White Spot Panorama

15157 BC-10 #116, Surrey
(778) 574-5772

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El K

Went in for brunch today was seated right away however we waited for 20 minutes and no one helped us at all. No water was served. Me and my partner decided to just order take out instead. Paid 18 dollars for 1 of the meal we ordered just for a wrap with missing hash brown. No compensation was given horrible service definitely would not recommend this place at all. The manager was an older lady didn’t even bother to help assist us.

Kelly Marshall

The service was excellent.Prompt service by the hostess. Tables are offered outside, unfortunately the one table did not offer enough shade. Otherwise great space for outside dining.The washrooms are neat and tidy. The first server which I believe was management came and told us our server will be with us momentarily, but offered to take our drink order. The server arrived and was courteous and professional. Our order arrived approx 15 min after taking our orders. Quick efficient and then came back twice once to ask how everything was and the 2nd time to take away our dishes.Lovely atmosphere, clean and calm environment.Time 12pm -12:30pm there was , not a lot of traffic and quiet.$$You can spend more if it is dinner but it's always worth it.We have been going to White Spot for 50 years and it's fantastic no matter what location you go to.Well done as always.

Ryan Woodward

Breakfast warning. Those delicious smashbriwns they used to have are now just run of the mill hashbrowns (but still called smashbriwns) and rather meh.

Brenda Tarrabain

We have always loved White Spot and this one is very good. The waitress Patricia is a step above and always makes our time there feel like home/ family. The staff make it a place to come back to.This restaurant does need some physical updates as the benches are old with the upholstery cracking and making the seats very uncomfortable. If not for this fact I would have given it 5 stars.

Felicia Abiodun

I never write reviews but this I had to write. I ordered cheesesteak hash from this location on Uber eats, the order is supposed to come with poached eggs and hollandise sauce, I never received any of those items. The food came like it wasn’t cooked at all and everything looked raw, I attached a picture to see, I called the store directly to see if the issue can be fixed by just giving me those items, they told me I have to speak to Uber eats directly. This is very disappointing and I’m never ordering from here ever again. If I could give zero star that’s what I’ll give.

Brandon Kolodychuk

Great service and well cooked food. The staff was friendly and quick to help us. We were checked on regularly and helped quickly.All our food arrived cooked perfectly and super tasty.I left my phone charger on the table by accident and the server put it away for me so I could come back for it later when I realized I had forgotten about it.

Princess of Pets

Food portions are meant for toddlers not adults. The tartar sauce looked like it was already used. I got about one bite of coleslaw. For $20 this is a complete rip off. Save your money and go buy fish and chips from White Rock!

Ali Blancard

My burger was still raw in the middle, I surely hope I don’t get food poisoning from this. Don’t waste your money here… not sure who is training in the kitchen but this is unacceptable food safe… disgusted right now


My Regular Tues Lunch Special... original burger Tues special 6$ but sub in a veggie party, (ask for well done, and you've got a good deal.

Vis Naidu

Son had the kids meal and wife and I split the mushroom veggie. Delicious as usual. Sadly these kind folks are short staff much like many restaurants lately so food took some time. Service was very good though so was pleased overall.

Mike Noble

First time going there. Last time I will go. They sat us on the opposite side of restraunt. Nobody shows up to serve us. Had to get up to get service. Order in. No coffee or drink or service for over 10 minutes. Got up two more times to find somebody. Asked for my kids drink still nothing. 30 mins still no kids drink no food nothing. Other people came in way after us sat on other side guess what they had food. Still no drink for the kid. So manager comes over. What's up. OK we are sorry coming up. 45 minutes in my kids waffles and drink finally show. Mom's got her Benny. Not complete hashbrowns still a wait. She takes a Bite cold. I had enough and canceled my order. The acting manager was very nice that was the only good thing to try to make it right. So I have no breakfast. Mom takes another bite gets worst. Big Egg shell. OK she done can't eat that. Food was not charged. Managers card given to call later on to complain? Whatever. I wasted over an hour of my day just to hit a drive through after. Terrible service! Never again. Shame as well we go to the rink across way for my sons hockey games in the morning. Would have made it a regular stop for breakfast after. That's scratched off the list.

Rozina A

Had a lovely dinner tonight and our waitress Christina was amazing. She took really good care of us and checked in even though there was a big gathering at the same time. She was smiling and had a few laughs with us. Another waitress I dont remember her name but she came to our table also and joined in on the fun. I saw these two ladies work really hard especially with that big crowd but they kept their cool and did a wonderful job and made sure everyone was well taken care of. Thank you so much ladies for a entertaining night full of smiles and laughs (just incase you forget its the nurse broken glass and ativan). Keep up the good work

Janeen Klose

Ordered food from this location through Uber Eats. We were missing items from each of the three meals we ordered. Chicken is not great quality (see picture) considering the dish was over 23$. I called the restaurant to let them know about the missing items (we had not yet seen the quality of the chicken). The lady answering the phone was apologetic and transferred me to the manager. The manager apologized, said they were busy and offered for us to pick it up but by the time he would have picked up the sides, his food would have been cold. Manager said my husband's dish could not be remade because the only other option of course is to report it on Uber and deal with it through them. This is the second time we have ordered online (last time through the White Spot website) from this location and there were items missing last time as well. We won't be ordering from them again online as it seems to always create a frustrating experience and then having to try to get at least a portion refunded through Uber Eats.The only part of the meal that was good was the Strawberry milkshake.

janin bosher

Ordered 2 chicken burgers for curbside pickup online got there early clicked the link to send I'm here notification. Waited till the pick up time 630 then phoned at 640 to say I'm here and they picked up the bag that I seen from the window that was sitting there at least 10 minutes. Girl I talked to said ya we have been getting complaints about the notification link not working properly!!! Got food home and of course cold as ice and I live 2 minutes away so now I'm paying $40 for food I have to put in the microwave. Do they not check curbside pickup online last time I waste my hard working money on this joint !!!

Megan Ingham

Great place to go with the kids. They're doing a good job of managing restrictions with dine in eating. The food is always good. We go there quite often when we're not in the mood to cook and haven't had a bad experience yet

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