Wild Garlic Grill

2870 E Skyline Dr Suite 120, Tucson
(520) 206-0017

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Great food. Great service by Amber. However, the noise level was too high. The accoustics are poor. It was difficult to carry on a conversation with the person across the table due to all the background noise. Amber had to raise her voice in order to be heard when sharing information about the menu.


Overall, pretty good. The food was good but my lobster tail in the Cioppino was inedible. When I showed the waiter he immediately apologized and offered to have it replaced or credited. Stuffed prawns were very good as were the scallops. The caprese salad was okay. The Strawberry Chocolate tini was fabulous but if you have more than one, the second one will sneak up on you if you get my thinking.


The Wild Garlic has become our ‘go to' premium restaurant in Tucson. we have frequented the Wild Garlic quite frequently over several and have never been disappointed, whether having lunch or dinner, the selections are wonderful and are difficult choices to make. the service staff are always first class & we love the surroundings.


Despite the cold, the patio was warm and inviting. The mushroom soup was amazing! We ordered the salmon and prawns and both dishes were delicious and the portions were generous. Great service from Jordan!


From Red Sky to the WIld Garlic Grill, the chef has maintained a menu that is truly outstanding. We had the Elk tenderloin and the Pier Stew. Both dishes were culinary delights. The food is truly prepard with passion that you don't see at most restaurants. Wild Garlic Grill is a favorite of mine. I have never been disappointed. The flavor and the presentation is remarkable. The quality of the food is always consistent and always the best. Kudos to the chef and his staff. I highly recommend the Wild Garlic Grill.

 This was our first visit to the wild garlic Grill. The food did not disappoint in its flavor and presentation. We did have to wait quite some time for our food, and when we received it, it was lukewarm. Our waiter was very apologetic and offered to have it made over. We declined as we didn't want to wait again for our food.  We were seated in the main dining room, and the noise level was very loud. It seems that perhaps it we had taken a table on the patio it would have been quieter. Our server was very pleasant and attentive. We will try the restaurant again, but perhaps not on a Saturday night maybe on a weeknight or for lunch.

Lee Adams

Excellent food. Really enjoyed it.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Barbara Pinter

Delicious and large dishes.Very loud on Saturday around 6:00

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Wild Garlic


Wild Garlic never fails to please. The food and service are excellent. We had the special scallops and they were cooked to perfection and exquisitely flavored. Portions are large and easily splitable, so the high prices of the entrees are justified. The mushroom soup is devine. We always sit on the back patio, because it is very noisy inside.


I ordered a special that evening - stuffed prawns with spinach &risotto. Partner ordered scallops. Both meals were fantastic! Excellent service (thanks Matt) and good wine! We'll be back for dining on their patio!

Kay Kirby Henry

Such a great place all the way around. Our waitress Michelle was super. Will be back here for sure!!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Phenomenal NeBo

It has been 5 days since we dined at the Wild Garlic Grill in Tucson, and we have talked about our experience each day with someone. You must go! I had the San Francisco Seafood Stew--OMG! The presentation of the ample portion did not disappoint my taste buds. This stew was DELICIOUS! I'm pretty particular about tomato-based soups/stews, and this one beats all! The flavor profile was well balanced--I did not want to stop eating it, but there was plenty for me to take home to eat as a cold "gazpacho" the next day. My husband ordered the Herb-basted Alaskan Cod dish. He could not stop talking about the ultra-smooth, garlic mashed potatoes and the generous portion of flavorful cod! The cozy and romantic ambiance on the heated-patio topped off this dining experience in Tucson. The wait staff and host were all courteous. It was a delightful experience from beginning to end!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Scott Weible

As today marks a new milestone for this lovely Restaurant sporting a variety of scrumptious delicacies, I have not had an opportunity to patronize WGG at its brand new location. —- And, I don’t have any current photos!If our past delectable experiences are any guide, you’ll definitely want to be among the first served at the new location.Without seeing the new menu, I’m told that a lot of old favorites are still being prepared — the only way to find out is to GO THERE and ENJOY! ... which I am sure you will!Update Sat, 11/04/2017: We had a lovely dinner at the new Wild Garlic on Saturday night, November 4, 2017! Great dinner ... filet mignon w/blue cheese; Peking-style duck with cherry sauce; prawns; creme brûlée.I’m sooooo sorry I can’t describe how delectable it was; but you’d be doing yourself a disservice by denying yourself an evening at Wild Garlic. My only negative is that the “margarita” did not really taste like a margarita. Too sweet. Not enough ‘sour’.UPDATED 12/27/2023. We visited WGG for a dear friend's birthday. The waitress was wonderful, cheerful and helpful and helped guide us to a good bottle of champagne to celebrate. The other three in the party had the Rack Of Lamb, and all felt it was outstanding as usual. I got the crab-stuffed shrimp, and everything was done to perfection. Of course the 'world famous' Wild Mushroom Soup was superb.The only hiccup was that the waitress recommended a "Apple Butter Old Fashioned". I like (normal) Old Fashioneds, so I thought, Ok, I'll try it. Bad mistake. It was astonishingly sweet, almost like drinking a lollipop. Well, at least they warned me with the name ... it reminded me of the time (at a different restaurant) I ordered "creme brulee" and got what was essentially chocolate pudding. The server told me "Well, that's how WE make creme brulee' ... hmmm. An Old Fashioned is an Old Fashioned, and if you are going to adulterate it with apple slices and some other stuff, you should just call it a "Sweet Cinnamony Apple Bourbon Drink".Still, WGG is a superb place to eat. Just be careful of the drink names.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 4

Service: 5

Abe Turkin

I went to lunch with a friend. It was the best pastrami grilled sandwich I've ever had. The wild mushroom soup was amazing. The menu is amazing. I'm coming back there soon to have as many items as I can. The waiter was quick and efficient. Food only took 10 minutes to get to our table. It was not crowded at noon. When we arrived there were some people at the bar but we had a table right away.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5


The service was prompt in the beginning getting our drinks. After that, we had very undesirable service. The platters of food were voluminous mixing so many different flavors that it crowded out the main course (rack of lamb). There were just too many flavors of veggies, salad, potatoes.....indistinguishable. They didn't take our wine order until after dinner was served and it wasn't delivered until after we were done with our meal. On top of that, we were assessed the server gratuity because we had a party of 5. So for our 3 people of the 5, the bill was $440 which included a $75 tip. The value we received combined with the service was not acceptable. The server Alexa was nice and performed well with the off menu memorized eloquently. We failed to ask the price of the off the menu items which was $47-$53 per entree. I was shocked that between the service and the price of our entree orders, the value of $110 per person was very unfortunate and very disappointing. The outdoor seating was a positive highlight,very pleasant, but overall I will hesitate to return.

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