Little Caesars Pizza

11146 84 Ave, Delta
(604) 590-5959

Recent Reviews

Trever Semple

Worst pizza I have ever had. They cooked it for about 20 seconds. When I called to talk to them about it, all they could say was bring it back. Not the right way to do things. The owner needs to address multiple problems. If not just close the place.

Amy S

Once In a while you may get a good pizza. Lately, no one answers the phone, they are out of key ingredients like crazy sauce and cheese for cheesy crust. Perhaps the people working there just being lazy and don’t want to do the work?

sarah silver

I'm really confused how this location keeps running out of key ingredients. A couple weeks ago no cheese for stuffed crust and today no dough for large pizzas ?

Jasmaher Singh Momi

Food and service. Top notch ?

abisha bhandari

I was in this location few days ago and the customer service was just awesome and the food was exquisite.

barinderpal singh

I tried their pepperoni hot and ready . Great taste

a Natu

Batman calzony was pretty good, that is the calzony part was good. The actually pizza section tasted sad. Deepdish italian cheese breadsticks were good.Service is fast and efficient. Place is clean

Emily F.

Ordered contactless pick up on the App twice now, both times our order was not in the vestibule and somehow given to someone else because they "came in first" or "it was the other girl". Also, they do not put anything on the crazy bread anymore. Its like dry bread sticks. They never have hot and ready either as advertised. You go in for a med pepperoni hot and ready pizza and they try to sell you an old Hawaiian that has likely been in there all day. The place has really gone down the tubes in the last 6 months. Maybe new staff or owners.

harmanjot singh

The food was very tasty and i will definitely visit again. The crazy bread are too fresh and delicious

Sea Par

Pizza was dry and the cinna bites were soaked in butter with very little cinnamon or icing (if any at all) and had BBQ or some sort of other spices sauce on some of them (see red/orange stain on bread in photo). Only thing good about the order was the crazy bread

Shahnaz Gupta

They don't know how to take customer order. I am trying to call them since 1 hour ( Oct 19, 2021 at 6.59 PM) they pick up phone and put it on side so that I can listen their and customer's voices. It's not like network issue because I called multiple times and can hear what they are talking to each other and customers. Looks like they already attended enough calls for today.

Nigarish Nigarish

I had a great experience. The pizza was very tasty and the staff was very cooperative and polite .


Amazing food quality . I ordered cheese pizza and Italian cheese bread .. great taste in reasonable price :)) highly recommended :)))

Dishant garg

I really love going to this place. I really appreciate the way their staff treat their customers. Their pizzas are sooo good that if you live in surrey you can’t think of going to any other store for a pizza.Really great..!!!! :)

Krish Kochar

Had a great experience. The customization was accurate. Staff was very friendly, moreover the taste was quite better than other pizza shops aroud

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