Charki's Teriyaki

2241 S Avenue A, Yuma
(928) 247-9002

Recent Reviews

Patricia Polanco

I got a california roll and it was the best one I have ever eaten. The tereaky chiken and rice is also amazing. You can tell that the rixe and all the food is freshly made.Food: 5/5


I've been to this place 4 times. It's very good. I highly recommend it.

Yajairah Mancilla

The owner was so sweet and helpful, not to mention the DELICIOUS food. It's a small unnoticeable place but one amazing treasure of our beautiful Yuma!?❤️??

Nikki M.

After trying Charkis, Papa San is not the same! They use FRESH veggies and the family is very sweet. Food is always delicious!

Dat L.

The holes in the wall where you feel like there's no guidelines, restrictions and out of place really have the BEST foods! This is one of them! A mom and pop shop, where this sweet old lady cooks you the meanest meal! I was blown away by how fresh and magnificent the food was compared to how the restaurant/outside looks! Don't judge a book by its cover!!! Highly recommend this place it was a good experience!!! The salmon teriyaki with kimchi OMG I couldn't get enough.

Alan Hoffman

Awesom. Foods always hot and fresh.Fast and great service.Highly recommended.

Brett Cotten

I'm not sure how this place gets so many good reviews.. my experience was very poor. I waited 15 min before I realized that nothing was being cooked. I then asked how long it would take for this to be prepared. He said 20min. After getting the food it was crisp and over cooked. I was the only customer the entire time.

Carmen T.

Food was good and very tasty! Owner not so friendly and food was cold. Bathroom very clean but restaurant needs to be cleaned. See

Susan K.

Good food, lovely lady-one person show-she does it all. Wonderful smile and happy to serve you. Hubby loves the chicken plate. I love the gyoza's.

Whitey Ward

Two orders of Teriyaki Shrimp/ Chicken to go is the best way to order! The rest of the menu is great, kids love this place!

Chris P.

There is NO WAY this place should get 4 1/2 stars! Stop lying to people and let them know, THIS IS NOT A GO 2 SPOT FOR FOOD! 2 stars and that's only because the people were nice and the food was not covered in sauce! The meat was not great quality or even a decent amount. The store front is sketchy at best, it smelled like farts, I could see the store bought ramen they used. The only saving grace was that the bathroom was clean. The food has much room for improvement.

Mara Logan

i dont know what happened, as I remember eating here before and enjoying it. I got a beef bowl, but the rice was very mushy, like when you leave it sitting in the cooker for more than two days. The meat was dry andthe teriyaki sauce wasnt evenly spread to even cover the rice, which was the main thing in the meal. I could only eat it smothered in siracha. Im very disappointed, and I would not order or pay 7 dollars ever again.

Lauren R

Best teriyaki chicken I’ve ever had! It was all absolutely delicious food. The woman in charge was lovely and extremely accommodating

Greg Outman

Owner operater cook, very cute, very nice, does it all. Doesn't even know she was being reviewed... lol. But we showed her the great reviews! She's very happy, and its well deserved. Tell her you're reviewing her and that she's doing great!

Zarella M.

Needed somewhere to eat that wasn't gross fast food while driving to Phoenix. This place hit the spot. Taste was great, fulfilled a craving, and definitely tasted homemade. Had the half beef, half chicken and tried the salmon and shrimp as well. So good! Would come through again even if not directly off the freeway. It is worth the 2 mile drive into Yuma. Think teriyaki bowl "a la" Waba Grill but with a homemade and fresh taste.

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