Blue Spruce Ice Cream

526 Cliffe Ave, Courtenay
(250) 871-3221

Recent Reviews

Thomas Masayoshi

Some interesting flavours but overall not a huge selection and a bit pricey for what you get.

Dan Wood

Awesome place where you’re encouraged to try before you buy.The flavours are amazing - I had white chocolate with cranberry & sage and my wife had mint choc & custard made with fresh mint.We were very lucky to stumble across this place ?


The absolute best ice cream and sweetest staff. Plus the dairy free and gluten free ice cream cakes are what literal dreams are made of.

Sharon S

We love the vegan options! Everything is always fresh. Good variety of gluten-free items.

Ally MYC

Super cute ice cream shop, and really interesting flavours. We tried the strawberry taro and it was sweet but not too sweet. A pleasant surprise was the golden milk. It tasted exactly like a creamy turmeric latte. Such unique flavours and definitely worth the visit!

Jin Zhang

Great experience here! I asked if I can get everything on my sundae and the lady said yes! Good vibes.

Alicia Spelay

The best vegan ice cream I've ever had. I have problems with many dietary problems. Large list. I was so happy to experience so many choices. The elder flower coconut was amazing. The toasted coconut flavor with the slightly sweet flavor from the elder flowers syrup. To die for

Mikael Harvey

I finally made it in after a few years of wanting to try their ice cream and I was not disappointed! They give generous scoops and the toasted coconut ice cream was delicious. All in all a cute little shop with convenient outdoor seating.

Phillip Tanner

Lemon poppyseed is da bomb, but in general blue spruce is amazing. Be sure to follow on Instagram, that's where I usually find out about their latest creations. Lots of dairy free options. They have a revamped seating area with comfortable and stylish Adirondack chairs. You can buy pints of ice cream or by the scoop with waffle cones or cup. Premium price but definitely a premium product, so it's a very fair purchase. Quality over quantity.

justin kuiack

Go here often. Very great local ice cream they have sweet flavors and you can get a coffee as well. Try and affrogato so tastey or get yourself an ice cream sandwich.

Carol J

Great Ice Cream!Also Jordan is very nice and patient and helped my friend Telse when she was confused about cups and conesSuch a lovely person!

D Tahm

Blue Spruce feels like a staple in the community.They offer loads of inspiring and ever-changing ice cream flavours; they also have baked goods, delicious ice cream sandwiches, and other little items throughout the store. Many items are vegan and/or gluten free so I definitely tip my hat to them for providing items everyone can enjoy.However…. I’ve bought one too many scoops of ice cream with an odd, grainy texture. Either it melted and they refroze it without blending it again, or the mixture was off.To be clear, each time I’ve gotten this kind of texture it’s been many months apart and different flavours. I have had perfectly fine ice cream, but the fact that the ‘off’ ice creams were deemed sellable seems like too much a risk to take given the price.Lastly the owner, while I’m sure a fine person, doesn’t have a reliable demeanour. The last few times I made purchases she was unwelcoming (actually didn’t greet us and only said hello once I did) and seemed like she couldn’t have cared less if we were there. Her answer to a question was curt, and it felt like she just wanted to get the transactions over with.I don’t like to knock people down, and I absolutely understand we all have our days (I certainly do), but when it’s consistent like this it’s not just a one time thing.Other employees in the past have been just fine to interact with and you can’t doubt that when they get their ice cream right, they get it right!!So go and try it out for yourself. Just don’t complain if you don’t get the kind of experience you’d expect from an ‘artisanal’ and locally owned shop.

Brittany Grozell

The ice-cream here is delicious, no doubt about that, but something that stands out to me more is how inclusive they are in what they offer. They have a ton of gluten free baking options and they offer gluten-free waffle cone bowls. Just fantastic all around

Kim Tipper

Ice cream about as good as it gets. Choclatety chocolate, Earl Grey latte-like deliciousness. Impressive coconut creations. Mmmm.... worth the trip. Memorable

Melanie S.

Love their vegan ice cream! Definitely one of the best ones (and I tried many ?)

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