Blue Fin Sushi & Grill

2905 S 4th Ave, Yuma
(928) 726-2720

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Stephanie D.

I was recommended this place by two different people. I went in excited to try it since I've just moved here from LA. I walk in and I am just told to sit wherever. First impression: it wasn't even busy and the floor was sticky, seats are all worn down, and many of the tables were dirty. Waited about 5 mins and no one ever even came to bring us a menu. We left.

la mas perra d.

best sushi in yuma az !! love the deals for happy hour everyday 2-6 and I believe it's a BOGO deal! fresh fish and yummy baked items both the rolls and the takoyaki is so bomb! lots of space to bring the family and very friendly staff and clean area!

Michael Lee

I’ll be the first to admit it, my buddy and I were tough customers having eaten plenty of sushi in Japan and elsewhere. Staying in Yuma for a few weeks, we were tired of eating the same ole’ thing and decided to try out a well rated (4+ stars) sushi restaurant such as this one in Yuma. Against our better judgment and the advice of our friends, coworkers and even family we opted to go try out Blue Fin Sushi & Grill. The menu highlights and amount of reviews looked promising; when we arrived the red flags were already there for anyone looking for an authentic sushi experience (although it’s fair to say this place doesn’t advertise as such). However, we kept on going and my friend and I ordered our rolls. When they arrived, the appearance gave a favorable impression, yet the amount of Mayo based condiments gave the impression they were hiding something. Sure enough, the amount of mayo they slathered on was almost unbearable. Never in either of our sushi eating experiences did we suffer getting to the end of the roll, but we trudged on. Overall, the experience was below average. I give it 3 stars because at the end of the day, we’re out in the desert and the prices were decent. The drink menu also appeared to be competitively priced, which is a good thing because you will need plenty of drinks to enjoy the rolls at this spot.

Anthony Carroll

The BOGO is a pretty great deal, and the food is quite tasty. Definitely will be coming back here again.

Christopher French

This place is excellent. We really enjoyed our meal. The jalapeño bombs are delicious. The place is clean. Looks like an old converted fast food joint with a drive through, but who cares. We give this place all thumbs up.

Maria Ruiz

Was craving sushi and decided to try the spot and man am I happy that I went!We tried a variety of rules they were all delicious services was super fast!I was happy to pair it with Sapporo beer!My daughter loved the chicken bowl!Definitely a great sushi spot!

Edward C.

Poor and slow service they make you wait even thought not very busy, food does not taste good will not eat here again... :(


Love everything from the food to the happy hour and servers but the chef(s) need to pay attention to the order. No sesame seed or masago means none of those. Also the baked part of the "baked lobster roll" is missing... I was a regular when I was local and was hoping for better from one of my favorite places on my last time home.

Ciera Hernandez

Tried this place on a whim. Decent food, high prices, very poor service, know not to come here again.Pros: Best part was the sushi. Kinda heavy on the sauces for me but not inedible, my husband actually thought it was perfect.The second best was the ramen. Broth was pretty good, not as flavorful as I've previously experienced at other restaurants, but the portion and additions were large and plentiful.My kids chicken teriyaki bowls were pretty good, simple, and large portions.Cons: The service was horrible. We almost walked out after ordering. The waitress was inattentive and acted like we were an inconvenience. The sushi makers were the hardest workers and had to shout for waitresses to come pick up orders because they were left sitting at the window. One waitress was on her phone next to a computer and didn't move to help or anything. There were only a few other tables beside ours and yet waitresses had to be flagged down for drinks and other things.My husband prefers salmon over tuna and asked if he could substitute salmon for the tuna in a Poki bowl. The waitress informed him that he could add it for an extra charge but that they didn't do substitutions on the Poki bowl.One of my kids ordered the beef teriyaki and it was burned.All in all, would not return back.

Sheri Clarke

Chose this restaurant for the high reviews since we are new to the area. Most important: This is not a buffet which was great and we had high hopes for an excellent meal. Nice, clean restaurant but cold to the point of being extremely uncomfortable. If you come here to eat, bring a jacket. They have a good 2 for 1 sushi roll happy hour every day from 12 to 4 that included all rolls on the menu instead of a limited selection. Service was good but the staff needs more training since our server did not know what Sake was or how to pronounce it. The quality of the sushi is average at best. The sushi rice was overcooked and gummy, the shrimp was old. They use a lot of sauces over the rolls which makes it hard to taste anything but the sauce. Determined that we will continue our search for decent sushi in Yuma at other restaurants. However, if you are looking for quantity over quality, this is the place for you.

Thuts Uribe

The food here is good but the staff needs some leadership. In busier times I've seen them run into problems with mixing up orders or having people wait too long and it's cause "order turns to chaos". In these instances I've experienced I haven't seen anyone come in and restore just seems like the staff gets overwhelmed and does their best to figure it out. I've seen customers lash out at them and others get rude cause of the wait and these workers don't deserve this treatment ever...I apologize when paying for my food cause I've been in a workplace environment where owners or managers don't step in and just let the staff fend for I hope this review gives attention to help the staff and also to give props to the staff for doing the best they can. It's not easy when your left to fend for yourself especially when you want to do your best to protect not only your job but even the job of those above you.

Rey Gabriel

This place has been around for a while. I used to go twice a month because it was really good. Then something happened where the food tasted different and I stopped going. I gave it a shot 5/19/22 and it seems that they have improved to the level they were before. The only things are that the fountain drinks had a funny tastes and the booth need to be fix. Other then that I would go five stars back up. The waitress was on point and very pleasant at all times. Will go back and see how it goes.


The service is exceptionally slow. I believe that has more with the establishment not hiring enough workers than the actual wait staff. (our waitress had to box up togo orders) The food is pretty good. It's a little pricey, but better with the lunch special two for one on rolls. The atmosphere is a little older and kind of dirty looking with pixelated TVs and older art on the walls. Can't expect too much with a place that serves sushi in the middle of a desert. But it will scratch the itch if you're craving sushi.

Erick Bravo

Great service hot food the takoyaki was an awesome appetizer the ramen was hot on point nice and spicy the seafood udon plenty of seafood overall delicious food will definitely come back

Yahya Zaitouni

Big sushi rolls and happy hour is the best time to go. Buy 1 roll take 1 roll. Could shave a bit of the price to make it even worth more but maybe im just not used to the excl. Price tags since I aint from here

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