Raspados Cuchy's

2241 S Avenue A suite 21, Yuma
(928) 210-9586

Recent Reviews

Anthony Alarcon

There was only one employee and she had few orders to ahead of ours but the wait was not long. They have a huge selections of drinks and snacks. Really enjoyed my raspados and will be back again. Dont forget to tip because they deserve it if they work alone.

Andreina Gutierrez

Friendly staff and good raspadosJust a bit on the pricier side

Hope Journey

Love their raspados and churros locos

Taty R.

First of all the raspados are dry asfk like the employees pussy. la culera put no fucking juice. I think she was discriminating ! yall should put "Dry" in front of "cuchy's" .

Kevin Arellano

The treats were amazing with a great taste too it

Andy Albarran

Awesome place to get sweets frozen and crispy treats

Manuel Villalpando

Good spot for ice cream and other traditional Mexican deserts

Jesus Gonzalez

best tostilocos ever i highly recommend

Alexia Luna

Do not recommend , everything is bad

Mercado Leon Ariana

False advertisement , nothing is as good as it looks in the pictures

isabel pena

This is very nice place to sit down and eat your Favorite Churo Loco or Raspado!


The hazelnut milk shake is so good!

Diana Hudson

Sunday night 1 young kid. Supppppper busy. Kept a positive attitude and smile the whole time. Courteous to everyone regardless they're response ( some weren't understanding). He's a keeper! And didn't skimp to get job done faster. He stayed true to their specs. Great job young man. Btw found out his name Adrian!

Zac Rubal

Closed on a Monday at 12 pm. Smart business strategy if you ask me. Smh..

Alex N.

Went in tonite with my husband and son, to buy some raspados and as soon as we walked in we realized it was a full house. There was at least 6 people ahead of us but thankfully we were in no hurry, and we didn't mind the wait. When it was time for us to place our order the young man working the was very polite, we ordered a cachanilla, entumido de tamarindo and a coconut raspado. The cachanilla was exactly like the picture and it tasted delicious, the entumido was great as-well but the raspado that completely blew us away was the coconut one. It was just the right amount of sweetness and it also had fresh coconut on top, it was truly amazing. I feel like I can't even put into words how delicious that coconut raspado was, we will definitely be going back for another soon!

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