2627 Cliffe Ave, Courtenay
(250) 702-0066

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I go through the drivethru more often than going in. They are always very nice and friendly.Food: 4/5


Great staff, fast service, great coffee

Marisa Oakes

Milstream rd. location is busy but fast and friendly!?Kid-friendliness: Not as busy as some locations. Felt completely comfortable bringing children to colour quietly while I enjoyed an adult coffee with another Mom.?☕

Kari L

Lovely employees, the coffee is good, atmosphere is nice and it is a really nicely sized Starbucks with a large patio. Parking is a little dicey, but if you are in a rush it has a drive-thru!Food: 4/5

Alex Lowe

Although this is a nice location with a patio, the crew that was working when I came with my daughter and mom were not as friendly and rude. Even got one of the drinks wrong, and used the wrong milk. Such a shame for a nice location


If this is the Starbucks at 45750 Luckakuck it's my favorite one. I was impressed that even though they were short staffed they allowed customers to mobile order so they could at least sit outside without having to pollute and drive thru the drive thru. Thank you.

Derek Knell

Very hit-or-miss experience here. The drive-thru takes forever and drink orders are wrong or poorly made about 50% of the time.

michelle sokalofsky

Completely ignored by staff around instore cash register., had to wait for someone in the back to come and greet me.It's my birthday today, and they did not honor it because I accidentally had a registered card from the American Starbucks website... pretty annoying. And made my birthday 1 latte less special.1 barrista tried to make amends but a second opinion said I was SOL. coolcoolcool.

Jordan Birch

Terrible wifi. If you are going to charge $5 for a coffee, at least have high speed internet available.

Dee Collings

I go every day to this location always had s 5 star experience. For the last 3 days they have not had splenda. They tell me it is a supplier issuse. I understand that however after 3 days it is time to think outside the box or regular supplier in this case and run up to QF or Walmart and buy some.

Kenneth Black

Busy location (but a good thing for the company), staff are always friendly, and they make a great Iced Caramel Macchiato!


Very pretty interior. Baristas were nice and drinks were served quick.


Fast, friendly service through drive- thru

Chantel Wensley

Get a venti iced coffee and it's nothing but I paid 7 bucks...for ice. Also asked for extra sweet and it was not *round of applause*

Alana Stacy

Not sure what happened with this sandwich, but overall a good experience.... 4 stars

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