Pick Thai restaurant

467 Bernard Ave, Kelowna
(236) 420-2671

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The portion of chicken satay was very small, like 2 and a half pieces of chicken and not even served in a stick though it tasted ok. The menu states that for the tom yum soup, there’s a choice of shrimp or chicken. We’ve never have a tom yum soup without shrimps, so of course, we chose shrimps. When we checked the bill, we found that they charged us an extra $2 for the shrimps. When we asked the server, she said because we chose shrimp as a “substitute” for the chicken!!! We didn’t agree with her explanation but we didn’t want to argue for that $2. Having said that, the tom yum soup tasted good.

Drew Doak

The portion sizes are embarrassingly small. The main dishes were decent at best. The spring rolls were the worst I've ever had in my life. It was like they were frozen and then microwaved. There was almost nothing inside of them and they were chewy. Ill never eat here again. For the price, there just isn't any quality


2018. Visited in autumn. The food was delicious, and the mother and daughter with lovely smiles, how are you? I want to go again!

Nathan Kroeker

This is the best Thai food I’ve had in years. We ate here three times during our week stay this summer because we couldn’t get enough. The curries have deep and creamy flavor, the bubble teas are delicious and refreshing, and everything is nice and light and fresh. Definitely will be returning.

Stevie Mulia

Delicious authentic Thai food in heart of downtown Kewlona.

Marie-Soleil Cotnoir

My brother, his wife, and myself had a wonderful meal at Pick Thai. We have been to Thailand and we were amazed by the quality of the food. It brought us back to Thailand instantly and we spent our meal talking about how good it was! Ploi looked after us and she offered one of the best service we received during our stay in the Okanagan! I will definitely go back next time I am in Kelowna!

Esther Lam

Super authentic Thai food in Kelowna! We ordered the set. Reasonably priced and owners were extremely friendly. Highly recommended :D


This restaurant is highly recommended if your Thai food lover. I always order the fried rice with chicken and bubble tea there tapioca is deliciously amazing and don't forget to order the dessert sticky rice with mango it's authentic taste same in Bangkok Thailand

John Gray

Pick thai was awesome! Nice atmosphere and friendly service. Also has a central location that is easy to find.I had yellow curry chicken and the taro oreo slush. Both were so good!!!Will go back everytime I'm in Kelowna!

Eric Prehofer

Very tasty and well priced, the food is cooked by Mom. Worth any little wait for it fresh on tue plate.

Eithel Lozinski

We are visiting Kelowna and found this place through Google. It was a excellent experience! Good value and authentic dishes. The daughter's owner who was the server was friendly and nice. We had a chat since I speak Thai a little bit and trying to help my family on the menu. I asked if I can have "Laap Moo" which is not on the menu but she said her mom ( the chef) will make it. I felt so happy when I had it. I will definitely comeback and highly recommend this place.

Prometheus Prim Ate

We had intended to visit a nearby restaurant but the signage caught my eye. Having lived in Thailand for for nearly five years I can say I have some experience with Thai food. It's nearly impossible to find truly authentic versions of common dishes like Som Tam, Pad Thai, Lap Moo, etc., never mind Yam Pladuk Foo. But today was our lucky day. The owners mother was alone and she cooked an amazing Lap Moo, Pad Thai and other dishes. It's some of the best Thai food I've had in BC. The mother and daughter were so attentive, kind and funny. It was great to be reminded of such a lovely country and many memories. My family and I will be regulars! Give them a try, you won't be disappointed. Remember that you're trying an authentic taste of Thailand, not a westernized version. They will of course dial back the spiciness, if you've been there you'll know what I mean.

Catwen Barley

tasty and wonderful. definitely recommend

Chico Newell

Great authentic Thai food! Nice atmosphere. Good prices. 'Paulie' is awesome!!!

Delano Schaefer

My wife and I had walked passed awhile ago and had wanted to try it. Finally yesterday was our day to stop in. My only disappointment was we didn't stop in sooner!!! This is truly a gem of a restaurant. Some of the best Thai food I have had in a long time.The owner suggested her favorites to us. We should have asked her first what those were instead of what is the most popular. We went with the most popular green and red curry. Both were amazing with so much flavor!!! Guess we have to go back and try the owners favorites!! No complaints with that idea.. lol. Thank you for the awesome service and food!! We will be back again and again... ?

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