Dog Haus Yuma

1651 S 4th Ave B1, Yuma
(928) 783-0967

Recent Reviews

Savanna G.

Definitely recommend their breakfast burritos! Order to go and was still hot when I ate it at work.

Michele M.

Great stop between Phoenix and San Diego. Tater tots, sliders, Mexican hot dog and onion rings. Everything was superb. Love finding non-chain restaurants. Glad we got there right at 11 when they opened. Crowd streamed in after us.

Kevin May

Cool one of a kind spot. I love how they do things here. Good customization. A little pricey, but made to order and good quality.

Justin Frederick

Hot dog fans: This is your place! All sorts of options (even vegan of that's your thing)! Tots! They have tots man! Great burgers too. Just come try everything. You'll love it

Kathryn Bobb

The tots and sliders were delicious. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable about their menu items and the sauces were amazing. Their BBQ sauce is top notch, I definitely recommend this place.

Rhonda S.

Very good. We had the Beyond Brat, very yummy. My partner had Das Brat, also very good. Best sweet potato fries I've ever had. Only comment I have is it would be nice to have a choice of buns, not sure hawaiian roll would be my first choice for a brat.

Terry Farnham

Pretty good- nice menu, well doneFood was above average and the service was promptI have the chili dog & it was deliciousDecor was a bit cold and felt institutionalized?Will return!

Johanna R.

Delicious!! First time here & we loved the food!! The cashier was nice and helpful on the menu itself as well as places we could explore while in AZ

Trent Thacker

Food is always good at a dog Haus. We had a party of 9 and the food still came out quick. Service was good, and restaurant was clean.

Leah BoxerLove Ewing

Fresh made and delicious! We had the Old Town and the Hot Chick, would recommend both. they also have a great selection of beers

AskUs AnyQuestion

Food is made as described, fresh ingredients and friendly fast service makes me a return customer for the 7th time this year despite the pricey menu. The decorations are all locally themed to Yuma which is far too often forgotten by equivalent businesses. The environment is clean and views one of the busiest intersections in the entire city; Come get a taste of Yuma Arizona at doghaus next chance you get!

Erick R.

Hoping they had a Chicago Dog, they didn't. Don't let that stop you though. Everything is pretty F'n good. Ordered twice from this place, they hit the mark both times. The love boat, exciting, the slaw and chili are both good. Sometimes places get one or the other, these guys get both. Hits the pallet just right. The other items we ordered, we didn't mod them and they were excellent. I also went with a "build your own". The choices are many. I had to use a towel on the floor as a drop cloth when I looked at it. Sauces were dripping, toppings falling off, hands and face were a mess. It was better than a Chicago Dog, more fun and tasty in its own right. I will have to try a burger next time though. Seems unfair to ignore them when they look just as awesome.

Ayari A.

In the heart of Yuma, Dog Haus has a variety of vegan options much to my surprise. Vegan options are somewhat sparse in Yuma but DH did an amazing job and had a nice beer selection to go with our veggie burgers. Thx guys we will be back.

Nonya B.

Food was good, filling. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because I wish they had different options for the buns, only Kings Hawaiian Rolls. I'm not a huge fan of them but it was still tasty-tasty! Thank you for your response, I ordered via door dash and didn't see the option for different buns. 5 stars it is. I can't wait to try more of your dogs!

Kaylee A.

We stopped here on our way to California. Idk if you know but Yuma has like no good places to eat. We were so lucky to find this place. Decor super cool and modern. A big place cool atmosphere. You order at the counter. They have a lot of different beers and hard cider, and seltzers in cans. If you order one of the adult beverages, you get a custom beer holder thing (lol) that says "nice cans" . The burgers are seriously super high quality. I was not expecting to be that impressed! The flavor combos were on point and they serve white american cheese (they have other choices) wihich is obviously superior. We also tried the coleslaw and it was excellent. We got no bun (keto) and i was still ready for another on our way back to AZ. This place is privately owned, im pretty sure the owner was in the kitchen both times me came. A really great place!

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