Gain Wah Restaurant Ltd

218 Keefer St, Vancouver
(604) 684-1740

Recent Reviews

Mary D

Inexpensive and delicious Cantonese food in Chinatown. Decor feels like a hole in the wall in the 90s, which actually isn't bad thing, as it feels pretty nostalgic coming here. The waitress I spoke with, I believe her name is Tracy, has been working here for over 20 years and provided top notch customer service. You can tell she really cares about her job and the patrons. She spent the time to talk with me about the type of tea they use after I had complimented on their tea. Feels like one of those small businesses where the workers actually care, which I think isn’t found much nowadays especially in the city. Will definitely be back again if I'm in the area and will recommend to others too.

J Salinas

Surely a spot worth stopping over, the food is excellent and fresh, the cost is reasonable and it is consistently clean here. Fantastic work.

Steve Cohen

Ordered Ginger Beef, that's not what I received, as there was no ginger. Fried dumplings were decent. Can't understand how this place got four stars, as food was mediocre at best.

Marwa ElTohamy

Amazing food, we ordered 4 different dishes and all were fantastic. The place is nice and cozy and the staff is friendly. It's not a date restaurant , more like a family friendly budget restaurant. The only thing is the washroom was too old that it looks not clean and no changing table. Overall we had a great time and we'd be back.

alasdair geddes

This place is okay. Not great, not bad just alright. The best thing about it is the price. 3 dishes and a drink for $31.25. Their BBQ Duck is ok, but I would recommend that you only order this if the place is busy, because I got given cold duck that had clearly been sitting for a long time. The waitress took it back and put it into the microwave behind the till.

Jacqueline Verrilli

Lovely people and fast take out but the food was meh.


Good old fashion Chinese (Cantonese) style classic cooking. Flat noodles well cooked and seasoned just right. Yang Chow fried rice not too oily with good "wok-hey" flavor. Good generous portions too. Place is old and people there are old but their cooking kungfu is still good 😋💪

I sometimes consume food

A small hole in the wall Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. Comes with the usual possibly questionable locals that reside in the nearby area, but it is no issue.

Sophie Lamontagne

Visited this restaurant since it was well reviewed. Did not disappoint at all. Amazing food and very good price.

Kassidy Allin

Decent food. Small-ish portions. Fast and friendly services.

Ryan Lockhart

The food was delicious. The service was very good as well. Would 100% come again.

Josiah Nyack

Has really good service. And the bbq duck was amazing. Really good food.

jody petterson

I have been going here for years I love it the food is fantastic and the prices can't be beat.

Marzan A

Very good food. Love the bbq duck. Their service and hospitality was top notch. Price was reasonable and portions were quite generous. Will visit again for sure.

Jaeger Mah

OLD SCHOOL + AWESOME! At the back right of the restaurant, you’ll find a 1970’s laminated picture of Elvis. Sit under it for good luck. ALSO: the waitress kindly substituted tofu in our chicken chow mien. Three dishes came to $35 with tax and tip.

Penny Gajdacs

The decor is plain but the food is simply amazing and delicious! The pricing is very reasonable and economical. Highly recommend this restaurant.

Johnny Chan

My friends and I went to Gain Wah Restaurant for dinner on the weekend. There was plenty of pay street parking in the evening or you can park at Chinatown Plaza parkade and walk a block to the restaurant which is also on Keefer Street. Once you open the door you will feel as if you went back into time. I haven't gone to this restaurant since I was kid when my grandparents lived in Chinatown. The environment in the restaurant is still the same as when it opened decades ago. We ordered some 5 dishes and a two buckets of rice. This restaurant serves Cantonese food. The portion size of the dishes is relatively smaller than other Chinese restaurants I've been to in Metro Vancouver. Not sure if it was a long weekend and they didn't order enough food supply for the long weekend or if it was normal portion. The food quality was OK. They gave us free Chinese home made style soup. We ordered a plate of roast pork which probably had 12-15 or so bite size pieces. The roast pork was crunchy and it was n't too lean nor was it fat. It was just right for my taste. The service was good. The waitresses kept filling our cups with hot tea every so often. I would have given them another star if the portion of each dish was bigger. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures this time because I was hungry.


Food was not very good. Broth was bad tasting and greasy. Meat was poor tasting. Not what I expected from Chinatown.


Wanted to eat at a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown but strangely they had many stores but very few places to eat finally found Gain Wah, more like a diner but the food was good and prices were good


We went here for take out after a busy day of sightseeing. We ordered the chicken fried rice and it was the best fried rice my husband and I have ever had. All the other food we ordered was fresh and very tasty.

Holly C

Authentic Chinese food for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Hot and delivered fast! The spicy green beans were amazing as well as the egg fu yung. All the dishes we tried were phenomenal! Great prices too!

Donna M.

I was visiting after a cruise and asked a few local business people for the most authentic in Chinatown and they were correct !! I had "Dungeoness Crab" ,ginger & scallion sauce and it was fabulous !!!! I'm from NY ,grew up dining in Chinatown there,and visited San Francisco many times and this is also one of the best and authentic. Ask for "Andrew" !!!

Michelle B.

Started out to eat at another popular restaurant in the area. But was told the wait was 1.5 hours. We decided to look elsewhere. Pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this place. Very authentic. Service was so hospitable. I honestly am not a huge fan of Chinese food but I found the food enjoyable. I can't comment on the authenticity though. Definitely worth checking out.

Bunny G.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Gain Wah. I love that it's in my neighbourhood, I love that I just rediscovered it, I love the amazing food, I love the super friendly service, I love how old it is but how clean it is, and I love that 2 guys that I saw working there last night have been there since the 90s. Such a great restaurant.

Holly D.

looooool... tried to go to a different place but it was closed so we ended up coming here instead. not really sure why everyone gives it such high ratings but i'm pretty sure those people haven't had real asian food before. ordered the shanghai style noodles... no. just no. also orderd the sweet and sour beef. also no. but cheap food i guess.

Simba C.

Cheap, good flavour, quite good service, yet when I order BBQ pork rice, it's literary BBQ pork and tons of rice, BBQ was amazing though! It's not really healthy or balanced, nor a lot of variety on one plate, but I mean you get what you paid for, amazing meat and filling rice, yum!

Bill L.

great great comfort food. as good any in SF or LA. was walking through chinatown and happen to walk in by chance. how luck we were. yum yum yum. jook and wonton mein before a canucks game great place

Porkull De Mortho S.

I would give it 5 stars if they were open later, but as it is, they aren't.... Good food, good prices. Not a fancy looking place, but thats ok, they know their food is good enough that they dont need to make the place look fancy to attract customers, they let their food do the talking.

ErUta N.

It was a reasonably priced lunch, but I wasn't as blown away as others were.

Teresa A.

Ate lunch here regularly. Great service for Chinese fast food joint - friendly, fast, and owner is hands on and super nice. Food is consistent but you need to know what to order. My favourites were the roast pork with rice and soup of the day. Usually walk away for $5. Can't really find $5 lunches in Vancouver any more. We need to support the Chinese businesses (with a history) before the yuppies take over Chinatown.

Kevin Y

Their $4.25 roast pork on rice can't be beat. Excellent value and taste!


BBQ pork on rice and curry beef brisket is supreme

Louise G.

Chinatown Brunch BBQ Duck Congee (pic: ) and Gai Lan (pic: ) with oyster sauce. The perfect Saturday morning brunch to fuel a day browsing and exploring. Chinatown Brunch for 2 cost us $9 plus a generous tip. We will return for a lunch or dinner some day. Quick and tasty and inexpensive!

Wellington Wong

Try the BBQ Pork on Rice or the Lemon Grass Pork Chop Noodle Soup. The Lo Mein Noodle with Ginger & Green Onion in Oyster Sauce is good too.

Tai V.

I go here with a close pal often. She loves the oysters, from what she has told me they are fresh and a good price. I don't eat them at all so I figured the plug was in order. I dream about this little salty onion cake they have!! And now will be going again soon after writing this review as they are insatiably good and memorable if memorably salty is your thing. Super cheap and always has customers so you know they've gone through food since the last time you've been unlike some know who you are. The owners are 'little-muffins' and we eat for under 15 bucks after tip every time!! mmm hangover goodness...

Karla Kloepper

Chinatown staple. A little gritty, but great value.

Ryan Arndt

BBQ pork noodle soup. $3.95! Soooo good

Daniel L.

Late late night eatery if you need that greasy chinese spoon experience after the bars or a bad hockey game. Ive been eating here since the 80s and it hasn't changed. The food is typical for vancouver street corner chinese restaurant nothing special other than its open late. Its always a bit entertaining to people watch there cause of its location it attracts the edgy crowd. But the parking late night is always right out front so the good thing is you don't have to walk far LOL....

Peter X.

What, no-one's reviewed the Gain Wah? I'm disappointed, but cant say I'm surprised. The Gain Wah is one of those old-school Chinatown Chinese restaurants that are sadly in increasingly short supply. Despite a recent paint job, it's pretty dingy, located on the ground floor of a sleazy hotel and sitting on a decrepit alley. Of course, with a set up like that - you might have diminished expectations walking in, which makes the food such a pleasant surprise. Dozens of visits and I have yet to have a bad meal here. Good prices, a fairly extensive menu and the BEST hot and sour soup I've ever had. Friendly English speaking staff.