Service is fast and the staff is very friendly. I highly recommend.Vegetarian options: It's 100% vegetarian.

B. K.

Wow. Just had a complete experience here. The staff is so welcoming friendly and professional. I finished my meal and teared up over how fresh and delicious everything was. From the drinks to the food. Love the fridge full of Electrolit too lol

Betsy M

One of my besties has some hardcore dietary restrictions, so we are always trying to find great places to dine out and try. This place has been on our list for at least a couple of years and was well worth the wait it took us to get here! We met for lunch here recently at this neighborhood jewel and WOW. We brought our husbands, both of them are hard core carnivores I might add but they were game. We all ordered something different; Chile Rellano, Chilaquiles, Huevos Rancheros and Cuban Tacos. ALL of it was beyond tasty. My husband fancies himself an aficionado of Huevos Rancheros and he was raving about these as he was inhaling them. I of course, the Chilaquiles expert, was very impressed with Tumerico's adaptation of them and found them to be some of the best I have had in the greater Tucson area. We would all come back here, again and again. Oh, and the Prickly Pear Latte -- an absolute MUST.

Marcia Branwen Riley

Wow! I was looking for a restaurant with vegan options and this place came up. I wasn’t in the mood for Mexican but after taking one bite I changed my mind. I had the barbacoa plate and saying it was fantastic would be and understatement. It was phenomenal! the staff were the friendliness people I have come across in a while. If you are in the area, please stop by. You won’t be disappointed.


This came highly recommended. Vegetarian and vegan dining, and, really, you don't even teh meat. Delicious, flavorful, and VERY friendly and informed service. Huge portions, we had to take the rest with us. If you're bored with the "usuals" this is your place.

Joy R

Coming here, we had no idea about the vegetarian/vegan menu. Of course, we tried it and we were pleasantly surprised. The food was spicy and delicious. Could not even tell we were having a vegetarian meal. Well definitely go back


Amazing food! I had the Al Pastor tacos and husband had the Guy Fieri burrito. Both were so good, we picked up the Ropa Viejas plate to bring home for dinner. Everything was so flavorful! Staff was super friendly and service was quick.

Aaron D.

Wowwwww wow wow. This is some of the best Mexican food I've ever had. Like top 5. Ever. The mole enchiladas were divine. It is healthy(er) food. But it's incredible to have a plate of enchiladas and not feel like I have a gut brick for the rest of the day. There is no sacrifice of the food being like cardboard or funky. It's absolutely delicious. I would chose this over any Mexican restaurant k have access to in recent history. I'm sad I don't live close. I would come here all the time. The horchata is super good. Don't forget the horchata.

Kailey C.

CALL AND CHECK THE HOURS. These are not up to date. I've been here twice and they weren't open even though it says online and on the door that they are. They have a small printout on door with summer hours. I won't be coming out of my way again without calling to be sure they're open. Such a bummer!

Craig R.

I'm not a vegan I love meat but didn't miss it on this meal. The jack fruit was delicious along with eggplant that resembled beans. A great place with plenty of option.

Luscious ..

Standard Tucson: Food wont kill you, at best its okay. One location was plenty, multiples and she is out of her depth :(

Benito Valenzuela

Tasty! Delicious vegan food, great amount of portions. The ropa vieja is seasoned well, everything on the plate was cook thoroughly. Would advise people wanting to try vegan to start off with that. The house carnitas, so much better than regular meat carnitas, and I cook as well so I can tell the difference. Would definitely go back and try some more.

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