Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

566 Granville St, Vancouver
(604) 620-7879

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I ordered Take out of Original chicken with plum and Plum sweet potatoes yesterday. My son loved them. Plum flavor takes the fired greasy away. Love love.

Keki Ye

I am satisfied with this hot cheese fried chicken. It's so big and tastey!!!!!! If you can eat it immediately, it will be a good experience!

Jina k

i ordered cheese and spicy middle level one. its just good for try new countries food. and iam afraid it is just not that much of my type flavor food. that’s all.

Eldon Mendoza

Well one thing is for sure that it's ginormous! Its tender and juicy but the flavor is not for me. I was looking for a more tasty and well seasoned fried chicken. Good experience though.P. SThe photo doesn't give Justice to the actual size of the chicken ?

cesar barrera

Awesome fried chicken kinda pricy if you want to eat there or pick up my advice call and order take about 20 because they defried right at the moment you order.

Bonnie Wong

The taste was good, but the combo isn't worth the price. Initially I thought my husband ate half the bag before he handed it over to me. But nope. There was like 7 or 8 pieces of popcorn chicken in the already small bag. It was like half filled. Is that usually the amount or did we get culled?

Quentin Vandermerwe

I was very enthusiastic to try this place, but was very disappointed. The chicken portion looks huge, but half of it is bone and the batter is very thick, leaving very little actual chicken. The 'cheese' chicken contained a very small portion of rubbery cheese. As a connoisseur of Korean chicken, the Korean flavor did not taste anything like I expected. Very bland and oily. Popcorn chicken just tasted weird. My meal would have been barely passable at 1/2 the price, but at the price they charge I felt that I was not getting value for money at all, especially compared to the many excellent fried chicken and chicken cutlet options available in the Vancouver area at lower cost. On the plus side, the cashier was very friendly.

Amy Smith

Very mediocre fried chicken at an expensive price. Pieces look big but a large portion of them are just bone. I was excited to try the cheese fried chicken, but there was only a tiny amount of rubbery cheese.

Veronica W

Having my school nearby makes me tried almost the entire menu and I like the plum flavour and the crispy fried chicken the most. Snacks are delicious too and easy to grab and go.The chicken are all freshly fried so the waiting time is 10 mins average for an order and I waited an extra five minutes for the hot cheese fried chicken. There are combos available, I tried the rose soda and it’s refreshing too.The environment is overall clean and satisfying, above average for a street-food-style fried chicken place. Recommend this place 100%!

Daniel Osborne

Great service, the chicken is wonderful. The special sodas they make are also delicious. The only complaint I have from an otherwise great semi-fast food restaurant is that the takeaway cutlery are damn near unusable.


Finally i got the chance to visit this spot since the quarantine. I had been wondering what the line was about from time to time when passing by. The food itself is satisfactory. I did not suffer from long waiting time which is predictable during such. I ordered original fried chicken with plum powder., which I assume would be the signature item. The bone-in piece is enormous, I am already full with half left. I believe it is a grab-eat style of food as it was first created in Taiwan. But truly, I wish I had a bigger mouth so I did not have to eat in sunlight like a caveman. However, it is the beauty, int it? Getting you fingers and mouth messy. Anyways, it is a good casual place for some decent chicken. I will recommend and make another visit soon.


The chicken fillets are really good, I would go back to this restaurant again, the chicken fillets are super tender and delicious, the chicken fillets are all dripping with delicious chicken sauce, I really recommend you to come to this restaurant for chicken fillets. And the salt crispy chicken rice is really super good, the salad goes perfectly with the salt crispy chicken, it's really the best chicken fillet restaurant in Vancouver! ❤️Hot -star Large Fried Chicken.❤️

Marc Wilson

DO NOT EAT HERE! I’m currently writing this review as a take a break from being sick in my bathroom. I was the only person in the store, and it seemed like they couldn’t figure out how to make the food. The one cook kept coming out and speaking to the cashier, but I didn’t know what they were saying. After 30min, they finally gave me my piece of chicken.I started eating it on my drive home, and didn’t notice until I was half way through that it was completely RAW in the middle. It was hard to tell because of the thick batter. The worst part is that I had already eaten the thickest, rawest part of it. The picture I posted to this review doesn’t do it justice. I ate so much raw chicken before noticing, because the batter is so think and overwhelming. I immediately pulled over and made myself vomit on the side of the road.I got home and thought I would be okay, but a few hours later and I started violently vomiting. It’s been so painful.I called the location when I got home and they didn’t seem to care. They suggested I make a complaint to their corporate office and “maybe they might give you a free order”. This has been such a horrible experience. I’m so, so sick right now. It’s going to be a long night. Wish me luck.DO NOT EAT AT THIS HORRIBLE PLACE!

Chris Chan

It's not bad but for the price, you could get Church's full meal and it would taste better. Mine was dry and overly spicy. Clerk didn't ask me my spiciness level despite having a spice chart right next to her.

Debbie Leung

After a 10 minute wait with no customers in the restaurant, I got the chicken cutlet and it was disappointing. The batter was thick and it was very difficult to cut through with plastic cutlery. After some rigorous sawing, the top layer of skin and chicken would adhere to the fork but the bottom remains intact, also leaving an oily mess. The chicken is very big as advertised and enough for 2 people, but most of what's feeding you is gonna be batter. Service was friendly compared to fast food standards which was the only thing redeeming.

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