Browns Socialhouse Courtenay

1661 Cliffe Ave, Courtenay
(250) 871-6677

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Shane White

Love this place, classic brown's menu. It's always busy and the atmosphere is good. Friendly attractive and friendly staff. Great spot for lunch or a drink on a Friday night. Tip: if you get the #28 Dragon Bowl... get chicken AND Tofu. You can thank me later.Food: 5/5


Great food! The service was sort of lacking. We seemed to have to wait forever for our drinks/food/bill however the staff was super friendly & apologetic about it. I'm sure it was just a busy night for them! Also if your looking for a good spot to take a selfie don't skip out on their bathrooms. Perfect lighting. Lol

Ray Aten

Very impressed, we had their traditional pub burgers and I've found a new favorite. Our host (Jackson) had perfect timing throughout our entire meal. It also has a pub like atmosphere with a generous open seating section so you can still enjoy the fresh air. We are definitely going again.Food: 5/5

Glenn Prior

We've visited Browns 3x in the last several months with visitors and really enjoyed it every time. Lovely young people on staff, particularly the gal we had last time ( forgot to note her name). Our friend said it was the best burger he'd had in years. Fries excellent too. We usually go around 5 during social hour. Some good value there. My only complaint is the LOUD music. 75% of the patrons were 60+ ( yes we rocked when we were young too) and you had to yell to make yourself heard including to the server. How can you enjoy a visit and meal like that? We pleaded with our server to ask to have it turned down and she was a bit successful. Another staffer said he can hardly speak after an evening shift because he's forced to yell his whole shift. C'mon Browns, make this work better for all. Read the room and have the music at the appropriate level.


We had lunch at this establishment a week ago. As it was a sunny day we sat in the open air area which was very pleasant. The music can be a little on the loud side at times but it was set just right for the area we were situated. We both enjoyed our meals and beverages. Our server, Jackson was friendly and witty while providing superb service. Looking forward to our next visit.

Anthony C.

Too many people knock chains for being chains no matter the great ones' food being better and more consistent than local shops who haven't t gotten their food together I love going to brown social house - in Courtney or Moose Jaw - the place will Look awesome. If any local place had the intentionality of browns they'd be killing it rather than slogging behind. Sure my $17 lettuce wrap appy had maybe 2 dollars or less of chicken in it. Still good. The cowboy salad is bomb and those social drinks they do are nice bargain and low alcohol. Have had some ok service here abs some excellent service. It's decent - you're not going to go wrong or end up with food poisoning because the place used uses something like rancid fake olive oil. It's good just enjoy it.


It was pleasant enough but the music was intrusive! A common complaint in lots of restos these days. The crowd was mixed but I’d say the majority was over 40 so not into loud thumping tunes!

Carmen .g

Browns used to be my favourite restaurant and the only place in Courtenay I would go for sit down meals. For my boyfriends birthday yesterday I treated us to some browns and placed an order for pickup! When getting home and opening our food it didn’t look like it usually does. My boyfriends blackened chicken Alfredo was a reddish pink colour that I hadn’t seen before, and he said it tasted old like “yesterdays Alfredo” saying it was nothing compared to the normal food. My butter chicken was not good. I paid for extra naan and every single piece was burnt. I had to try to pick it off but it still tasted all burnt! The chicken was dry and kind of hard and was not the same at all from the last time I had it. Not to mention there was full cherry tomatoes in it which replaced most of the chicken! There was no whipped cream at all on our Oreo cheesecakes either. So disappointed I spent 80$ on bad food and won’t be going to browns anytime soon again


I was there tonight when there was a bear spray incident. Staff were amazing in handling, not browns fault at all. Prior to that experience was amazing and I absolutely love our waiter Noah who was so friendly and funny, made our night.


We took our elderly aunt for lunch on a Saturday afternoon. The restaruant was half empty, and the people seated around us were all of an elderly age. The server was very pleasent, and the food arrived promptly. We had fish tacos, lettuce wraps and dry garlic ribs. The food was fine, nothing special, but we could not have a converstion because the music was blaring. The couple beside us said they will never come back because of the blaring music. I asked the server if it was possible to turn it down not off, just down, she apoligized for the loudness and said she would ask if they would turn it down, it didnt happen. So we asked the server who brought our food if she could ask, we watched her talk to what we are assuming is the manager, and he shook his head, so it never went down and we wont be back, nothing wrong with having music but when it is so loud that you have to lip read there is a problem, there are many fine restaurants in Courtenay we would suggest find another one!.


Had the butchers block burger and it was divine. I opted for young fries which were yummy and for starter we had the sharing cauliflower which is wonderful our server called Mackenzie made me the most spiciest Caesar cocktails which were amazing and he was very attentive overall a fantastic place and I've come all the way from London England

Donovan H.

I came here quite a few times on a business trip and these guys never disappointed. The Burgers, Tacos, Martinis. The entire experience was excellent. Great place with a great vibe.

Bill Harris

Very dissatisfied with my meal. Service was fine, that was the best part. Food was dismal, main and dessert were both lacking in attention. Blackened chicken Caesar was over-spiced in what tasted like your Mom's poultry spice. Dessert was carrot cake that was for some reason cut into cubes and overheated in a porcelain bowl. I think they were aiming for carmelization, but that's a guess. More like underdone cremation. Meal was overpriced for what it was, over $50 per person, no alcohol. Avoid this place, there are far better options in Courtenay.

Ren Christ

Great service, very quick and prompt! Talisha made sure we didn’t miss last call for happy hour. She was super super knowledgeable about the menu and made some great recommendations. Her service was top notch and helped us celebrate 3 birthdays at once perfectly. I definitely recommend visiting and sitting in her section :)

Michael R (cuddlemonkey)

Doesn't seem to be a restaurant as such, because the menu is full of burgers, wraps, baguettes etc. It's closer to say Five Guys or TGI Friday. Service is quite quick even when busy, food quality is OK without being outstanding, it's just not say a date or evening out restaurant. You'd eat here if you were hungry and wanted something more upmarket than Tim Horton's.

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