Ricky's All Day Grill - Cloverdale

17830 56 Ave, Cloverdale
(604) 574-9912

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Julia Park

Great food and service, I love their breakfasts. Clean restrooms and pleasant atmosphere.Food: 5/5

Jared Reed

The serving staff is amazing. They’re really friendly and made sure my 4yr old was happy and content. I recommend this Ricky’s to anyone with kids. They give the kids toys after your meal. The owner was really pleasant as well. ??

Earl Coatta

Not impressed. $18 for pulled pork sandwich and fries. Sandwich was very dry with little taste. They make a good breakfast but definitely not this lunch.

Rick M

There's not really much to be said about this place. The food is sub par, greasy, not cooked to order, ans flavourless. It's as if they've never heard of seasoning. This place hasn't always been this bad, it's just within the last year or so. Not sure if someone has taken it over but the food is horrendous. The staff are ok but unbearably slow which might not be their fault as there never seems to be nough people working.

Michele Maurer

Our server, Mandy, is great and remembered even small details of our group's order. My disappointment is with the restaurant that they don't carry any dairy alternatives at all for creamer, and their gluten free items (glad to see they've added some) all have dairy. It's time to add dairy alternatives and some gluten free bread options for the breakfasts.

Carole Sejberg

it was the Best turkey dinner & pumpkin pie i have ever had in a restaurant. The staffs service was excellent! Congratulations on great food & service

Nancy Norland

Waitress was friendly enough until I started describing the food or the lack of. The food was horrible. Spicy chicken sandwich had two small chicken tenders on top of so much coleslaw and too much cheese that was not even melted. The coleslaw was mixed with so much dressing that all you could taste was sugar and a film of grease, not even tasting the cabbage or carrots, which hide any spice. My son removed all of the toppings to find two of the smallest pieces of chicken. You can get more chicken at McDonald's value chicken burger and save some money. The fish that I got looked and tasted like the worst ones from NoFrills and I can attest to the coleslaw, it was truly disgusting and it is irrelevant that it was not mayonnaise but coleslaw dressing and actually I am appalled by that for a chain that it is. The fries were actually good, but they must have ran out of them , the plate of food on both looked like it was half empty. I wished I had taken a picture. Too late for that, first visit and I won't be back. I have worked as a cook and waitress for many years and truly disappointed. Have some pride in what you do, and try tasting what you make before letting it go out.

Sharri W

The server was timid, but pleasant. Our brunch dishes were piping hot, and yummy.

Vikki C

Sadly, I think the place went down hill after the covid. While the service was good, the wait, the smell in the lobby and piece of brilliant in my husbands pancakes def did not make it a good experience.


The staff and service was excellent!! We have been traveling in the western US to western Canada and this service was the best! The breakfast was excellent as well!!

Mike Byers

It was alright ,been to a couple of different Ricky's as there isn't a great variety of family restaurants anymore and they're pretty convenient. This one was alright

Craig M.

This is a great place for breakfast for me. Good selection. Food was hot when it came out and tasted great. I really like the omelettes! the waitstaff were attentive. It's always clean and tidy.

Richard Stewart

I've been to many Ricky's but this was only my second time at this one. I have only ever had breakfast at any of the Ricky's I've been to and today was no different. The menu is easily laid out and has just the right amount of classic options you expect at a place like this. I had the biggest classic breakfast they offer, it came with 3 eggs ( I had scrambled), bacon, sausages, hashbrowns, toast and, wait for it....pancakes! Literally too much food but an impressive spread. The eggs were cooked well, the bacon wasn't too fatty and was thick cut and wider than the usual rasher but i think it was deep fried rather than cooked onbthe flat top. The sausages were tasty and bigger and spicier than your standard english breakfast link. Ibdidn't care for the hash browns as they were the little triangle shaped pieces and were tossed with peppers and onions. I like shredded and i like them on the flat top. The multi grain toast was good, not too toasty and not toasty enough...know what I mean? The pancakes were bigger than I expected given they were essentially a side but they were a little chewy. The coffee was your standard diner coffee and our server kept it topped up which i really appreciate. All in all, a place to get a well prepared and tasty classic breakfast.

Steven Fidenato

We ordered the 4 Berry Stack, Chicken Strips (4 Piece) Chicken & Waffles, And the works Omlete. All the food was amazing. Pancakes were fantastic (Pictured below). Service was fast and friendly, will come back.(Part 2)Came back and ordered The Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup And the Clubhouse. Both were fantastic and piping hot. Good service once agian.

Nikki Orr

Party of 25 over for the Mayor's Cup from Comox. They took our reservation when other restaurants wouldn't. It was very good organized service. We all had a good time. Thanks Ricky's

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Ricky's All Day Grill - Cloverdale

17830 56 Ave, Cloverdale, BC V3S 1C7
(604) 574-9912