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Bowy sassy

I don’t usually complain over the restaurants or fast food but I had to this time. We got coupons from Wendy’s so on the way to nanaimo we thought we could get some easy breakfast so we went to Wendy’s to try, it was my first time around 10ish. The girl in the front was not only wearing DIRTY jacket but also put our food in a DIRTY tray before handling it to us and fries were all over the tray which she would help putting it back with her barehands no no no and we’d waited for over half an hour with only one customer ahead of us!!!! this is not right I wonder if there are any food inspectors came to do the jobs at all? Not sure if that girl is homeless or not but if she is then it’s manager’s job to make sure she has clean clothes before coming to work and serve people food with her hands. Dead serious!

Travis Downs

Just really slow for in-person pickup.You'll get there and wait for anyone to even serve you, sometimes for minutes. They are busy taking drive through orders, but the counter people are second class citizens, apparently.

Aerin Queenan

Whoever was working the window at 730pm october 5th needs a raise. The customer service was the best ive ever had at any wendys location. I will be returning and i will eat my chicken nuggets with the biggest smile on my face


I was surprised for the lack of menu items. Felt like there ware only 2 types of burger available, nothing like on Wendi's website where there is multiple burger options. Also the drink despenser didn't have many drinks just a few. This felt like some trail or fake Wendy's location. Burgers also didn't tase as good as in other Wendy locations.Parking: Parking was ok, lot's of parking spaces.

Wayne Cabot

Because I was smoking in my vehicle, the manager verbally indicated to me in a rough voice and really upset at me for pulling up to the take out window while smoking my cigarette. Then indicated that service to me would be refusal to serve.The salad is great.

Kathy Seymour

Waited in line for over 10 mins. to order a chocolate frosty; they didn't have chocolate so got vanilla instead. Had one small spoonful of it, it was disgusting, tasted like chemicals or something had been dumped in it.It was late at night and don't live in Courtenay so I put it in the freezer to take back the following morning. Had to explain what happened three times and would not refund me my money or even taste it themselves.Will never ever go back not only did they give me something that couldn't be eaten but they wasted my time, money and gas.NOT IMPRESSED

Kevin Brandon

Located in courtenay bc. Poor service, out of drinks, wraps barely had anything in them, woman’s bathroom was grossly dirty and unkempt. Had a singular new worker with no helper and tremendously long line ups.

Andyroo Horse

Well hello fellow burger enthusiast's! Welcome to Wendy's Courtenay, where you will be greeted with super happy and friendly staff! The may not have ketchup, but they do have smiles!! Napkins? No need, just don't spill your food! Easy eh? Value for money? Absolutely!! High end dining??? What do you expect for $50 bucks for a family of four? Good job on the plastic reduction guys! Well, except for the spoons, forks, cups.... But thanks for the paper straws! Love em, nice and mushy too!!Will I come back?? Probably..... Always fun for a science experiment....

David Cliffe

Sat inside and got our food fast and professional. Worker's working hard cleaning up. Was nice sitting here.

Justus Burrows

Ordered double baconator at the drive thru... got a single with a patty from a hamburger!! No receipt to even go back. Paid over $30 for 2 combos worth about $15. About 8 people working, it wasn't even busy! No straws, no napkins!! This place rips me off every time. NEVER GOING BACK!

Seamus C. W.

Food is sloppy and thrown together. Fries look like they have not been cleaned the fryer in ages, makes me worried what the kitchen looks like. It’s a skip for me next time.

Dustin Purden

Wendy's Courtenay gets one star, because they are the only restaurant in the entire Comox Valley that makes Skip drivers wait in a 1/2 hour long drive-through lineup and then doesn't have the order ready when they get to the window. Pathetic.Why is this the only restaurant in the entire Comox Valley that can't figure out how to do a skip order properly??

Jamie Gilroyed

Pulled into drive thru on Sunday evening, pulled up to order, I misread the paper sign on the take out board, it said, no credit or debit at the take out window. Sat in lie for 10 minutes for them to start my order, then proceed to tell me they can not process m payment. I drove out in a huff, but I really wanted a Taco Salad. I went into the store. Saw the young boy behind the counter skip three people standing there to order so he could punch in two different skip the dishes or door dash orders. Then once he took the orders he disappeared behind the wall. I stood there 10 minutes to finally catch his eye and ask I could order please. He said sorry, I can't help you right now, we are really busy and need to finish this other orders before I can take yours. Sorry Wendy's, I will not be back, not even for your delicious Frostys!!!

Arsh Ansari

Quick nice meal, great ambience. Staff is polite and friendly. Loved the chicken burger.?

Tracy Hall

Todays double cheeseburgers and fries were awesome! the kids meals (nuggets and Jr. cheeseburger) were also excellent! Everything tasted better than we’ve had in long time!!

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