The Crossing Restaurant

622 Palmerston Ave, Midway
(236) 354-0022

Recent Reviews

Brian Buhay

Awesome food ,pizza for dinner and the all in breakfast, totally awesome food and great service

Maureen Ridgers

The waitress made my breakfast experience awesome, very friendly

YYC RC Fabricationz

As always the food was great, sadly the service doesn't match up. Our Server was more interested in bellowing her complaints than actually working, our food was launched at us, so we wore half the fries. Finally, while eavesdropping on our conversation & then interjecting her two cents, we informed our Server she had no idea what we were discussing. This inspired a tirade of abuse which failed miserably to embarass me & we left, without leaving a tip & feeling bad for the delightful Owner as she has simply lost my business. A good laugh at an ingorant Server just isn't worth suffering again for a burger & fries.

Brenda Hayward

Awesome little RestaurantStaff are very Friendly and they have the best whole made Donut holes!!

Randy Mccartie

Well I just had the breakfast here.. I can see why they have half orders on their menu LOL come hungry.. myself I'm good till supper time easy?.. and I was in and out of there in a half hour perfect

Billy Cobra

Best burgers in BC! Made with fresh ingredients and love. Great chef! Much more than the greasy spoon I expected. Keep up the good work! They even have liver and onions on the menu!

Miss P

Had a lovely brunch at The Crossing today. Really loved our waitress. She was a hoot.

Alisa Granholm

Awesome menu, I love the half price orders with their fresh warm biscuits

Maureen Stranack

Went for lunch haven't been there for a whileNice reno and the important part, the food was very good will be back


This place, when it’s actually open, is a joke. Their are children running the place, the food is awful , the kitchen is a mess, it took 45 min for a clubhouse sandwich that was stale, flavourless and an absolute mess. The forget to cook my fries well done and also forgot my gravy. Then it took 20 min to get my bill so I could leave. The place only had 2 small tables. DONT EAT HERE

Brock Ward-Hoyt

Really enjoyed our food here! We had the clubhouse with fries and gravy, biscuits with gravy, and the chicken club wrap with a salad.Perfect place to stop for a bite to eat! We'll be back next for sure.Service was great. Took a bit for the food to come out, but was worth it.

Daniel Ebeltoft

Friendly staff, helped my driver and I order from part of the menu over the phone. Had it ready for pick up shortly after I got there. Clean place where you eat and is very kind to all patrons that I have seen so far. I had the Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes and gravy with a side order of steamed veggies. The food was good, I enjoyed every bite. Although I am not the pickiest eater, but it was good enough for me to eat. I say try it before basing an opinion. You may be surprised. Tomorrow I have breakfast and try that out in the morning.

Daniel Ebeltoft

good food, great staff, clean place, nice location. Trucker friendly, wifi.

Randy Kappes

Great food and super friendly staff ?

Hayley McLeary

My son and I stopped here a couple weeks ago and I've been meaning to write a review- THAT'S how standout the service was! The waitress (it said "Ari" on the bill), did great making my 7yo son feel special, engaging him with witty banter and making him feel noticed. He loved the poutine and I enjoyed my breakfast. Psst, hey management...give this waitress a raise for retention purposes, hard to find staff like that!I was also pleasantly surprised by the extensive menu and the food was really good. It felt like there would be something to choose from for any mood. I'd liken the taste to one homestyle step above an IHOP and Denny's hybrid. The restaurant itself, wasn't overly impressive, basic decor, very simple, bathrooms were very clean. Just a real straightforward environment.It's worth making a trip to, either before or after you check out the Kettle River Museum.

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