Chipotle Mexican Grill

3080 S 4th Ave Suite A, Yuma
(928) 257-1776

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Matthew D.

Another good experience from the chipotle on the big curve, Jamall is a great guy, always have great conversations with him and he always makes sure the order is correct.

Emmas O.

Customer service is non existent. I'd rather the extra drive to Yuma palms chipotle. Young "shift leader" is useless. Also, Restrooms are filthy.

Christine M.

Not kept up and customer service is lacking. Food in bins was very low and it was dinner time

Crystal A.

Really disappointed in this location. Seems like every time we show up they are out of a lot of items. The food station was really dirty today. There were at least 7 employees and only one helped me. I ordered 3 items, one of them being a burrito and since only 1 person was helping me by the time she finished the tortilla for the burrito was super cold. There's nothing worse than a cold tortilla. I ordered a kids build your own with tacos and had to ask her to please wrap the tortillas in foil so they can stay warm since it was to go. She was just going to put them on the tray, and the kids tray didn't even close properly. I won't be returning to this location for a while. Hopefully they can figure out their operations better.

Ann N.

This place sucks at online orders. Make sure to check your food before you leave. I ordered a salad with extra tomatoes, extra corn and light rice. I get home to see there is no tomatoes and no corn at all and there is more rice than lettuce in my SALAD. Super frustrating especially considering that the label on the bowl lid was correct. Like they didn't even READ it. It's a pretty simple task.

Eric S.

You must be Friggin kidding me. We show up to order and they are out of cheese and lettuce. Then, the 3 workers just stand around clueless. I will never come back here. Covid is's time to get back to work!

Chris S.

Ordered online. My order was not ready when I got there, had to wait an additional 25 minutes in the lobby. The place was not busy. Besides me, there was only 3 people in the lobby ( 1 waiting and 2 eating). I felt my patience getting a little thin. I went back to the cashier to see where my order was. It was ready. Asked cashier how long has it been sitting there, in the back, and not at the pick-up rack. I didn't get an answer, but I didn't want to press it further. If you know a customer is waiting, let the customer know when the order is ready. Don't let it just sit there. I don't know when I'll be back. The food was ok, the reason for the 2nd star. Employees lacked customer awareness. Why bother with ordering online, if it would of been faster if I just walked in.

Anthony E.

Pretty damn fresh, and the cook is cool and super friendly , I've lived behind the place for 5 years. Glad to see it grow and bring options to Yuma.

Kay C.

Food was good except for the beef. It was tough and grisly!!! Everything else was good and tasted fresh. Next time I'll get chicken

Dylan S.

Ordered 2 bowls and both bowls ingredients were completely wrong. Even thought they were typed correctly on the outside of the bowl. Also didn't receive the chips with our order. Wont be returning to this location anytime soon.

Christopher J.

If I had to choose between the 2 diners here in Yuma I'd pick this one. They both have very good customers service and clean dining areas; but this store seems to operate smoother and it sits in the shade a little better as eating outside would seem more enjoyable. Not sure about the bathroom situation or how drive thru is but parking was ok. Overall, it was a good experience!

Angela S.

Took the family there last night after work, the girl behind the counter was extremely rude, not friendly at all. Rushing us to hurry to decide on what we wanted. Could not fold a burrito. We asked for them to remake it because it looked like mush. Sat down and was so digusted with the service that we asked to speak to the manager. Turns out the rude girl helping us was the manager. Never have I been treated like that in San Diego. Won't be going back

Miguel M.

Ordered 4 chicken bowls. All wrong on two separate occasions. Thought I would give em another chance, but never again. Terrible

John D.

When traveling I been going to more Chipotle restaurants due to a food allergy. The locations do not use what I am allergic too so that nice. The staff was very nice here and professional. The food just was average and not a stand out. It was not bad but just okay. I am not really sure why.... I been to other location such as La Jolla and in Chandler AZ the food was a home run..... I guess I should put that I always order the same thing at Chipotle.

Marilyn M.

They honestly have the BEST Customer service. Love coming here. Staff is so friendly and welcoming! :)

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