Chang 'An

1661 Granville St 1st Floor, Vancouver
(604) 681-1313

Recent Reviews

Cece Chen

The duck was so juicy and the soup has rich flavour.

Sega S.

Had a lunch with my wife and a friend today. Definitely recommand it!! We had the roasted duck and couple of other dishes, none of them fails us. Having duck roll with strawberry jam is an interesting idea. We also share a pepper ice cream after meal. It tasted way better than our expectation. Sure we will comd back for another time soon.

Jeff Yeoh

Superb environment, perfectly made Peking duck and other dishes. One of the finest Chinese cuisine in Vancouver.


Amazing food. Amazing service. Amazing view. Outstanding service from the crew.

Yanting Huang

This place is awesome with friendly,lovely,polite staff,our handsome manager server Steven was great! the food was absolutely wonderful from preparation and presentation,very pleasing. would recommend this eating place to everyone,everything was exquisite♥️


Great location with delicious dishes. Excellent Peaking Duck. Eggplant was delicious. Peas dish was another tasty one. Service was friendly. Menu is vegetarian friendly.


Loved the food and service. Peaking Duck was delicious. Eggplant was extra ordinary. Peas dish was great. I would go again.

Jessie Lee

Pleasantly surprised by the food. Thought it was more about location and decor.

Sean Jacy

The place serves the best Peking duck in town.Great Service and view.

Tommy K.

I came dispite of weak rating on Yelp. But recommended by a friend. I would say Yelp is not accurate. I supposed with low number of reviews Yelp review can be very biased. Yes it is on the more expensive side but the duck is divine. Service is good if not great. The place is clean. Giving low rating because you felt it was expensive is not valid. I trust Google review more now.

Deli Dang

Been going over there for over 6 years now. Great ambience service and foods! Very consistent. Highly recommend, especially the Peking duck.

Tony Y

Food are just ok by Vancouver standard. I had very high expectations for the roast Peking duck but it was quite disappointing.

Shiona Coin

Love the Duck. But they have it priced lower on the website than what it actually cost.

Pig L.

My advise to the locals this diner is not really your weekly 'watering hole'. This place is all about 'show and tell' it means a good restaurant to impress your out of town visitors because of its so beautiful surroundings. The best dish in its menu line up is the peking duck. Although pricier than any of its competitor, you also opt to pay for the table show. Most of the dish are average at best and again, more for the table presentation than its actual flavour. The services are good and attentive but this is all expected. Take your chance if you are on a romantic date or a special celebration this is the right place to be in. Otherwise stay with the local greasy spoons and they present the same taste and flavors at half the price


First-time here. Was kind of disappointed it didn't live up to my expectation or anyones that was at our table. Service was fine, we picked this place for the famous peaking duck. It wasn't bad, nice presentation for the duck. Other than that, every thing else was so so. Had better at your typical Chinese restaurants. Not worth it for the outrages price.

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