Gain Wah Restaurant Ltd

218 Keefer St, Vancouver
(604) 684-1740

Recent Reviews

Tim Kuepfer

The best traditional Chinese food in Chinatown! And lovely people who work there.

Kannon Tran

This place knows how to serve their customers. Consistently with a super nice approach. The food is reasonably priced, regularly fresh and neat.

Arleen C.

Last time I was here I fell in love with a brisket and bitter melon dish on rice. I had been thinking about it since that visit so I came tonight and ordered it again. So good. Definitely my new favorite thing on the menu. It was so good I ordered one to go as well! As of 2 years ago they started accepting credit cards. I didn't notice until I saw the sticker on the door. Guess I haven't been paying attention lol!

Laura Schneider

Nice hole in the wall to stumble into. What they call regular portions are quite large. Attentive staff was helpful with suggestions. The only one of four dishes we tried that we loved was the spring rolls.


the food and decor provided a great experience! will go back again and again. the business has been running for over 30 years


We were hungry and looking for place that took our cards in Chinatown. This place met our needs. They had a really large menu, the food was good, and the price is definitely $.

Cat Magic

Just got BBQ pork fried rice here (pickup) Amazing look, smell, and great portion. Asked for an egg roll..miscommunication? Got 4 little rolls. Like a little order of egg rolls. Never had that. Just over $10, 13 all

Kj Brey

Fresh and fast. Serving size adequate. Nothing fancy.

Mehni Gonzalez

One of the best restaurants in Vancouver. The unasuming facade is just a gateway into food paradise. I enjoyed my visit very much.

Kevin Mullett

Really yummy and authentic place. The menu is all in Chinese with an English translation underneath. The prices are really cheap and the food is good. Not the most comfortable atmosphere. Has a very cafeteria type atmosphere. But it is a sit down and order restaurant.

Marc Cremer

Little restaurant in China Town, serving great food. Probably one of THE best places to get your BBQ and roasted pork.

Andrea U.

We were excited to grab a late lunch in Vancouver's Chinatown. Many restaurants open at dinner time & we were so happy to find a restaurant serving at 2 PM. It was clean & not busy, the few patrons inside were Chinese. There was a huge menu & lots of daily specials. I chose a spicy pork & eggplant dish, I told the waitress that I wanted it spicy and she suggested getting vegetables, I replied that I'm having eggplant, and she said there isn't that much eggplant. I asked for brown rice and she said two dollars extra for fried rice so I stuck with steamed white rice. My husband ordered the General Taos chicken not spicy, the waitress said it was spicy but he ordered it anyway. First we were given soup with two pieces of potato and a piece of carrot, it was very bland. Our lunches came out steamy hot in less than five minutes. My Eggplant was pretty tasteless, the pork was tasty but I had five pieces of meat the size of matchsticks. My husbands General Taos wasn't spicy and it wasn't tasty. The bill was $20 with tax and tip. We were in and out in :45. Perhaps we just came at the wrong time, we remembered having delicious meals in Chinatown and our friends said we couldn't choose wrong. The restaurant was well rated...

Lita T.

Okay so after reading the reviews, we decided to stop here for lunch since we was in Chinatown anyways. We were greeted after going in almost halfway into the restaurant, the waiter was towards the end of the restaurant in front of the kitchen. We were seated and given the menu. We ordered spareribs with black bean sauce on rice and chicken with black bean sauce chow mein. We were then provide hot tea and hot pork with carrots and potatoes soup; these two items earned the two stars because they were actually hot and not like other restaurants who serve it lukewarm. Our food arrived and needless to say it was disappointing. The chicken lo mein was sloppily tossed together and the noodles were brittle to the point where it just falls apart, there was barely any onions and bell peppers, the ones that were in there were huge pieces which almost overtook the noodles, there were barely any pieces of chicken meat in it. We took a bite and was disappointed even further as the dish was very salty! This was also the same for the rice dish; although the rice dish had a few more pieces of meat.

D M.

Food was good but portions were very small. Washrooms were disgusting! I can't believe the health board lets them Operate. Will not return.

Phil M.

I've been from New York to San Francisco and this absolutely the worst Chinese food I have tasted. I could only taste it, could not even take more than two bites. They should not call this a Chinese food restaurant, it's an insult to the food.DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

Latifa S.

Great seafood noodles, terrible cod fish and tofu!! Another van city drive by/ take out spot. The lady was super friendly. Their lunch menu is awesome. Prices are crazy cheap. And they have good reviews! So why not! I only needed one dish but kind of talked into getting 2! Whoops! :P Almost got 3 but glad I slowed my rolls! Would've been WAY too much to wasted considering I wasted the second dish! The takeout took a little longer than quoted but they were busy for an in between meal time. I went around 3:30 pm. Not quite lunch or dinner. It's right smack in Chinatown. But luckily, it was Sunday too and found parking right outside. The mix noodles with seafood! I know it has that corn starch water on top to make that thick and gooey sauce but it was pretty tasty! I like the noodles they use too. Basically soft egg noodles, not flavored , topped with that stir fry gooey prawns and vegetables sauce on top. Enough to coat every strands. Pretty mild and pretty good! The cod and mushroom however was not as successful. It had that strong funky tasting fish: and almost soapy tasting sauce. That was a one bite and straight to garbage thing. Shame since I like fish and I like mushroom! 1 out of 2 isn't too bad I guess. I'll probably try meat dishes when I come back to the area. Friendly people.

Nick Kleinsteuber

It's cheap but uninspired Chinese fare is a neighborhood favourite, but there's little to recommend it besides the prices. Portions are much smaller than comparable restaurants. Favourite dish: Grandma (Ma Po) Tofu. Protip: Skip the "free" soup included with the specials, it was basically dishwater with chicken bones and old cut up corn cobs! :(

Katie C.

An average Chinese restaurant, great if you want something quick and to satisfy a craving. The duck is average, not too fresh. Would not order again. The wontons are the smaller ones, more of a homemade taste. Not bad The curry brisket was tasty with the potatoes soaking up the flavours and the meat was tender. Likely will return. There is a large selection.

Pete G.

Great, authentic, hole in the wall Chinese food. Thoroughly enjoyable and cheap as heck. Will visit again if in town!

Mary D

Inexpensive and delicious Cantonese food in Chinatown. Decor feels like a hole in the wall in the 90s, which actually isn't bad thing, as it feels pretty nostalgic coming here. The waitress I spoke with, I believe her name is Tracy, has been working here for over 20 years and provided top notch customer service. You can tell she really cares about her job and the patrons. She spent the time to talk with me about the type of tea they use after I had complimented on their tea. Feels like one of those small businesses where the workers actually care, which I think isn’t found much nowadays especially in the city. Will definitely be back again if I'm in the area and will recommend to others too.

J Salinas

Surely a spot worth stopping over, the food is excellent and fresh, the cost is reasonable and it is consistently clean here. Fantastic work.

Steve Cohen

Ordered Ginger Beef, that's not what I received, as there was no ginger. Fried dumplings were decent. Can't understand how this place got four stars, as food was mediocre at best.

Jimmy Harjadi

Updated: They usually have a pretty good service but not today for some reasons. Will still go here but maybe not quite as often.

Marwa ElTohamy

Amazing food, we ordered 4 different dishes and all were fantastic. The place is nice and cozy and the staff is friendly. It's not a date restaurant , more like a family friendly budget restaurant. The only thing is the washroom was too old that it looks not clean and no changing table. Overall we had a great time and we'd be back.

alasdair geddes

This place is okay. Not great, not bad just alright. The best thing about it is the price. 3 dishes and a drink for $31.25. Their BBQ Duck is ok, but I would recommend that you only order this if the place is busy, because I got given cold duck that had clearly been sitting for a long time. The waitress took it back and put it into the microwave behind the till.

Jacqueline Verrilli

Lovely people and fast take out but the food was meh.


After 8 years living in Singapore and Shanghai, this was a home-from-home experience. If you want fancy decor, don’t go. But if you’re after great authentic food, give it a visit.

Eve R.

We were very excited to try this place and it did not disappoint! Our tummies are both completely happy after one delicious dish after another. My hubby and I ordered the braised crab with ginger and scallion, the Chinese mushrooms with veggies, the pig liver congee, the fish and mixed meat congee, and the Peking duck. Everything exceeded our expectations in deliciousness! What's amazing is how the chef can make everything so tasty without added MSG. I get a migraine within minutes after consumption of MSG-laden food so I've become sensitive to it's taste. I didn't taste any and no migraines! The service is excellent, they are very attentive and anticipated our needs even before we realized we needed something! Coming from California, I would definitely fly back to Vancouver to visit this place again.

Ruochen W.

The restaurant that doesn't amount to much in appearance completely shocked me in it's deliciousness. There's a very good reason that this restaurant wins the loyalty of locals and tourists alike - because the chef here knows how to make wonders from simple ingredients. We ordered a lamb stew, tofu, stir fried green leafy vegetable, tiger shrimp, and the fried rice. Enjoy a complimentary cup of red tea and chow down on some really well cooked and seasoned dishes. We really appreciated the richness in flavor distinct to each dish while avoiding the trap of oversalting. Despite the $1.50/bowl rice and smaller portions sizes, the friendliness of the waitresses and awesomeness of the food more than made my experience excellence.

Lyna L.

This is an absolute gem in Chinatown! It's wonderfully authentic; my mom was delighted by the menu options. We ordered steamed chicken with green onion ginger sauce, a fish dish, and a noodle dish (sorry, don't remember the names). The server also offered us eng chai (water spinach), which I don't think was explicitly on the menu, but it's my absolute favorite vegetable. The cooks did a stellar job on every dish. Everything was cooked perfectly and flavored just like how my mom does it. And to top it all off, it was inexpensive; we definitely got our money's worth several times over. If you're looking for authentic Chinese food, this is where it's at!


Good old fashion Chinese (Cantonese) style classic cooking. Flat noodles well cooked and seasoned just right. Yang Chow fried rice not too oily with good "wok-hey" flavor. Good generous portions too. Place is old and people there are old but their cooking kungfu is still good 😋💪

I sometimes consume food

A small hole in the wall Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. Comes with the usual possibly questionable locals that reside in the nearby area, but it is no issue.

Sophie Lamontagne

Visited this restaurant since it was well reviewed. Did not disappoint at all. Amazing food and very good price.

Kassidy Allin

Decent food. Small-ish portions. Fast and friendly services.

Ryan Lockhart

The food was delicious. The service was very good as well. Would 100% come again.

Josiah Nyack

Has really good service. And the bbq duck was amazing. Really good food.

jody petterson

I have been going here for years I love it the food is fantastic and the prices can't be beat.

Marzan A

Very good food. Love the bbq duck. Their service and hospitality was top notch. Price was reasonable and portions were quite generous. Will visit again for sure.

Jaeger Mah

OLD SCHOOL + AWESOME! At the back right of the restaurant, you’ll find a 1970’s laminated picture of Elvis. Sit under it for good luck. ALSO: the waitress kindly substituted tofu in our chicken chow mien. Three dishes came to $35 with tax and tip.

Justin I.

My first food stop in Chinatown. It was near empty at the time I came, which was towards the end of lunch. The interior is pretty drab, could use some remodeling. The food was good but the combo of myself misreading the menu and a translation barrier between myself and my server resulted in me getting two soups (a Wonton Noodle Soup and a Dumpling Soup) instead of one soup and an order of dumplings. Two soups is too much!! Got Egg Rolls too that were decent. I think if I tried different items on the menu I'd have a more enjoyable experience.