1095 Cliffe Ave, Courtenay
(250) 334-2782

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JAMES JENSEN (James Jensen)

Rude and took 25 minutes again to get two subs.I was the only customer in the store.

Kane T

Eat here if you want to beg for extra veggies just to get a normal amountAlso if you like eating long nasty black hair, they love putting it in there for you.I honestly feel like Im going to vomit. Really horrible service. Really horrible subs.

Patricia Alderson

I have a hard time hearing those people behind that glass and with masks on

Ivy Doxey (Ivy Doxey)

drew a cute lil heart :^

J j

whenever i order from here on skip everything is always covered in mayo even tho we don’t order mayo on it. also always forget the cheese on the steak and cheese lmao

dan gillespy

A very very good sandwich shop with very good food the meatball sub is the best. Very very good staff and customer service.


A very very nice place to go eat very very good tasting delicious and yummy sandwiches and very very good staff and very very good customer service and a very clean and safe restaurant with strict COVID-19 safety policies.

Goldie Carlow

They won’t let you use their bathroom or sit down. Subway, if you are going to rebrand, make the customer the priority. Like seriously????

Md Rezaul Karim Robin

Super busy subway with limited staff! Delay even to serve mobile orders!No washroom at all. Only washroom is always locked for employees!!Wont recommend!

dan gillespy

Very good tasting yummy food and very good staff.

Joshua Nelson

Every other Subway in the valley is better.I have 2 issues with this place, last time I got rotten chicken and got sick from it...also "double veggies" apparently isn't a thing here, even when paying for other extras.......


At the end of the day it’s a subway, but for some reason this location is skimpy with the toppings and there’s that one lady who seems to get flustered easily and is snippy. :/ if I can help it I drive to the other one

AnDi V

Best Subway around! Great staff and good fast service!


one of the best subways I have been to the staff are always nice the lines are not usually to big(when I go there atleast) the ingredients are always fresh

Donna-Marie Woods Contrads

Fast friendly serviceIt's my Sunday go to for my afternoon lunch

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