TacoTime Courtenay

450 Ryan Rd #5, Courtenay
(250) 338-1660

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Nancy Russell

The service was horrible. They made the wrong order and wouldn’t correct it. The person taking our order was an unsupervised trainee who couldn’t speak English. The trainer should have been helping him. The food was cold and disgusting. I would have returned it but I was afraid they would argue with me again! Save your money and go elsewhere!

Matthew Hart

Ordered over skip the dishes for pick up at restaurant. Tacos were cold and left on counter in bag vs under a heat lamp to keep warm. Very unimpressed, especially after calling restaurant to ask them to keep them warm for us while we drove to pick them up.

Barb Hooper

Courtenay toco time food was good. The people behind the counter could be a lot more friendly. If you don't like working there find another job.


Taco Tuesday! (I got the cheese, she tastin' the Kool-Aid)-So happy to have a taco lunch in my neighborhood that is quick and affordable. The beers are a bonus too!

Elijah Middleton

Absolutely inprofessional and unwilling to help. My wife and I don't often order out but we thought it would be a nice change to have tacos for dinner since our children are young and don't really eat beef there would be a treat for us. After getting our food delivered through skip the dishes we realized that outside of our Mexican fries have every part of our order was wrong. I ended up with 2 tacos that only had beans on them. I specifically dont get beans ever. No beef at all which is exactly what I wanted and my wife's taco was done wrong as well. We Called Taco Time and they said it was their fault but I don't know they're fault but unless I was willing to come get more from their location they were not gonna deliver it to us and they didn't have delivery people right now.So they fully admitted that they did are entire order incorrectly But we're unwilling to deliver us the right order. And unfortunately because of timing of that day and the whole reason we couldn't go out to get it ourselves originally I couldn't get my corrected order even if I wanted to. Not very impressed and honestly and honestly the tacos that I did get we're like mush

Murrz Goldn

We get the TacoTime fries at least once a week with extra hot sauce and they are great. Sometimes we get the super beef tacos and they are delicious.

Growing As A Mom Sara

Ordered through skip the dishes - asked for a beef hard taco, 2 beef soft tacos and a veggie soft taco. Got 3 bean burritos and a cheese taco. Called the restaurant and asked them to swap our order for the correct one. They said no! The girl kept repeating “we don’t deliver.” I said “then how did I get it delivered?” She repeated “we don’t deliver.” She I said “then how did it get delivered?” She repeated “we don’t deliver.” Then hung up without even getting my name.

Christina W

We had $2 soft tacos and the deluxe mexi fries. Good service, food. Good value too

Tori K

Flavorless, poorly cooked, greasy food. The staff was nice but they didn't listen to a single thing we asked for. The restaurant was dinge, at best. We both got super sick after eating here. First time will also be the last time

Samantha Bengry

Staff is super friendly and efficient. My meal was delish and their hot sauce has a nice kick to it!! Yummy!! Always enjoy chatting with the staff when they make my meal.


The odour of human sweat inside this establishment was quite off-putting.Food was meh, prices are on par with any fast food options.Service was satisfactory.

Glen Pearson

Been going here for year. Taco Tuesday, what more can I say. Good for tex-mex style!

Kristen Rosenthal

Stopped for a quick bite with 5 other people. Loved my Burrito Bowl. It was fresh and fast the service was friendly and the facility was clean. The hot sauce had a nice bite and you can order a Corona (or other choices) to compliment the very reasonably priced meal.Will be back, so much better than McDonald's.

Steve Levington

Incredibly messy and dirty, got my order wrong, also got a combo and it didn't include a drink for some reason

Cameron Roe

One of my favourite places to eat in the Comox Valley. Staff are courteous, professional, and efficient. The owner is a delight! The food is always fresh and fantastic. Thursdays are a great day to get a bargain!The restaurant is kept clean and the energy is positive.

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