Panago Pizza

8556 120 St, Surrey
(866) 310-0001

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Ravinder Singh

Google maps says they are open till midnight but when i got there it was closed at 10pm.

Rob Lockhart

I am a long time customer and order Pizza from these guys once a week. I placed an order and they didn’t deliver the dip with it. I texted the driver 2 minutes after he left and he said he’s too far gone to bring it back. So the following week when I ordered pizza I told them about not getting the dip and they told me that it’s too late. I’m not getting the dip I paid for with this order and they said I should have said something sooner lol. Like are you kidding me. How much does a dip cost? Lol. I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t even complain when the pizza is smushed into half of the box. Which happens quite often. I really don’t care about the cost of a dip but because of how cheap and how poor the customer service I cancelled the order and will never order again.

Olga Radzikh

Friendly staff and good pizza, many vegan options!

Mitchell Smith

Piece of a zip tie in my 90$ pizza unacceptable


The best pizza i have ever had

Navjot Dhaliwal

Just stepped out of the store. The customer service is top notch. Shoutout to the staff for being super nice. Recommend?

Patricia F

The chicken club pizza is to die for


This Panago location doesn't seem to know where the edges of the pizza are. Once again I have a 3" crust on a medium pizza, this is 12", leaving 6" of topping and 6" offcrust.

nadeem ahmed

2 day before I take Barbi q chicken pizza at night Scott road nordel one location second I got sick ?lot head pain wormeating, tired lot that's my experience

Rohan Garg

Ordered a cheesy bread and large pizza combo. There was no cheese at all and was undercooked. Both were not tasty at all.Will never order from this location again.

naveed hassan

Ordered last night. Got the order and the wings were completely burnt. They had no honey garlic sauce on it. Should have taken pictures before throwing it away. The pizza looked horrible and it tasted like that. More importantly, the dough was completely raw and not cooked at all. Have to throw it away.

Jean Hall

I love their bacon bbq chicken pizza.

Michelle Tranquillo-Talosig

very easy to order online for pick up and it's always ready within the estimated pick up time.

Gary Vickers

I went in there with a $5 coupon, and the guy added the coupon after taxes. Who does that?

Amazing views from BC Girl

Good fresh pizza always

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