North Burnaby Wonton House

6650 Hastings St, Burnaby
(604) 291-0348

Recent Reviews

Amy Cumming

Good portion size but the sweet and sour chicken lacked flavourFood: 2/5

Nays K

Kind, patient service and delicious food! Wonton soup and beef and broccoli 10/10Food: 5/5

Shi-Shiang Huang

Bland and tasteless food no matter it’s fried noodles or noodle soups. The fried noodles is as oily as you can guess like the bad names people jokes about their biased “Chinese food”. On par of the same taste of the end product of over cooked white pasta from the boiling water with half bottle of peanut oil dumped but without adding salt. Save your trip for somewhere else.


I always enjoy with the diced pork fried rice and the sweet & sour pork. I love the combination of both.P.O. don't forget to ask for your fortune cookie. ?Food: 5/5

Jason Block (Jay)

This used to be my first choice to oder chinese food through Uber eats, not anymore, last 2 orders didn't go so well; first they sent me thick noodles, which was part my mistake, I guess i didn't know the dish i ordered came with thick noodles, yet they did mention they were thick noodles, also they were all stuck together, and really sloppy looking. I didn't eat them. So I thought I'd give them another chance; I ordered chicken and ginger hotpot. They sent me beef and ginger hotpot. All of what the quality of food has dropped down hill. You its not cheap getting food through Uber eats, so they should have good quality food.

Peter Brown

really bland taste for the food. the service is even worse. there is always an attitude. the only plus is it’s on hasting and next to the strip mall. if you ran out instant ramen and want something bare edible this might be a choice.Food: 1/5

Nancy Blatchford

I love this place. It’s hole in the wall but the food is good and the prices are super reasonable. The owner is so nice and they’ve been here forever. Micheal Buble even went here in his youth. They are a small family owned business (that’s why their prices are so good) but they can get overwhelmed and their delivery can be slow. Be kind or pick up :). It’s worth it.

Donna Evans

We order delivery directly from this restaurant so that more money goes to them than to food delivery apps. We usually buy the Dinner for 4. Substitutions are never a problem. We love all of the dishes. Their spring rolls are nice, fresh tasting and hot on arrival! I haven't figured out why previous reviews state lack of taste or only of salt because every dish we have ordered has been flavorful. Also, delivery always arrives hot! I am very picky when it comes to Chinese food and only order from two places in Burnaby.

C'est Moi

Ordered chicken balls in S&S sauce. The chicken strips were heavy battered and very oily. The sweet and sour sauce was a soup.. very watery and with chopped onions in it (?). The crispy egg rolls were so greasy that the bag they came in were soaked in oil. Made my GF’s nieces physically sick and I had painful gut rot for hours. My girlfriend, who is from Hong Kong, said it was the nastiest “Chinese food” she has ever had in Canada. Food poisoning and quick to the trash. I see why it has a low rating here and on UberEats. ??

Chivalry Code

The dishes didn't have flavours . The service is really terrible, the waiter doesn't care about you, the female owner tried to HUMILIATE ME BY FREE FOOD , I said to her “No any CUTLERY for ENVIRONMENT”, she replied:“NO FREE FOOD TOO? I'll take three spring rolls away if you don't want them either”. And she acted to take away food like treating an animal and smirked at me? I don't understand how two related and why she did this, that is so RUDE AND WEIRD, I regretted I didn’t fight back at that time. BUT I Will NEVER GO THERE AGAIN!After reading other customer’s’ experiences, just feel scary and horrible, it’s unsafe to eat their food

Bryce H

Literally ruined Christmas. Gave me food poisoning. Meat was stringy and tough.. I surmise it was under a warmer for way too long. Other dishes were too salty. Will never be back. Avoid if you don't enjoy puking. I'm making this review for my sick friend who is still too ill to get out of bed.Food: 1/5

C. E.

Tried 3 of their pork dishes and a chow mein. Delicious! Not too oily like t&t stuff. So glad I found this place!

Reiner D'souza

I guess I didn’t get sick but as far as taste goes I have tasted more flavourful air. Zero seasoning just salt, order showed up late, cold & stale never ordering from here again

Oscar Zhang

I used to go to this place a lot, and the owner knows me. There are many time that I gave them a call to order my food before picking up. but 100% of the time, they will not prepare my food until I show up in front of their reception desk. The wait wasn't too long, but on average, they wastes me for 10-15 mins.After tying this "game" couple time, I finally found some alternatives and never come back again.In general: avoid this place if you have any other options.

Dusty McLaughlin

My husband and I decided to try a new Chinese Food restaurant, and boy were we ever happy with the food. Their chicken Chow Mein is absolutely the best. Can't wait to eat there again

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