Four Winds Brewing Co.

4-7355 72 St, Delta
(604) 940-9949

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As ND locals I had heard and followed this local brewery for some time. Hubby is the beer drinker, I am not so it took a @welovedelta #dinearounddelta Instagram contest win for a $50 gift card to bring us for our first visit.There is a nice outdoor patio area, good thing as it was already a full house on a Saturday (5pm) inside.There is communal, 2+ and bar seating.We sat at the bar, fun to watch the action and talk with the servers learning more about the beers.We ordered a flight ($8) that they picked for us (4 light) after hubby was asked for his preferences.Two were fruity and I really liked those. Hubby enjoyed them all and they went well with the Jerk Chicken Taco ($5.75) and Rajas & Mushroom Tostada ($5)- they are starter sized and the menu changes monthly so check the website for current IPAs and food menu.We both had the House Burger w/house-made tortilla chips/salsa ($16) that was one of the best burgers we’ve had.Highly recommend. We’ll definitely be back, gift card or not.Located in an industrial/retail area along the Fraser River.Not a lot of parking.

Omi Spirit

Excellent place. Excellent non mainstream beer. Excellent staff re staff.Jack is an excellent employee there. Very insightful and mindful.Also other staff members keeping the cognitive groove. I dig it!Only question is one beer they had about four years ago called something World... a very light beer.... Please help and make it again :)

Leah Hunter Allen

Nice place to relax enjoy the beer and run into people you have not seen in a long time ?

Gabe Maerov

My family and I have been enjoying the craft beer and food this side of the Fraser for many years and it's still our 'go-to' when looking to grab a bite to eat. Staff are always welcoming and the atmosphere has a great vibe. A couple of suggestions:1. turn the bathroom doors into self-closing doors - no one wants to lookat the toilet or bathroom when enjoying those tasty tacos!2. place coat hooks under the bar and tables3. how about a standing table/ledge adjacent to the beverage fridge - thiswould allow a few more patrons to stand off to the sides and clear thearea around the bar where it sometimes gets congested.4. put back those craft beer awards on the wall - they used to be up andyour excellence in good beer should be celebrated and recognized!Overall we're so happy to have you here in Delta. Please please never close this location once Tsawwassen opens - two very different patrons!

Alida van Kalsbeek

The staff are always have time to talk to you and their taco's... oh my so good! oh and the beer ? awesome!

Derek V

There was a strange smell in this place, not really sure what it was. Enjoyed the craft beer, not so much the experience. Looking forward to the move to Southland's so we can experience a new atmosphere.

Colton Pinchin

Pretty tasty beer here. I was able to get a flight and enjoyed all of them. The Saison tasted great and I was surprised to find it available in the winter! I haven't been able to try the food here yet, but will report back when I can. The menu looks delicious.The seating is a bit limited inside as it is a small location, but they make really good use of the space. They also have an outdoor patio section which even during the winter people sit I look forward to this in the summer!

Ray Jang

Come for the beer, but stay for the Mexican food! Awesome beer (especially the Juxtipose IPA for IPA fans, or La Maison for those craving a light,crisp hazy wheat ale with their flavourful tacos and toasted Mexican street corn). It gets busy here, especially in the summer.

Chris Gilbert

Great selection of beers and their tacos and burger is excellent!!

Kristi Schofield

Excellent, fresh beer and tostadas!!One of Delta's best kept secrets.

Katie Johnston

Great beers! Excellent tacos. Wonderful, friendly service. Can't go wrong. They really went above and beyond with my experience there too! Definitely recommend.

Carey Vandenberg

I used to love every beer they would come up with until this past Friday when I ordered the Lightweight IPA. I was at The Old Surrey restaurant for our co's Christmas dinner and thought, great a 4 Winds beer. I'll take that. 4 Winds makes great beer.. always. Boy was I wrong. That beer I had was quite simply something a big brewery tasting beer. Someone asked me if it was as bad as Alexander Keith's IPA and I said, it is worse (although I've only had the IK's once). I even thought that maybe they put the wrong beer in the 4 Winds glass so I asked for a taster of the 4 Winds again so I could compare. It was theirs. I couldn't believe what I was tasting.Too bad. Now before I ever try new 4 Winds beer again at a restaurant I'm going to have to get a taster to make sure it is any good. Very disappointing.My guess is they are trying to expand their market. Much like Starbucks coming out with their blonde coffee to satisfy the masses.

Britt Fingzies

Really delicious beer, friendly and down to earth staff, and super yummy tacos!

Peggy Lok

Top notch grog. You know how usually you go to a brewery and drink all the beers and there's like, one or two that miss the mark a little? Maybe there's an off taste, or it doesn't match the style. That is not the case at Four Winds. Every single beer is consistent and delicious.Our fave is the nectarous.

Dann Kingsley

Try to visit when on the west coast. Great fresh beer with a diverse tap list. Had a great chat with Amy this am over a flight. Super hospitality. Worth the short drive from Metro Vancouver.

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