Big Bang Bagels

502 2 Ave, Fernie
(250) 423-7778

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Amazing selection of bagels and fillings. The breakfast bagel is a favourite. The p Lk ace is incredibly busy, so it can be a bit of a wait once you have ordered.

Clive Gorman

Great bagels! Definitely the place to come for a bite to eat and get a coffee. It gets super busy at lunchtimes but it's worth the wait.


We had a bit of a time line and didn’t expect a 45 min wait for 2 bagels…one which was just plain. There seemed to be enough stAff working so not sure what the issue was. Another lady said she had ordered ahead of time and had been waiting for an hour.

Adam Aci

Bagels and coffee were GOOD!!Had the Griz breakfast sandwich. What an absolute beauty. Will be back next time we're in Fernie

Tim Snowden

Delicious bagels! Super soft, fresh, and a decent size. Ingredients/toppings all super fresh, with a great selection. Was a nice breakfast treat. Highly recommend if looking for something quick and delicious to start your day.

Gayle T

They have a great variety of bagels, and fillings and the staff know their jobs well. We couldn't believe how efficient they can handle a Sunday morning lineup.

Carson S Miller

Amazing assortment of bagels, bagle-whiches, hot drinks and juices. Definitely worth a stop!

Ashley Uniac-George

Friendly staff, great feeling environment and delicious food and coffee!

Craig C.

This place has been a Fernie staple for years. Fresh made bagels each day. Loads of selection always really nice staff.

Mitchell B

The breakfast sandwiches are always good! Wouldn't recommend getting a bagel on its own, they're a little different but it does work with the sandwich.

Mark Schmidt

A little slice of heaven. Home made, friendly, and eco conscious all wrapped up into a bagel breakfast sandwich. Keeps me hiking or on the slopes.Do your part and recycle ♻️ what you can when you are done with that awesome bagel.

Steven Momy

Great tasting bagels ? and coffee ☕️

Ruud Mobile

Maybe they had a bad day or so, but waiting nearly 25 minutes for 2 soggy bagels... people behind us were annoyed as well by seeing 6 people cheeing and joking behind the counter of whom 3 actually work, albeit slowly and highly inefficiently. My funky chicken looked and smelled great but was rather soggy and flat in taste. The banger with bacon was slightly better but in taste still only 3 out of 10. Sorry for us no next time

Alisha MacDonald

Wayy to overpriced.. $15 for a bagel and coffee and they didn't even toast my bagel..

Betsy Feller

In the summer, masked up or no, you will find line-ups early morning, lunch-time, and possibly before close. This is because their bagels are THE BEST (made right- if I'm not mistaken, boiled, not baked?) and you can get just about anything your little heart craves on your bagel! Here's my fave: in the a.m. cinnamon bagel with whipped plain cream cheese, toasted, of course. MMM. Last time I went they had run out of cinnamon so I bought the dozen cinnamons that were day old for ? like $10 or something. It was a mistake to freeze them as they need to be fresh. Oh well, live and learn. 5 stars!

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