5263 B Ladner Trunk Rd, Delta
(604) 940-8394

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Parminder Dhillon

Best customer service by the guy. I don't remember his name properly may be Robert. But i was there around 9.05pm on 1st nov. I had to leave for job and it's my first time at any Starbucks. He made delicious coffee for me. His way of communication is pretty nice. Overall, the best experience. Thank you.

Jena's Tarot Room

I don't use this Starbucks much, but I go out to see family occasionally & sometimes go in, I was absolutely discusted how filthy dirty the washrooms were & the floors, the tables hadn't been sanitized either this was a Thursday at 5pm they were not busy ,I saw no staff attempting to clean, I'd nvr seen a Starbucks that bad.


Terrible service at this location. I always do my best to be cordial to service staff and rarely feel the need to officially complain about anything, but this Starbucks is a real special case! The employees treat you like a nuisance for ordering a drink and asking about it 10 minutes after it was supposed to be ready. I’ve personally witnessed one of the baristas go out of her way to publicly embarrass a paying customer for having the audacity to politely ask about an online order placed 20 mins prior. It was genuinely shocking to see her almost brought to tears by the bigot behind the counter. I get that service employees can have a bad day now and then, but this is a pattern of behaviour. If you absolutely need Starbucks, you’ve been warned! Personally; I’ll go elsewhere.

Alliance Horsemanship

This location is brutal. Always slow and understaffed. They don’t put the mobile orders out for you to get yourself like most places and then completely ignore people when they come in for their orders. We live in Ladner and generally drive to tsawwassen for Starbucks for this reason.We decided to give this one another shot the other morning. A mobile order of 2 simple drinks. Showed up at the time it was supposed to be ready. After waiting another 10 minutes, asked the barista about it, she started to look and then got distracted and never did answer me. Impossible to get any staffs attention. After waiting 15 minutes past time it was supposed to be ready they still hadn't even started making our drinks.We had to leave without the drinks, I was late for work with no coffee and out $12 for drinks we never got.Not happy.

Piotr Pawelec

Verry disapoined, I was refused service, because I was trying to pay cash. Bad customer service. I was 20 years Starbuck customer, sadly not anymore!


Verry disapoined, I was refused service becouse I was trying to pay for coffee in cash! I was over 20 years Sturback customer, not anymore! Shame on you!

Kim L

This is why I love Starbucks - the online system glitched and my order wasn't ready. Apologizing, they got it ready right away and then we realized part of it had not gone through. No questions asked, no attitude given, just made the drink with a smile. Didn't ask for payment, didn't cause a stink like TH's does. Love them to the moon and back!!

Darrel Gladue

They need to find a balance between in-store and on-line orders. I was rushed through when my order was finally taken. No personality. No friendliness. Poor Ladner.

Toby L.

Worst Starbucks experience here. The middle aged barista with short curly hair acted like I’m invisible while I waited patiently in front her with a drink that was made wrong. The younger staff were much nicer. Hate to admit this: maybe I don’t look like a Ladner resident so I was treated very differently.

Harneet Kaur

Great service especially the employee named ABY she is so good. She knows how to treat their guests,impressed by her service. She served me my latte and it was perfect.

Jordyn Ellis

Very friendly! Super quick service and very clean. Love coming to grab a drink here


This location is ridiculously understaffed. The wait is always very long even if you order online with their app. I ordered my two food items and it said it'll be ready for pick up in 10 minutes. I got there in 20 minutes and asked and waited another 20 minutes and they still hasn't put my 2 food items in a bag for me. Would've taken 10 seconds. 40 minutes and never received my order and I asked politely several times. I just left without it and vowed never to give them my business again. It's also impossible to get a refund through the app. The staff here work very hard but when there's 25 orders in front of them it's obviously very difficult for them. Service here has gotten so slow they really should just close this location for lack of staff. Everyone in Ladner knows it's horrible here, and most avoid it.

Karen Xu

I ordered on mobile with customized recipes: no ice and extra salted cream.. that simple… however every single time, they gave me wrong one with ice and I don’t think they read order properly…

manvir sandhu

This is not my first time ordering from them I always get the brown sugar shaken espresso but today I wanted to get some hot drink so I got the caramel macchiato with the oat milk instead of a regular milk . It tastes amazing. The staff was so nice and sweet. They just made my day. Thank you for a good drink and chat guys. I am enjoying every sip of my drink.

Katie Sheridan

Great Baristas! they are so awesome and also brights my morning ?

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