795 Ryan Rd Unit 2B, Courtenay
(250) 871-0087

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Andyroo Horse

Well here we are at the Courtenay noodlebox..... Fast food? Yes! Mere minutes to be ready! Good? Absolutely! Seriously tasty and with a depth of flavor! Helpful staff? You would not believe how helpful these guys can be! They literally tuned the heat, to our meals perfectly! Going above and beyond what you would expect from a fast food joint!Excellent service chaps!Employee of the month award?? Riley without doubt!!

Jenny Maginn

Ordered takeout tonight. Items were spicy peanut noodles with chicken, pad Thai with chicken and shrimp, kids mac and cheese and kids chicken Chow Mein. Adult dishes were good. Quite enjoyed the spicy peanut sauce and the mix of veggies in the dish. Pad Thai was also good. The two kids items however were really low quality. The mac and cheese had little flavor and no visible sauce. We added jarred sauce at home to make it palatable. The chow mein was also not something the kids liked or ate. Pretty disappointing when we were going for family friendly take out.

darlene ward

I quite going to noodle box cause the one in Langford is horrible.So I wanted to try the one here in courtenay….. to my surprise it is very delicious….. my hubby had to put his down and say to himself“Just walk away” cause it is so good…… as for me I’m not a spicy type person, in the special request, I asked them to go easy on the spicy for me, they did…… I ate my whole box. Thank you courtenay noodle box….. we enjoyed our supper.


Always fresh, quick and great tasting. Usually get mild spice, really good flavours from combinations. Its piping hot temperature so it makes a great to go and when you get home its still very hot. They offer 8 different types of noodles and or rice. 7 types of protein, including vegetarian and gluten free items, and kids menu. I have to laugh if anyone does "hot" "scorching hot" its tooo hot for me. Lol.Vegetarian options: They do offer vegetarian and gluten fred just tell them upfront.Kid-friendliness: Kid friendly seating and menu itemsParking: In a mall so lots of parking close upWheelchair accessibility: The mall is all wheel stair accessibleDietary restrictions: Offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free. Tofu for protien, and vegetarian and gluten free noodles.

deidre solberg

Menu was easy to read, staff was helpful, they have a water station while you wait. Clean and friendly staff.Nice variety and I lived the choices of "heat" for taste.

MacKenzie Cooper

The last few times I've been to this location the staff has been absolutely phenomenal! All very friendly and helpful! Food was great too!

Margaret Bird

Amazing experience and wonderful staff. I went in last minute at 8:45 on a Friday night and the cashier (very friendly and funny red haired man) was so helpful and took the time to walk me through the ordering process. All the staff were hustling to clean things and close but I didn’t feel rushed at all and my food came out PERFECT! Great team dynamic and atmosphere and yummy food. 10/10

Davis Henderosn

No one come to front for few mins, young crew no front line experience vaping while doing gossip hr in the back while waiting to get a code for restrooms. Was a big fan of noodle box till today.

Tricia Drover

Great food and service. I did have to wait a bit longer than promised for my food but they totally made up for it and the food was super yummy.


Just went and got a take out order. I ordered 2 meals thai style 1 with chicken and 1 with pork the pork turned out to be beef the chicken was chicken .I ordered pork because the beef they use is absolutely terrible. My advice is never order the beef it's dry chewy tough meat that is over cooked. Other than that it is usually enjoyable to eat.

Gillian Normandin

June 2022 My husband & I stopped by there today for lunch and I had the teriyaki box with crispy chicken/mild and he had Black Bean & garlic box, mild/med. heat. Both were very good and we will definitely be back again. Girl at the counter was pleasant and helpful.

Justin Farrugia

This location is awesome Christina and Zack have given us legendary service on multiple occasions. Lots of vegan and vegetarian options! Also they have the best spring rolls they are so good.

Jeff Jefferson

Went 2 times, tried thai peanut and Bombay Mac. Veg options are marked, hot spice is HOT. Crispy chicken is crunchy and delicious.

Fairahn Reid

Ordered the Singapore curry box. Absolutely tasteless and no sauce. Had to go back and get them to give me extra sauce from another curry box. Cashier said “oh yeah others have said it’s pretty tasteless too.” If you keep getting the same feedback, make some changes! Used to get noodlebox in Victoria years back and was such a different caliber of food. Won’t be coming back again!

Matt Charlton

I'm tired of trying to support this business! You guys consistently never get an order right. It'd be nice if the Courtenay location could step up and be at least half as good as any of the other noodle boxes on the island.If your reading this review I wouldn't even bother with this place.

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