Triple O's Chevron Courtenay

600 Ryan Rd, Courtenay
(250) 338-7356

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David Strang

They never give me a receipt at the drive-through at least a dozen times I’ve been there so I started asking for a receipt with my order and they got angry with me. I don’t eat here anymore. bigger burgers than most other places, but a much much higher price and not worth never getting a receipt as I run my own small business, and need the receipt. They went as far as just told me that they always give a receipt which I can’t believe they said because I never got a receipt at least 10 times in a row through the drive-through.

Rod Harris

Delicious visited twice todayOriginal Cheese and 5 Piece Chicken Best Strawberry Shake Around !!!!Best Spot waiting for hospital visitIn Courtenay Fast Everything Top Quality.Owners Smile Staff Shines.


Ordering yam fries and milkshake, it was not that busy but I had to wait for 30mins for my order..there were 2 other customer ordering food after me, but got serve first. Terrible service. Definitely not going back there.

Mike Perks

Had to speak quite loudly to order so ordered at the window. The boy who took the order was unkempt and rude, and when I got home, the burger was not the one I ordered. I was so hungry I ate anyway. It was dry and overcooked. It was fast, though.

Stephan “Dufus” Doiron

Update: Both of us agreed, by far worse ff breakfast we've ever had, buns we're burnt and it was downhill from there. Today we learned that Triple O's is to be avoided going forward ha!Terrible service, took forever, condescending attitude, no idea how to serve customers properly. Told me to never come back because I criticised her lack of basic understanding on how to serve someone. The lying was over the top, no apologies for taking so long to prepare food, just sad all around. If you can't tolerate tourism, maybe you should not be doing this job? I mean, the cook came out to tell her to "take your time" Hahaha, it's like a joke instead of a place of business. So many other restaurants to choose from, go somewhere else.


I've going to Triple 0's for over 30 years. I find the quality control for restaurant to restaurant consistent. My favorite is the single burger with added grilled onions and grillled mushrooms, on a double toasted bun. The slightly burnt bun gives it a barbeque aroma.


Good food and very friendly service. I had my order messed up, but they asked me to come anytime and get a free meal.Thanks to Victoria working at drive thru.

Tabitha Wall

Triple O’s is great. But the employees at the Courtenay location…. Not so much. They are notorious for forgetting parts of orders. We ordered today and they forgot and entire meal that was paid for.

Ally Reeder

Great fish and chips, got a note in bag saying they made extra fish for me for no reason, Thanks Meelella ? Idk starts with a M :) you rock.

Sarah Dennis

(5⭐ for food) food is good, getting the RIGHT food would be great, our order was 90% wrong when we got it home to eat, yeah i know check bag but why should we have to do this, isnt it up to staff to get the order right to!?!? #1) no straws for oir milkshakes, #2) plain fries instead of the poutine ordered, burgers were all wrong :/

The Bike Hippie

Quality of the burgers is not what it used to be but the chicken fingers are the best in town so I continue going back. The customer service is pretty decent too?Edit. The past few times I have been here, it has not been very good. I won't be going back anytime soon✌️

BH Bicycle Adventures

Quality of the burgers is not what it used to be but the chicken fingers are the best in town so I continue going back. The customer service is pretty decent too?

shelly annehan

we ordered from here tonight and we enjoyed every bit of it. The staff were very nice. The food was ready fast and all of it was delicious. Best milkshake ( cookies & cream ) thankyou for making our day more enjoyable.


All i got was gas and an ice water but super sweet cashier

Black Fox

2021 Update still my favorite burger in the valley. COVID protocols in place. Burger Tuesdays Special.2019 Update Still my favorite burger in the valley.Consistently good quality every visit. A great asset to the Comox Valley

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Triple O's Chevron Courtenay

600 Ryan Rd, Courtenay, BC V9N 3R7
(250) 338-7356