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2840 Cliffe Ave, Courtenay
(250) 334-4078

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Jo Port

went thru the drive through to get a beyond meat burger with no sauce... well the bun didn't have sauce on it but i found mayonnaise on my tomato. wasted my money as i couldn't eat it. really disappointing and uncomfortable. won't come here again.

basem Mohsen

I had bad experience there I went drive through it was 10 minutes before closing I asked you still opened the lady said yes I get my combo meal but the burger was quite cold and fries was not fresh and cold too I understand I was close to closing time but it’s not excuse to get cold meal because I paid the regular money for the meal I suggest to offer last order 30 minutes or 1 hour before closingI’m not satisfied at all

Mr.Coffee News

One of my favourite burgers and egg muffin breakfast spot. Courtenay and Comox A&W's are the best I've been too. Keep it up!!

Joshua M

Ordered two combos with poutines as the side. Got the food and only one side was a poutine and the other was fries. I informed the drive thru attendant and she awkwardly asked me to pay for the gravy and cheese as a separate purchase before giving me the poutine I initially ordered, presumably to make up for the loss of making a new poutine for free basically. Unusual in my experience since it was their error. I paid the extra. But when I got the second poutine it had about half the gravy and cheese curds as the first one. I think this is because she knew she couldn't take back the fries she'd given us so in her mind we were making out with free poutine! So cheap! In the end the fries were terrible and didn't we didn't eat them. It almost felt like she was the owner and really pinching pennies. Won't go back.

Carmen .g

I just ordered take out from here and it was the best a&w I’ve had in awhile!!! Definitely makes up for past bad experiences. Onion rings were cooked perfectly and seasoned well, burger was fresh and made great, and my chicken wrap was perfection. Will definitely be coming back soon!

Glen Mollett

Dont order anything deep fried...they dont clean or filter their fryer oil as often as you need. You often get food cooked in dirty deep fryer oil that stinks and your food taste like dirty deep fryer cause they are too lazy and too cheap to change the oil. Reauesting full refund! Blah!

Angie Woznow

The most disgusting breakfast sandwich I've ever had and we had to wait about 10 min and my husband's teen burger was ice cold. Will not return.


Yay! The Whistle Dog is back with Sweet Potato Fries and a small root beer. Welcome back old friend...

TacoSmurfz Digital Designs & Media

I worked here for ages. I love most of the long term staff they are all good hearted. Also the customers were usually good natured.

Richard Price

I go to A&W ALOT, for some reason. The double buddy burgers with extra onions and cheese hit 100x better at this location than any other location.!! Way to Go!

TacoSmurfz Gaming

I worked here for ages. I love most of the long term staff they are all good hearted. Also the customers were usually good natured.

travis ruttan

It's the best fast food breakfast...eggs toast bacon and sausage links ...can't go wrong with that ...it dosnt try to pretend it just is what it is

Siddharth Upadhyay

Very nice service. Best store ever in Canada. The management and staff is so cooperative and humble. Best hospitality. People should visit this store to relish delicious meals with wonderful hospitality

Jacob Cronk

Honestly the staff that work there are kind. The burgers can be dry or quite saucy depending on what you order.

Patrick Lamontagne

Worst I've ever had. Three cars in the drive through, food took forever, burgers were cold, fries were old and had zero seasoning.

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