The Modern Pantry

2055 Old Dollarton Rd, North Vancouver
(604) 770-2055

Recent Reviews

Adam Newsome

Grabbed a focaccia and North Shore cookie at the Ambleside Farmer's Market... Both outstanding, 10/10! Definitely check this place out.

Jess&Date Rittenhouse

I ordered the breakfast sandwich and ate it outside, in front of the cafe. It was phenomenal. Soft boiled egg, cheddar and mayo on a cheese and something else croissant type bun, they call their breakfast bun. They grill it to melt-y perfection when you order.I also bought the brownie, apple oat cake and rosemary cheddar sourdough to bring home. Haven't tried them yet but hopefully they are as impressive as the sandwich.Cute jars of granola, crackers and spreads available for purchase too.

Kent Hawkins

This is one of those hidden gems that the locals need to tell you about. Well, I am that local. My office is nearby and this is my favorite go too. And while their pastries and sandwiches are amazing, one of the hidden treats is their espresso based coffees. Fresh ground beans, proper preparation, amazing cups, it's all just right. Don't get me wrong, I come and eat all the amazing food and treats, but definitely don't miss the coffee. Lastly, the staff and team are so nice and friendly. Makes for a wonderful experience.

Lost In Translation

Bought a prepackaged broccoli soup, froze it for a week and I just had it for lunch. This soup is the best broccoli soup I’ve ever had. Delicious, perfectly seasoned and you can still taste the ingredients. Can’t wait to try more things on the menu!


Been here just a few time but the pastries are absolutely delicious. Friendly staff as well.

Carmen Saucier

Absolutely perfect bread! We keep buying loaves 3 at a time.

גל נפתלוביץ'

A very small place, one minute drive from Maplewood farm. There is a parking lot near the bakery. I tried the cinnamon bun and it was excellent.There is no seating area, only one table outside. Good service.

Piotr Majkowski

Great baked goods- loved the Danish. Awesome gift items.

Stephanie Mills

Everything is good here. Everything. The people are always friendly and chill. Love this place.

s sohi

Tried the Butternut Squash crostata...its a vegetarian delight. Haven't tasted a crostata this good, in a very long time. Even my kids loved it. Also grabbed a few other baked goodies. And a Rhubarb Cardamom Jam!! I was tempted to get so many other delicious looking items. To top it all up, the service was very friendly. Five stars from our family.

Davis Song

Grilled cheese w/ Tomato Jam and the Daily Scone were excellent!

Chloe Rachel

Ordered a few treats from their tent at a local farmer's market (coconut lime loaf, cheddar & hazelnut scone, apricot & ginger scone). Nice, innovative flavours and friendly service! The ginger wasn't super prominent, but could taste the fruit. Would love to try more of their baked goods in the future!

Adrian Lee

Rustic style neighborhood bakery near Maplewood Farm. The breads and sticky buns we tried were very tasty. Outstanding and make you want to go back and try other items there. It's a small bakery so selection and quantities are limited, but what they have is great. Parking is limited, but there are street spot nearby as well. Definitely worth a visit.

William Borici

The sourdough bread is my favorite and reminds me of flavors in Italy.

Paul Geddes

My favourite bakery/cafe in the Lower Mainland. Everything they bake is delicious. Make sure to try their breakfast sandwiches!

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