Momo Sushi Downtown

377 Bernard Ave, Kelowna
(250) 763-1030

Recent Reviews

Spike Luk

Our weekend getaway took us to downtown Kelowna. We found a dog friendly patio. Momo served yummy bento boxes. I had to share my sashimi with Etch. Overall excellent tempura and sushi. The hot sake warmed me up on this fall day. Highly recommend Momo Sushi!

Chantel C Snyder

Our family ordered from momo sushi a couple wells ago.They sure did such an amazing job on every dish that we ordered.We ordered so much food and our son ate most of it.They are so quick in preparation execution and quality.I highly recommend eating in house but if you have to order take out they continue to deliver amazing quality.We will continue to order from them.Hands down the best place so far in Kelowna.

Mark McDonald

This was a quick meal but just as good as I hoped. Two bento boxes later and a small patio really made for a great experience. At the time the road was closed and only available to pedestrians which would make parking a little more difficult. Apparently this only happens during the summer months as the street opened shortly after September long weekend.Wheelchair accessibility: All one level, from patio to bathroom.

Louise Cooper

Delicious food! Staff are wonderful! Got stood up and staff went out of their way to make my meal great. 100% recommend. Always had great food whenever I am here.

Joanna Wang

Food is good, love avocado and tuna roll, and salmon sashimi. Waitress is not friendly or happy, which I understand from busy and stressful work environment. She put all dishes down very heavily on the table. No "thank you" or "you are welcome" to other people, trying to minimize conversation or interactions. Hope she can feel happy and show some smiles to other customers :)

JP Letnick

The rolls are good and so is their spicy mayo. If you like very thick cuts of sashimi then this is the place for you. Personally I like my raw tuna and salmon cut into more manageable slices rather than a large chunk. Service is quick but they seem overwhelmed and lack a sense of welcoming. Garden salad had virtually no dressing and I won't have the sunomono here again as I personally find their sweet to sour ratio is off for my taste.

alena s

By far the worst sushi I’ve had sadly. I am out of town and came here not expecting anything. The rolls were made sloppy - they were completely falling apart. The fish wasn’t fresh and the avocado was rock solid. Its as if the rolls were pre made and have been sitting there for a while considering our rolls came to the table within a minute (if not less) of ordering which isn’t appealing to a customer even though the service was “fast”. Not a fan of leaving negative reviews but it’s definitely something people should be aware when visiting.

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The Viewer

I don't know how this place is this most popular in kelowna. Probably the worst sushi all around. Some days there's no complaints. But most the rice is stale and the seafood not fresh. Sushi Hana shut down but that place was really good quality the same everytime. If the rice is stale how is that authentic that's disgraceful that they are listed. The restaurant is 3 t 2 star worst in kelowna. Why so many people go here and their food isn't fresh. I rated this two years or so and even recently still low stars.

Xichen J.

This place is located in downtown Kelowna. As such, parking can be difficult to find during peak times. I tried their Peter Roll, Dragon Roll, and Beef Donburi. The rolls were ok and nothing special. The rice was rolled a bit loose and the flavor quite bland. I would probably rate them three stars. On the other hand, the donburi was absolutely out of this world delicious.

Aleen Vanessa Altamirano S.

The best sushi in town! Try the rainbow roll, L.A roll and deep fried california roll.

Diphda Richards

This review is solely for the sashimi. I don't usually like to leave bad reviews, but this was the worst sashimi I've had in my life. I've never seen it in such a thick, big block. Tuna shouldn't be that colour. It was completely mushy, no texture, no taste. I would be embarrassed to serve it.

R dn

Worst sushi I've had in western Canada. My garden salad is crumpled lettuce, the miso soup tastes like salted water. I paid 30 dollars for twelve pieces of sushi. Laughable rip off. Thanks for ruining Sunday dinner.

damon hayward

I've been going to Momo Sushi for years and have always been my favorite spot in town. The last 5 or more times I've went there the quality keeps getting worse and worse! Food that doesn't taste good or even look good. Bad ingredients and worst of all cross contamination! Twice there has been fish eggs in my sushi, I'm allergic to many kinds of fish which is why I stay to a vegetarian variety of sushi! It has never been a problem because they always used a separate knife, board and roller to help people who can't or choose not to eat animal products. This is not the case anymore so if you have allergies, be careful here.


Momo's has been around 18 years or so which is a testament to the food and service. Been a while since I have been here (been away). Dropped in for some take away (nod to the Australians reading this review) and was better than I remembered - and I used to come here a lot. Try the Spicy Tuna Roll and, my favorite, Chicken Udon Noodle Soup. But if you really want an experience, ask for Joseph for his recommendations. Excellent place to dine in or take out.

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