Rix's Tavern

176 S Haskell Ave, Willcox
(520) 384-3430

Recent Reviews

Tim Klever

Rix's is a legitimate dream come true. The staff was caring and welcoming, even though we walked in 2 minutes after they opened for the day. My wife dropped a steak and a burger on the grill, grilled, seasoned, and prepared to perfection (I love you baby). Jukebox was pumpin', patrons were friendly, sports were on in the distance. A great place to hang out and enjoy life.

Margaret Klever

What a fun restaurant. The staff was amazing and incredibly friendly. We had a blast cooking up our food and hanging out at the bar. I would highly recommend checking out Rix's Tavern!

Jeanne Connelly

Neighborhood tavern with couple pool tables. Food available.Worth stopping at. I had a club soda, friend had rum and coke. Bartender squeezed in 2 limes and lemons to my club soda without requesting which made out extra yummy! Cute place. Restaurant serves steaks and pork chops, etc.

Claudene East

Great place, great service and great employees. Drinks were ice cold on a hot evening.

Geri' Myers Goodwin

This is the place to hang out when you are in Willcox. The bartenders are super friendly. Pool tables and a jukebox. You cook your own meat which is intriguing. You can only blame yourself if it is not cooked right.

David Tonne

Great place to go for barbecuing especially if you live in Wilcox

Marianna N.

Waitress had her kid in there and she was rude and when a customer that she knew started stuff with my Disabled veteran husband she threw my husband out . Till this day my husband has trauma from that place .

Mike D.

Driving through a sandstorm is no parade my friends. And when the highway patrol shuts down a freeway so your big haul doesn't end up a relic on side of the 10 freeway in the middle of the desert, you do just that, hunker down for the night. And on this good night, I landed smack dab in the land that time forgot. I smash the curb with the rig in front of Rixs Tavern. Woke the crew and we headed in. The door creaked open and the sunlight blinded the bar vampires inside. They cringed at the sight of the sunlight as if they wished the sun would just go away. When the door closed and the dust settled, there we stood in that bar you have seen in every movie. The locals mill about and glare at the presence of a stranger. "Take a deep breath boys, that's the smell of buckets of Friday night spilled beer and blood." I've seen so many bars like this in the movies that I can't help to feel at home here. Me and crew mosey up to the bar, brush away the dust and shells and signal the bartender behind the bar, "we need a round PBR's over here honey!"

Juan Flores

Staff was cool. The regulars were friendly. And at certian times of day u can order and make ur own food. Like hotdogs and hamburgers with side.

Stevan Evander

It’s a great bar, if you want to get robbed!!! I was with a group of people, I was the only DD for the group, so I wasn’t drinking. I was getting bored so I started to count the drinks everyone had and totaling them up. The chunky bartender there tried to charge us an extra $50 dollars for our tab! When I confronted her about it, the owner came out and started harassing one of our friends. He didn’t didn’t even talk the whole night! I think it was because she was already drunk and he was the only colored person in our group. I do not recommend anyone going here, EVER!!!!!

Kelly W

I’ve never been to a place like this! In the best way possible, this is a dive bar where they hand you a raw burger and you throw it on the grill yourself. It really was just a lot of fun!! Was it the best burger, I’ve ever had, no, but I can only blame the cook, me!!


I've never been to a place where they hand you raw meat and point you towards the kitchen. We had so much fun! A great experience and the staff was super friendly. Will definitely go back.


Love this place! Great place to unwind.

Linda J.

Perfect dive bar, exactly what I expect. We stopped in for refreshments and the local crowd was pretty cool. Bartender did an excellent job. I will be back on my next trip.

JR Moss

Loved this place. Definitely give the “u cook ‘em” a go ;)

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