Wild Garlic Grill

2870 E Skyline Dr Suite 120, Tucson
(520) 206-0017

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We have enjoyed Wild Garlic Grill for years. However, the recent price increase is hard to take. The same entrees that were in the $20 to $30 range are now in the $50 - $60 range. The food is great, but seriously? It was crowded, so I guess people are paying that much. But, after following Steve for decades, count me out. My $40 steak was great, but the mashed potatoes and vegetables were pedestrian. Again, the food is great. But not great enough to justify the unreasonable prices.


Wonderful service, amazing selection and food!


Best for special dates!

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Very good food...


Our food and our wait staff was outstanding, and we enjoyed our meal. But the hostess that evening was incredibly unhelpful and almost caused us all to have a ruined evening. I had a reservation for five on the patio, and arrived 10 minutes early with myself and two in our party, and asked that she direct the last couple to our table when they arrived. We waited 20 minutes, so 10 minutes past the reservation, and I went back to the hostess stand and asked the same hostess if our party had arrived, and she said no. I went back to the table and we continued to wait. Five minutes later one in my party went to the bathroom and returned with the missing couple...they had been seated at another table for five across the patio, so they didn't see us, and assumed they were the first to arrive. They had arrived exactly on time. This hostess caused all of us to worry about each other, which frustrated us all. The other couple was within minutes of leaving in a huff, which would have ruined the meeting. While this is not her fault, we didn't have our cell phones or numbers to call each other, but we shouldn't have needed those, our missing couple should have been seated at our table upon their arrival. Please instruct your host/hostess staff to be more mindful when seating multiple people in a party. Thank you.

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Lobster was dry. My friend asked for No Garlic at all in her dish. She got Garlic Spinach on her plate. Very very pricey for what we got!


Service and place was fantastic. Had a duck dish, very bitter and flavorless. However, also had a rack of lamb that was excellent and the lemon cielo dessert was phenomenal. Great wine selection. Very good for a date night. I would skip the duck.


Fabulous food, excellent service, beautiful space, lovely atmosphere.


We haven't been to Wild Garlic in quite some time and I had forgotten about the eye-popping portion size. Fantastic meals all around! Gorgeous plates with extremely generous portions! Entertainment and service provided by the Famous Amber! Loved every minute. Will be back soon!


Fantastic in every way but the extreme amount of laughter, loud conversation that we could hear in the dining area, and never ending noise was totally inappropriate and disconcerting. Mind you, we were seated at the far end of the back dining room.


Yesterday’s lunch for two was, like always, outstanding. Having a restaurant like the Wild Garlic Grill in Tucson is an opportunity to have the best of French and American cuisine with an innovative style and superb service. A restaurant that is outstanding has to have a good team working together in a fluid and effortless way. While the food is truly magnificent, without an equally excellent team of maitre d’hotel, waitpersons and behind the counter staff, a restaurant will never be at the top of its game. The Wild Garlic grill achieves both true excellence with their food preparation and also makes the customer feel at home.


Food was excellent, service left a bit to be desired especially for as high caliber of a restaurant as Wild Garlic should be. Waiter failed to bring back refills on drinks that were requested, when he came back out to wait on other tables nearby he did not check in on us to see that he forgot to bring back refills, and when I finally got his attention and requested refills he still did not rush to get it done. Having a daughter that will not eat unless she has a drink in front of her the rest of the table was done eating while she was waiting with half her meal in front of her waiting on refills that took over 15 minutes to come out. Just one example of a few lapses in service that we had.


We love Wild Garlic. The food and service is always outstanding. We just wish there was a way to make it quieter....it's always SO LOUD...even when not full.


The service as always was great. The food … fantastic!!!

OpenTable Diner

Food was good. Service was good. Pretty hot outside but inside noise was really loud.

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