Pizzeria Guerilla

444 5th St, Courtenay
(250) 703-0002

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Maddie Lemieux

The staff at Pizzeria Guerilla are simply the best! They go above and beyond serving their customers to ensure that their experience is top notch. Working with them on larger scale projects is a dream, they know what they are doing and exceed expectations. Not to mention, their pizza is the BOMB!

Kim H

This was our first visit here. The atmosphere, music, staff and all around vibe the place has are perfect. The beer was frosty and the pizza was superb! I just the love simple, fresh ingredients and, the crust is heavenly. I had the King Onion. I can't wait for the next visit! Highly recommend.


Hands down the best pizza I have ever had in Canada after three years of living here. I’m a pizza fanatic….. there pizzas are delicious and the service was amazing everyone was so friendly.

d g

Gorgeous atmosphere. A cool modern spot that avoids being pretentious and delivers on taste. Friendly top class staff + Killer Sound System ? i disagree with Fred Harris 'Suggestions' concerning the music. No bar or restaurant in the Comox Valley can come close to Pizzeria Guerilla's Vibes


Excellent service from the moment we arrived. Our server accommodated our large group and brought out lots of water refills on a hot day. The pizza recommendations were spot on and our server was open and honest about the food amount and didn’t try to up-sell us. What a gem of a spot! Best pizza I’ve ever had in Canada.

Michaela Bub

We had such a great time here this past weekend- absolutely delicious pizza, gorgeous patio and great service! Would love to come back asap. Oh and ya the smoked hot olives are rad

Liam Ford

When I first walked into Pizzeria Guerrilla, I remarked on the Gastown-iness of the place. After having been there a half-dozen times since, I can qualify that remark. This is the one place in Courtenay where you feel like you're in Gastown. It's cool. The music is on point. The servers are unpretentiously friendly and hip. The cocktail list is a unique blend of classic and inimitable. (To wit: Rum the Mules, a nouveau-Caribbean twist on the Moscow Mule.) I brought a couple friends from the city here, and they absolutely, unabashedly loved it. The smoked olives convert people who don't like olives. The pizzas, though in the upper price range by Courtenay standards, leave no one hungry or doubting their quality. (They make their own sausage.) The new street-side patio? It's the place to be. Thursday DJ nights? Say no more. Even their SALADS are drool-worthy. Yes, their salads. Let me address the elephant in the room. There's a lot of good pizza joints in the Comox Valley. But for its cocktail program, level of service, Gastown-y ambiance, and (duh) pizza (which they do by the slice now), Pizzeria Guerrilla is the only one worth hanging out at.

Kalyn G.

Got a takeout pizza from them called upper 5th. They were right on time with the order and the pizza was delicious! The atmosphere was really cool as well but we didn't stay to eat. Highly recommend if you are craving pizza.

Daniel Poirier

Great experience. Very friendly staff, nice outdoor dining to enjoy the beautiful weather. And the pizza was phenomenal. Definitely returning to try to other types of pizza.

Briony Creba

Always AMAZING pizza. You can't pick a wrong kind when choosing either. Also their olives are to die for. You have to eat here.

Fred Harris

This place was quite cool. Although I'm not a big fan of house music that seems to be a continuation of one beat forever, some of the selections had some interesting flavour. The unique and very European pizza flavours that we tried were top quality, tasty and too big but reheated in the oven after freezing 3-days later to a nearly perfect quality!Final notes:The warm smoked olives - 10+Turn down the music a bit...Change up the music on different nites.Pizzas both amazing and half n' half vegetarian...11+ ?


Able to accommodate on short notice. Excellent crust, great sauce + toppings… what more can you want? In-line with other pizza joints price-wise as 3 slices will fill you up. Above average in terms of quality


Great slice fella on the take out. Only regret is not realizing it was a vibe inside, next time I’m in Comox I’ll be at the bar. Cheers.

Do Kim

Best pizza in comox/cumberland/courtney. Great ingredients and perfect dough. Medium crispy crust with the right soft middle.

Lisette Colbert

Love the new digs and vibe. Griffin is a master bartender and pizza was awesome as usual. Haven’t been here since renos and glad I came. Wish bar faced into room instead of kitchen. But all good.

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