Charki's Teriyaki

2241 S Avenue A, Yuma
(928) 247-9002

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Pablo Perez

This place is really a hidden gem. Small menu with fresh homemade food made to order. Definitely better than those chains just be patient and you won't be disappointed

Danny Ponce

First off lets be honest, the place is small and simple. It also takes a while to get your food. But I don't know what it is about this place I just love there chicken teriyaki. It taste great! I always call ahead. Have been coming here for years and the owners are very nice people.

Jennifer H.

Love this place!! The food is incredibly fresh and healthy, tastes home cooked. Staff is warm and inviting, I've been coming here for years!! I highly recommend the salmon plate with veggies or the chicken avocado with veggies! so good!!

Patricia Toledo

My family's favorite place to eat Teriyaki and Ramen Soup. Simply the best!

Peter R.

From out of town and was looking for a balanced meal. I had a salmon plate and a teriyaki chicken bowl. The sauce wasn't saturated with sugar and soy sauce. Thus, the flavor of actual dish was consistent and not muted. The portions were good and wasn't an issue. The dishes had Japanese authenticity with a Korean touch to it. As with many of the places in Yuma, restaurant had a slow paced mom and pop family vibe. Didn't mind the wait. Will go again.

Ruben M (McWeed78)

I have been going to this place for years. Food is always delicious ? and the owners are super friendly. The place needs to be updated but other than that 100% recommended ?.

Brandon Johnson

Tonight was my first time trying this restaurant. I have been to Okinawa and Japan. These flavors were very authentic. I had the chicken and beef plate with salad. The rice was cooked to perfection. The meats were seasoned perfectly. The flavors were clear and refreshing. I was full after my meal but without the slow tired feeling that is accompanied by many other restaurants. I will definitely be visiting here again. I will also be buying some of the teriyaki sauce to bring home. I highly recommend this restaurant. Thank you for having awesome food!!! The lady who works there is also very sweet and kind. Thank you for lifting up my day with this meal!!!

Tom C.

Sorry fellow Yelpers, I'm not feelin' this spot even though most of you are raving about it. I'm an incredibly positive person, so I will start with what was good. The chicken seemed high quality and the woman running the place was friendly. See how positive I am? I should write motivational posters for a living. Hang in there you silly cat! Now the truth. Portions are small, the flavors are bland and the wait time might kill you. How is teriyaki sauce flavorless? There was a woman who came in just after me and had called in her order so she wouldn't have to wait. She was still sitting there waiting after I got my food. I waited at least 15 minutes. We were the only 2 people there. If I were her I would have turned into the hulk and ripped the place apart. You know, if the hulk was passive aggressive and just wrote unflattering Yelp reviews. I get that they are trying here, but them trying doesn't necessarily make it a good experience. It's just all kind of a mess. The place is run down, the food wasn't particularly good, the wait wasn't lose to worth it. When I finish a meal really wishing I hadn't bothered, it's not going to get more than 2 stars from me. You've been warned.

ea karogeena

I got the salmon teriyaki plate with salad + house dressing. delicious! the asparagus and bits of fruit were were nice surprise. perfect lunch spot.

Eva Angela

I got the salmon teriyaki plate with salad + house dressing. delicious! the asparagus and bits of fruit were were nice surprise. perfect lunch spot.

Devin Rojas

Not sure what the hype was. This place was decent but our seafood dishes had almost no seafood. The beef overcooked.

Jeff F.

Just want to say that this woman is a super hero. This was my first time coming here and I was super impressed. She was the only one working. She was the cook, the cashier, the manager, etc. I ordered the chicken and beef vegetable plate with a side salad. Bit were delicious. I highly recommend this place. I will return here whenever I'm in Yuma. Thank you

Manuel Villalpando

Charki’s Teriyaki has delicious Teriyaki dishes and other delicious dishes too. The place is clean and the service is very friendly.

Bern M

On a road trip from Missouri to San Diego, we stopped by and loved the food. Everything is so fresh

Jinsook Son

I am Korean and their food is very athletic and some Korean dishes is very good!!And the owner lady was very polite and kind :)

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