Mandarin Village Restaurant

207 5th St, Courtenay
(250) 334-3412

Recent Reviews

Dan G.

A very nice super cool far out old school looking quiet Chinese restaurant with super delicious mouth watering good tasting food and wonderful customer service. Check this restaurant out you shall love it. Hey now peace out and have a nice day. Enjoy yourself. Rock on.

Serena Johnston

Without a doubt, the best Chinese food in the valley!

liz c

This was the worst Chinese food I have ever eaten. Chicken Chow Mein with slice chicken roll as the chicken. Kung Pow chicken terrible. chicken peanuts and carrots and celery. Beef and broccoli never have I had so many carrots and yellow broccoli. Never again.

Barry Denesiuk

Hmm. Went to pick up order. Was surprised to see the restaurant was empty. I thought the cashier said they were opening in August. Had an old smell too.Ordered a number of dishes. The ginger beef and kung pao chicken were about 3.5-4 out of 5. The others were just ok. The ingredients were fresh, just didn’t appeal to me.I wouldn’t return.

Mary-Lou Godfrey-Allenby

Absolutely amazing food, and even better than that the staff was warm and friendly and made us feel like family!!


The rice & shrimp in rhe fried rice was undercooked. When I let them knowbthey refused to do anything about it & got super defensive. Definitely poor customer service & tasteless food

Katelyn Cherniak

Super friendly. Very delicious take out! Highly recommended

k shu

Great food, good service! Have only ever ordered for delivery, happy with the taste and quality of the food (not overly salty which is nice). The only downside is that they don't seem to have menus so you have to ask if/what dishes they have to order. But it's not a big issue.

dan gillespy

A very nice old fashioned style Chinese restaurant with 100% good customer service and very good food. My favorite dish there is the Chicken Chow Mein and Sweet And Sour Pork combo for 1.


A very very nice old fashioned styled Chinese restaurant with very very good tasting delicious and very yummy Chinese food and very good staff and 100% good customer service. My favorite dish at that restaurant is the Chicken Chow Mein And Sweet And Sour Pork Combo for1. The restaurant right now is only doing takeout due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I strongly recommend getting some takeout food you will love it.

Dan Gillespy

A very very good old fashioned Chinese restaurant with very good tasting delicious and very yummy food and very good hard working staff and 100% good customer service and very strict COVID-19 safety rules. My favorite dish is the Chicken Chow Mein and Sweet and Sour Pork combo. I strongly recommend going down to that restaurant you will love it.

David Rose

God awful reheated dishes!! Dogfood smells better

Bram Whillock

Soggy vegetables and flavorless food. Ordered the broccoli beef and fried rice. Nice people though.


A great little family run restaurant and the best Chinese food in the valley!

dan gillespy

A very nice place to eat very good Chinese food very good customer service and friendly staff and the food is very good.

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