11146 84 Ave Suite C, Delta
(604) 594-7820

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Micro Wave

Super rude to me and my friend because we didnt have enough money, he ordered a sandwich with 3 meat and they were yelling at him because he didnt know the price because it isnt on the menu!!, the staff seem unhappy to work there and they are very rude.

Hey There

The customer service is really bad by one of the brown girls with red and white bangles. It seems like she doesn’t want to be there working. I went to the store on August 22 at around 21:00. She made a mistake and didn’t even apologized, started behaving with me like it was my mistake and it got worse after that. She started behaving really rude with me and I had the worst experience I have ever had at any Subway.

Dave McMillan

It's Subway. Food is well Subway. Just had to leave a review to point out just how very friendly the staff are at this branch. Always warm welcome always smiles. Above and beyond.


Clean, quick service. Good staff.


The staff always seem like they’re annoyed by the customers when making sandwiches,-despite the many times I’ve been there- I’ve seen people act friendly towards them, but still?? Confused…


I’ve gotten sick the past few times i’ve ate here, it seems like the doors for the veggies and meats stations are never closed.


This place is okay... Everything Is fine except the staff. The staff are very personal and demanding. 3 stars

Scotty P

The ladies here are amazing customer service reps. Please give them raises; they deal with drunks all the time.

Gurpreet gill

girl was making just 2 sandwiches(1mine and 1 other) she still managed to give me wrong one

Brian Empey

It's a small subway, so it has a smaller menu. Fewer sandwich choices.However, they do offer small breakfast sandwiches, and foot long breakfast, even though they aren't on the menu. It's very clean, staff are FAST, there tons of parking always.BUT there is just 1 table for dinner in. It says 4.

Mandeep Sidhu

This is one of the worst subway locations. Staff doesn't really know how to make sandwich and they don't even care about it. I feel sometimes they even use stale bread. The location is close to my house so tried them multiple times but disappointed everytime. Will never come here again.

Ajay Mann

I do not like to leave bad reviews but this is just for the owners information. I visited your location at approximately 9:30am 2nd September 2021. I asked for a Gluten Free sandwich, the Sandwich Artist replied, "Do I have to change my gloves"? I was shocked, as other Subway's usually change their gloves 2- 3 times whilst making my sandwich. I have a severe celiac allergy.Then when I asked for the sandwich to be grilled and toasted, the same lady said she will not turn on the Panini grill as the store gets too hot as your A/C is not working.Not ideal customer service. Will never come back to this location.

David Andrist

Your average Subway with small seating section, and quick sandwich making service.

Dieulane Miller

Excellent workers and great service

Stephen K

Worst Subway ever.

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