Chang 'An

1/F, 1661 Granville St, Vancouver
(604) 681-1313

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Tony Y

Food are just ok by Vancouver standard. I had very high expectations for the roast Peking duck but it was quite disappointing.

Shiona Coin

Love the Duck. But they have it priced lower on the website than what it actually cost.


First-time here. Was kind of disappointed it didn't live up to my expectation or anyones that was at our table. Service was fine, we picked this place for the famous peaking duck. It wasn't bad, nice presentation for the duck. Other than that, every thing else was so so. Had better at your typical Chinese restaurants. Not worth it for the outrages price.

Caitlin Fullerton

I read many reviews saying this and should have taken a hint so here goes... Very over priced, food was okay but you could get similar or better food in many other restaurants. It's a beautiful restaurant and the servers were very attentive. The Peking Duck was good but I've had just as good at a fraction of the price so you really do pay for the setting - right on the inlet across from Granville Island. We were told as soon as we sat that the duck comes out 15 minutes after your reservation time which didn't give us any time to order appetizers. Then after the duck, we ordered 2 dishes and were told they were closing early so essentially cut us off. We were fine with that as we weren't too blown away by the food and opted to go else where. It was a pretty hefty bill for a sub-par experience.

Winston Fan

The Pecking Duck here is the best in the city of Vancouver. The location is great, and it has a view of Burrard inlet so it is just by the water. The service here is very good as well. It is a fancy place to have a delicious Pecking Duck. Since it is fancy and in a good location, the price is quite expensive.

Shannon Almasi

Great water view from the restaurant, it make the restaurant become high end China style already. Food presented so beautiful, and delicious

Ali M

Waitress was rude and irresponsible. The service was truly poor. I am never back to such as this unwelcome place.

Michael chen

Well..!! You have to try their roasted duck, advanced book (at least 1-day prior) is required, it's superb delicious and with pear slices alternative instead onion slice matching with strawberry jam instead of soy source. The others cousine are also above average, such as mushroom braised deep fried bean curd, soybean stewed pork, deep fried yellow fish, pork breaded, etc.. If you like, you can also order some different flavored of noodle to share... awesome..!!

Elaina L.

I was able to secure a last minute reservation for four on a weekday for 5:30pm, which was the beginning of their dinner service. No peking ducks left, but was not a huge deal for us. A huge bonus about this spot is the free parking - just remember to ask the staff for a tag to put on your windshield when you check-in at the front. This spot is at a prime waterfront location and naturally there is a hefty price tag on the menu. Frankly, I think this is a spot for good atmosphere and service, rather than good food. The staff were attentive as they were very on top of it when it came to table service. The ambience was calm and you could have conversations with your table without feeling like you had to compete with the noise around you, which is definitely not always the case at Chinese restaurants. This spot serves northern Chinese cuisine, but I think they have taken a more refined twist to it. The dishes are all quite delicate looking, with nice dishware and clean presentation. Honestly, I did not find any of the dishes that particularly memorable. Some of the food was a little bland to my surprise. On the dishes I tried: -bread with a bean paste spread was a complimentary starter, nothing special but definitely a nice touch -green onion and peppercorn chicken was a little too dry -deep fried yellowtail was fried well, could eat the fish whole, down to the head -braised chilli and spring onion black cod in fish broth was quite a let down and not worth the price tag of $78. They were out of black cod, so they substituted with snapper. The fish was debone/sliced thinly and soaked in a clear broth of jalapeño peppers and spring onion. This felt like more of a soup than actual entree. Flavours were alright, but portion size and substance just was not to par. -pork belly sliders aka rou jia mo was probably my favourite. The meat filling was juicy and flavourful and the pita was crispy and chewy at the same time. Tasted just like the ones I had in Xi'An. The jalapeño chilli on the side was a nice touch to give the mo some kick -bian bian noodles were quite good, the portion size just a little small. We shared everything between the 4 of us and everyone pretty much only got a single strand of noodle, so I would not recommend this dish to share. -stir fried green beans with eggplant was not a bad dish. I liked the crispy fried eggplant and the northern Chinese flavours were definitely there Overall, the food was not consistent. There were some good parts, but also lots of room for improvement if they want to pride themselves in being an upscale dining experience. With the service and atmosphere setting quite a high bar to start, the food was a bit underwhelming afterwards. Not sure if the peking duck would have changed the experience, so perhaps that might be something to try next time.


It's a place where you can enjoy a nice view and eat. Specially Beijing Duck is best!

Eric Kai

Good presentation. Good portion. Good service. Expensive but very authentic.

Samantha N.

Search â?? Edmonton Eats in Vancouver, BC | CHANGâ??AN #pekingduck â?? on youtube

Jennifer Shing

I think the only good thing in here is the free parking. Nothing else is acceptable. Bad food, bad dining experience, bad service. Had food poisoning afterwards. Donâ??t ask them why the duck doesnâ??t taste fresh. They will only tell you that you are the only person who doesnâ??t like their duck. Very interesting service attitude. There are so many other good restaurants with excellent services in Vancouver. Why you need to come here to suffer?

Viki W

Nice environment with good service .but not worth the price . Donâ??t listen with what waiter recommends.Hmm wonâ??t come here again.


This place is pricey... so for all the dough you may spend on the food you get ... An interesting menu full of selections to please everyone, a view overlooking the water from the same building as the False Creek Yacht Club, choice of indoor or outdoor seating and above all, delicious Chinese fare served by knowledgeable & friendly staff. A great all round meal & dining experience.


Outstanding Chinese food. Taste the same or better than what I had in a good restaurant back in China.

Janice Ross

Duck is must order! Best duck in Vancouver, better than mott32

H E.

Over rated restaurant servers are very confused as what they have on menu or at bar not worth the price just good view and location too bad they can't live up to it. Been here twice and both times was disappointed much better Chinese Resturant in vancouver than this place. Oh what kind of Chinese restaurant runs out of rice WTF

Harvey Guion

Wonderful cuisine! Thank you for a lovely meal.

Stephane M.

We came recommended by Chinese friends and in the mood for a Pecking Duck No duck but everything else was the best Chinese food i've had. From king crab of Alaska to boneless chicken simply amazing. Can't wait to come back for the duck.

Richard G.

Very Good. Great service. Wish I could give more stars. I highly recommend the Peaking Duck. The set up is amazing The way they serve it is amazing The whole experience was the best It's definitely 10/10 experience all the way around

Alain Limoges

High-end restaurant with one of the best views in the city! The Chang'An Roast Duck was very good, in all its varieties. Also surprisingly good were the Stir Fried Green Beans with Eggplant and the Double Flavor Pudding. The lamb, the dry ribs and the "Peppercorn" (more like Earl Grey) ice cream were not that great, though.

Colin Jung


Austin Yu

Good and not good. Food is great like always, especially the Peking Duck. The problem today was we did not get attentive service for more than half of our meal. The latter half of the meal after the bigger tables left, the waitress and manager began to come to our table but we were almost done eating. At the end, after we gave around $30 of tips for two people, they demanded extra tips and after I said itâ??s not a law to provide tips, the manager continuously asked passive aggressively if I wanted to add tips. I said no. His attitude was nice and unpleasant at the same time and basically told us that we had to leave because there are customers waiting, although half the restaurant was empty and there were no guests at the front. Tables that came after we did got their ducks or other dishes before us because they had more people (for more tips obviously). The placing of dishes was poorly done and we had to move our dishes around personally and no one came to switch our dirty plates until when we were already done eating.

Montree Poosomboon

Very good foods & good service.

Noel B.

If you're looking for Perking duck I guess this is the place to go. I honestly don't see the hullabaloo when it comes to Peking duck. But this one does standout because I haven't seen the process of carving the duck table side. The presentation was pretty and elegant; everything about this place was all about presentation and service, it hits all the top marks. The food and service was superb. Only thing is the price point, I mean if you want good food expensive isn't always the best choice but don't take my word for it, Try it out! P. S. MAKE SURE YOU CALL AHEAD AND RESERVE A DUCK BEFORE 1500p and bring the big wallet.

Jada J.

The environment of Chang'An is good, and easy to park. Friendly for families with kids. All food taste good, but expensive. Almost every table has river view, so it's adaptable for family party.

Purdey Go

I give the duck a 5 ð???, it's the closest to Beijing Peking duck. Would recommend to the staff that they trim the duck fat / removed the duck fat like they do in Beijing before serving. Other dishes were okay. Wasn't the best (taste and execution) but they were adequate. Staff attentiveness was really good. Constantly refilling our tea or wine. Staff was very informative with the dishes. Would definitely be back again. If the other dishes were better would give this establishment a 5 ð???.


Great for a fine dine! Awesome environment, pre-ordered the roast duck and enjoy it a lot! $$$$ though average 90$ per person after tax. We were very full and had some drinks too. Will come back for sure just not every week lol

Angeline Chin

Great atmosphere, good service and lovely food. Need to call in advance to book their signature duck dish. A bit expensive but would recommend.

Linda Johnson

the fried chili crab the pea shots the eggplants. everything was superb. highly recommended

Han Bao

my to go place for large party dinner and Peking toasted duck. so fresh out of the oven! the wrap was also thin and tasty for good duck meat and sweet sauce.

Alejandra Di Marco

Their Peking duck is definitely worth the money, make sure you call ahead ( over 24 hours). The view is awesome!, and all of the other dishes we tried were awesome! We had the tong and eggplant and they were both really good.

H. L.

Incredible rip off. $98 for enough Peking duck to feed 2 people who already just ate a couple of hours ago. They took the carcass away to make soup, which I assumed meant I would get a nice little pot of soup at the end of the meal. What we got was a small bowl of broth per person. Not a shred of duck in it and I'm willing to bet it wasn't made with duck at all. Tasted like plain tofu soup. They charged us $3.50 for a little extra hoisin sauce. Can't imagine what they would have charged for extra strawberry sauce, but what I do know is that it's Kirkland brand strawberry jelly, see photo below. We ordered bok choy and it didn't arrive until the meal was almost done, I have no idea why. I told the waiter to just cancel it since we were done eating, but he countered with "it will be ready in one minute". It was not. The scallion pancakes were bland. I have had Peking duck many times in many places, this was the dumbest experience I've ever had in literally the entire world.

Christine C.

Don't know why this place doesn't have better ratings - my hubby and I, and my very hard-to-impress mother-in-law were blown away by both the food and service here. Peking Duck here is to die for. The chef carves it for you tableside. The first course is the incredibly fatty crisp duck skin, with brown sugar to dip in. Seemed weird to me at first, but I tried it, and WOW. The fried duck skin easily sits in the top 5 things I've ever eaten in my life. The second course is the traditional serving of duck with moo shu pancake wraps. They give you 2 sets of condiments to dress up the wraps: the traditional hoisin? sauce, scallion and sliced cucumbers, and then a non-traditional strawberry? (Don't remember exactly now) sauce and sliced pear. Both were excellent. Third course, we chose to get soup and not pay an up-charge for whatever else was the other option. I don't remember what else we ate when we were here last, because I'm writing this review several weeks later, literally as we're driving up from Seattle to eat here again for dinner tonight! It's that good! **BTW the peking duck has to be reserved in advance! Limited number served each night.

Vicky L.

Actually this place is a little bit disappointed. The Peking duck was just Ok in terms of flavor, too small portion compared to its price.

Kevin Wong

Noodle and pastry dishes are very good. The roasted duck is what they are known for. Other than that, dishes are unusual but wouldn't say they're outstanding. That being said, the ambience is decent but on the dark side. Noise permeates quite a bit, leading to a hard time carrying out a conversion if you have a larger party. If you haven't been, it's worth a try. Other than that, this is not an everyday place. Service is very questionable.

Yu Wendy

Pleasant environment with wonderful night view. Prviding the excellent service and free parking space. The roasted duck, cold noodles and deep fried eggplant with spicy sweet & sour sauce were very tasty. I highly recommend the baked red bean cake, that was the best dessert ever!!

Amy L.

Our search for the best Peking duck has been took us all over the world, from small stores in Chinatown, meat vendors in supermarkets to all fancy Peking duck restaurants in the US (NY, NJ, PA, Washington DC,GA, CA) and (Dragon restaurant, Song Kitchen and Palais de Chine Hotel) in Taiwan. When I worked on my Vancouver trip plan, Chang An Vancouver just got awarded the Best Peking Duck from Diner's Choice Awards 2018 so we made our reservation two months in advance. Their Peking duck is served two ways and duck is carved table-side. First you got is crispy skin and dip the skin into brown sugar. The skin clearly should be fat-free and crispy but lack in taste/flavor. Then, a pancake like crepe is served with thin slice duck meat, sauce, scallions and cucumber, and ,again, there is no flavor at all on the duck meat. I started to question how they got the award of the best Peking duck. The 2nd way is duck soup but the funny thing about 2nd course is no matter how many people order this duck per tale, they serve a cup of soup based on how many people not per duck. Our next dish is Pan Fired Green Onion Lamb Buns which has a very strong gamey flavor and even I eat roasted lamb rack all the time, I still can't accept such bad and unpleasant flavor. We did tell the manager and they also agreed their chief did say he made a mistake. That's it! Instead of taking it out of our bill, they offered free peppercorn ice cream which we also don't like. The other two dishes, Deep Fried Egg Tofu Egg with Abalone Sauce and Cucumber & Cold Noodle s in chili sesame are all live up to their price and will I come back? The answer is NO.

Li J.

This place is pretty overrated for me. The room was extremely dark. It would be good if they were trying to create a romantic atmosphere. However that's not the case for this restaurant. All tables I saw were groups that casual groups that chatted loudly. The dishes were mediocre for their high prices. I would probably not visit there