Yoshimatsu Japanese Eatery

2741 N Campbell Ave, Tucson
(520) 320-1574

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bradley wells

Japanese food, yeah, so delicious. Great place to chill, get away, eat some good food. Certainly worth a return visit. The bill was good for what you get.

Urska Jinx

Just wow, this was sooo good. Great ramen and epic bento box <<<<<33

Nicholas Noble

I love yoshimatsu but I wish they had an upgraded phone for take out orders, I can’t imagine how much business is being lost because they can only accept one call at a time.If only they could say “let me put you on hold” it would save me a lot of time having to re-dial 20-50times over the course of an hour. Sometimes even having to delay my dinner to go in person to place a take out order...Great Japanese food! Hoping this is fixed soon

Cecelia Fresh

Super low key and mindful of COVID protocols. Great food. Friendly staff!

Betsy L.

I've been to Yoshimatsu many times over the years, though it typically isn't my first choice when I'm craving sushi or ramen. This summer, though, they've become an absolute staple in my dining entirely because of their hiyashi men (cold ramen). Their cold noodle bowls are absolutely perfect for these scorching days! Each of the hiyashi bowls has a base of cold ramen noodles (no broth), and is topped with fish or meat along with hard-boiled egg, edamame, bok choy, spinach, fish cake, tomato, onion, and red pepper. I've tried three of them so far: the Hiyashi Poke (tuna, salmon, shrimp, yellowtail, seaweed, cucumber, & avocado topped with a yuzu dressing); Hiyashi Hokkai (sashimi salmon, snow crab, ikura, cucumber, & green onion topped with yuzu dressing); and the Hiyashi Tan Tan (spicy ground pork and all the above accoutremonts, topped with hiyashi sauce). All three were really excellent! They hit all the sushi AND ramen flavors you're craving in a form that doesn't make you feel like you're overheating on a summer day! IMPORTANT NOTE: cold ramen is only available during the summer! Year-round, I recommend their bento boxes. They have lunch specials as well as dinner bentos, and in addition to having lots of delicious options, they're a decent price. Their sushi is quite good, but the sushi list overall is slightly higher-priced and the happy hour discounts somewhat limited. Even so, if you're willing to spend the extra few dollars, the Alaskan roll, Matsumaki roll, and Sesame-Crusted Shrimp roll are all delicious.


This Japanese restaurant offers more variety of dishes in their menu. We saw several dishes that we rarely found in other Japanese restaurants. The food preparation might be a bit slow but the food served all tasted delicious. The restaurant ambiance was nice as well.

Kathy B.

Delicious! Generous portions, plenty of options, wonderful food and an overall good experience. Thank you Yoshimatsu!

javier Carrillo

Worst experience ever. Restaurant was dead and while trying to maintain social distancing to enjoy a business lunch. We were asked a group must sit in the same table. How is this social distancing? If I were with my spouse, that wouldn't be a problem.To top it off, the manager approached us with a negative demeanor telling us to sit in the same table or leave. We left and I will never come back to this establishment.

Alex G.

I have only been here a couple of times but the food and service are always outstanding. I would highly recommend the Melon Cream Soda Float (+GreenTea Ice Cream). I have only had the ramen but several of my friends rave about the Bento Box meals since they provide a variety of options as well as a vegetarian-friendly one. The interior is well decorated and welcoming. The servers were quick, friendly, and gave great recommendations for food and drinks.

Cynthia Howser

Carrots and cucumbers were not julienned. They used unpeeled waxy cucumber chunks. Sushi is too expensive for lazy preparation like this. Sushi rice not cooked well. No paper menus during covid.

Amanda M.

They have Matcha green beer....I didn't even know this existed until coming to this place! And I travel quite extensively in Asia. Food was good, with my favorite being the agedashi tofu and jalapeno seven roll. I took one star off because they couldn't find my reservation after I called to confirm since we had a larger party. Thank goodness our reservation was at 5:30, so they were able to accommodate. Also, the waitress seemed so flustered the whole time and had a slight attitude with my dad. I definitely would go back for a date night with just my husband and me.


Went on Saturday afternoon about 2:20 p.m. and ordered 2 things, beef yakisoba and chicken bento box. There were only 2 couples inside at the time. I was told my order would be brought out to my car as soon as it was ready. It was 108° outside so I ran my car AC while I waited. And waited. And waited. At 3:00 p.m. I went back in to ask about my order. Same story - it will be brought to your car when it is ready. Meanwhile I had watched several people go in, eat a meal, and leave. Obviously takeout orders go to the bottom of the list.

Emily A.

Spent $12 on veggie sushi - almost inedible. Avocado totally brown. Way better quality at the grocery store. Really gone down hill recently. Two stars because of good meals years ago at old location. If they are willing to serve vegetables of this quality, I'd be worried about the fish.

sian t.

I would say that Yoshimatsu is one of the pioneers in Tucson. The food & service always outstanding. But one thing that make me give only 4 stars is that since this Covid19 happened, we can't dine-in, so we order take out.And with the take out they always missed the yogurt and toys thay is supposed to be a package with the kids meal .

Sonny Tjia

Awesome japanese food selection, decoration inside makes me feel like I am in some dinner in Japan

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