Huong Lan Vietnamese Restaurant

19-1925 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo
(250) 756-7943

Recent Reviews

Ethan Thompson

Great food and service!! The food tasted fantastic, exactly what I needed for a cold day. My pho came out with the wrong order, but the server quickly realized before I did and corrected the mistake. Definitely worth a try!

Tabby Ringham

It' was ok.. I think I was looking for more.It's was something I could've made at home.

Anna Sophia

Great authentic pho, however it's fairly pricy. $20 for one large bowl of pho which, in my cheap Manitoban opinion, is a lot to spend. There's lots of beef in the pho and they don't skimp on the noodles either. You do have to specifically ask for water which I found to be a bit odd, but nonetheless I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. Good food, good mood.

Look Look

Good service!Food are good too!One thing highlight, they have bubble tea and taste good!Overall, it is good to be here.

Tam Hoang

Foods were seasoned bit too sweet for me. Grilled meat aren't like typical grilled meat I have in other Vietnamese restaurants or in Vietnam. Deep fried wonton was super tasty. Service was exceptional, servers were friendly and attentive.

Chieko A

My coconut bubble tea was very yummy as well as my noodles ? Our waitress was friendly. I will definitely go back whe

John Addison

Delicious! Picked at random and we enjoyed it.

bing Zhao

Hands down the best pho I had on the island!Great service, environment and flavor!Coffee is also very good!Will come back next time for sure ?

Jacqueline Slocombe

I got food poisoning..good thing I made it home just in time. My advice..don't order the chicken in anything.The service was mediocre at best...we were not even given glasses for our soft drinks..and we were ignored after they took our order and dropped it at our table. Getting the bill was another problem..they buzzed around our table before they clued in as we tried to get their attention.No..we would not return.The ambiance is quite nice..and it appeared to be clean..but when a cook is handling chicken it can be iffy..obviously the chicken was the problem in my dish because the rest of the meal was bland.

Moshe Appel

When you walk in to a Vietnamese place, you expect to see at least one Vietnamese person. The only Vietnamese person in the whole place was the Skip driver who happened to be in at the same time as us. The food was bland and lacked much seasoning, and tasted like something you'd get in a mall food court. The one redeeming quality might have been dessert...but we weren't offered any. From top to bottom, a thoroughly unpleasant experience.REPLY: Yes, I reviewed the right place. From the white lady that showed us to our seat, to the white man and white woman that served us, we didn't see a single Vietnamese person on the entire place.

Keelan Biegler

Went in just before closing without realizing it, I offered to leave but the server was super nice and said it was no problem. Food came unbelievably quick and I'm so glad I stopped in because it is fantastic food, couldn't have been better. I've been to the Parksville one too and haven't been disappointed there either. Great food and friendly people all around, will definitely be back.


I had heard about this restaurant for a couple years and kept forgetting to go try it out. Hands down the best meal I have had in forever!!! Highly recommend!!! The lemongrass chicken is phenomenal!!! And the pho was amazing too! We will be back!! Over and over.

Cheryl Ashby

Great food, great service. Tight space aroubd tables and chairs are uncomfortable.

William Huhn

DIning here for years. Always fresh and delicious.


I feel sad writing this review. As i have been a loyal customer for years. It was one my favourite restaurants. I always get the #54. The last 3 times it has been cold except for the spring roll. Oddly the spring roll is hot hot. The other 2 times i brushed it off. This time i asked the waitress if they are pre making the meat now and reheating it. As my meat is super cold. She said its made fresh to order. She asked if i wanted it warmed up. I come here on my break and do not have time to be sending my meal back everytime. Also its uncomfortable to complain about your meal and send it back. So i just wont be returning.

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Huong Lan Vietnamese Restaurant

19-1925 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo, BC V9S 1H1
(250) 756-7943