Do Chay

1392 Kingsway, Vancouver
(604) 225-8349

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Chris Tung

Small and clean, food were good as expected. Look unique and taste. The only disappointed was the drip slow coffee, not hot enough, may be change to a different cup, results might be better, missed the traditional way. A metal cup on top of the glass cup with a thermal of hot water for you to add to your sweetness.

Rob Goodfellow

One of the best Vegan spots in town. Defiantly recommend (from a non vegan)


If you want a trip to flavour town, hit up do chay. Customer service is excellent. The girls are so nice here. And the presentation is excellent. Food is phenomenal. I do wish the portions were bigger but it's also because the foods super delicious!

Karry Dinh

Omg. So good. The food is amazing, hot and fresh. Prices are fair. I ordered the rice eggplant bowl, the coconut noodle dish, and the fried dough appy. It was all amazing. Our waitress was super friendly. Cant wait to come back and try more items. Will try to return with family.

Christine l

What a great experience! Came here with 2 friends by accident.The service is fabulous and food excellent.I will definitely come back to try the other dishes.

Sayoka H.

The restaurant half full when I entered the restaurant and the lady had told me it would be a 30 min wait. I double checked to make sure walk-ins were made available. After the 30 mins, I went to check the status of my table, and another lady told me I would need to wait an additional hour for my table. This frustrated me as I would not have waited if she told had told me it would be 1hr and a half wait. What made me upset the most was the lack of communication in terms of this additional wait, they could've provided solutions to this issue, or even could've called/texted me informing me the wait would be an additional hour. The worker had advised me they had left out a reservation that was coming in for my slot. As i've worked in the restaurant industry for quite some time, this experience and their conflict management was disappointing. I was very excited to eat at this restaurant but was left disappointed and frustrated.

grace jefferd

So so tasty.100% coming backGreat variety of vegetarian and vegan food. Everything was very flavourful. Waitress was very nice and personable.Highly recommend!

Kristie W.

Completely exceeded my hopes and expectations! It's my first time here and my favourites are the XO potstickers and satay noodles. The potstickers are the tastiest potstickers I've ever had, meat and veggie potstickers included. The potsticker skins, filling, and sauce together made me a bit upset that there are only 5 pieces in one order!The satay noodles are so loaded with flavours that you can't pin point each individual one, but you taste the rainbow with each mouthful. Love that it's loaded with veggies. Also like that it introduced me to seitan, which essentially tastes like whatever it gets soaked in.The salted egg eggplant is also so interesting and yummy. The first few bites made me wish it had a sweet and spicy sauce to go with it, but I grew to be very fond of it.Now, if only Do Chay had a dessert menu (hoping for their take on deep fried banana with ice cream)...

Samantha Nyau

Everything was amazing - from the food to the decor. It is obvious the owner is extremely detail oriented. The attention to detail in both the execution and plating of the dishes were admirable. I have never liked vegan food but these were all delicious. Definitely going back to try more things on the menu. I was glad to see that the menu is not overly extensive therefore allowing them to perfect the dishes they already have. The pricing was fair for their unique take on Vietnamese food.

Sara Molina

Wow just wow! This place is my new favorite vegan restaurant! Their flavors are on point! Their staff is super friendly and helpful. It is possible to eat in their dining room even during Covid but we got take out. Highly recommend the XO Potstickers, Sweet & Spicy Bowl and Black Truffle Tofu ? but we got a few more dishes and they were all excellent!

Brock Aura

I’m going to wait for covid to cool down a bit before dining in, but I got some take out and went down to Trout Lake to enjoy it while summer is still here.The vegetarian/vegan is fully on now with Chau, Chi, Do Chay and others serving up meatless Vietnamese cuisine. Rather than trying to simulate meat dishes, Do Chay seems to embrace the veg, offering up dishes big on flavour. They have a large variety of hot and cold food and the portions are decent for the price.The spring rolls were delicious, the salted egg yolk eggplant reminded me of Asian style zoo sticks and the lettuce wrap was sweet and salty and spicy.Overall, another good heathy option to throw into the mix.

Kamilla Dee

Our favourite Asian vegan restaurant in downtown! ❤️ Their food was really good and we were blown away with their coconut dessert (I forgot what it’s called). The service was also great. Would definitely come back!


This is not my first time go there even the restaurant not big but ALL dishes are good and tasty. I will go again in near future.

Kurious B.

This spot is vegan and I am not. Despite this I thoroughly enjoyed the dishes. They were filling and delicious. So many unique Vietnamese flavours. A lot of care goes into every single dish. Service was great! There was no dessert but were given a complimentary cassava cake piece. A lovely experience. I went to the new location in Yaletown. Coco rice cakes and do chay dumplings and jackfruit green onion pancake are a must!

Jasmine L.

I absolutely love trying vegan asian fusion restaurants. Do Chay was on the top of my list during my trip to Vancouver. TIP: Come for dinner & they'll serve a small complimentary dessert.We tried some of their street food/shared dishes. I was a huge fan of their SALTED EGG YOLK EGGPLANT and COCONUT CAKES. The BANH XEO CREPE & JACKFRUIT LETTUCE WRAPS are quite refreshing and come with tons of greens which I appreciate. The XO DUMPLINGS were alright & I wasn't too crazy about the jackfruit lettuce wraps either (bc the seasoning was a bit salty & I felt like the celery in it was a bit out of place).

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