Kosoo Korean Restaurant - 1st Branch

832 Cardero St, Vancouver
(604) 563-5556

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M Nguyen

Ordered the beef and Jin mi chae gimpap, the marinated pork belly and spicy stir friend squid deopapStaff are super friendly and professionalMeasures are in place for COVID, they have dividers in between tablesFood is good and I would come back!

Abi and Ian RGHL

On a scale 1-5 with 5 being “it was freaking delicious we can’t wait to go back!”:⁠⠀? Service: 4.5? Presentation: 4? Taste: 4? Portions: 4? Price: $$?Other notes: The menu said "crunchy and chewy".. and we've no idea how but it really is crunchy AND chewy!This was Abi's first time trying Korean bbq and she was absolutely hooked!

Cally T

It was a 30 min wait time at the Robson location on a Wednesday evening so we trotted to the Cardero location which had no wait time. (The distance between the two locations is only a 9 minute walk.)Menu was online via our phones due to covid19, which was a bit annoying because they have the longest menu ever. Also, it turns out that the two locations have slightly different menus! More on this later.What got me to this restaurant, is really the pictures I saw on Instagram. However, keep in mind that IG pictures will always look better. Two things you must order here:1. Korean fried chicken. Robson's location has many different flavours and options including boneless or bone-in. Easy choice at us at Cardero location, it was either soy garlic or spicy soy garlic. Juicy and tender chicken with flavourful deep fried skin. The fried tteobokki which came with this dish helped balance out the strong flavours. In pictures, I do see this dish being served with some chips on top, but guess that's the Robson location?2. Jokbal (pig trotters). We got half jokbal and half bossam (pig shoulders). This dish came with like 4 side dishes, garlic, sweet sauce, and the rest I don't know. I wished the waitress taught us how to eat this dish properly with the sauces. The bossam on its own is really plain, I liked eating it with the sweet sauce. Meat was tender and lean, with a nice slice of fat in between, overall kinda like pork belly but not as much fat. The jokbal that we got was spicy (though I believe one could choose original or spicy, but we were never asked??). I really enjoyed the delicious and chewy jokbal but it was a tad bit too spicy for me.

Jeff W.

Awesome dine in experience! The restaurant seemed consistent in providing a COVID safe premise with each table being separated by large wooden slats and all staff were wearing face masks. As well hand sanitizer was available. They also encouraged using their online menu to minimize physical contact with a regular menu. On to the food! We ordered 2 dishes for 4 people:HALF HALF JOKBAL/BOSSAN (which in case you did not know are pig trotters and sliced pork shoulder). Amazing tender and juicy. The bossam comes with sauce as it is somewhat bland by itself. I would recommend to get this so you can try different types of meat parts SOY GARLIC SOONSAL which is deep fried von less chicken. I abosulety loved this dish. It was so aromatic, crunchy in outside and tender in the inside. I also liked the addition of the fried tteobokki which I never had before. I would get this again!All in all I had a good time with friends and myc tummy was happy

Gauge Murray

Excellent spot to buy food when in a rush. The service is fast, pricing is reasonable, fantastic mood. I highly recommend this place

Khoa N.

server's attitude is intoleratable. we have an extremely uncomfortable experience in the restaurant. even when serving food, she was being unwelcoming. the food is adequate. the restaurant is overrated. i do not recommend.

Megumi Tsuchida

We always go back to eat the kimchi fried rice! Every food is sooo flavourful ? Kind servers too

Anastasia Kaploun

Great Korean restaurant that's open till late. Has a variety of tasty options on the menu though they've shortened it up a bit due to COVID. Definitely recommend this location over the new one on Robson Street.I always go for tartar platter with salmon, beef and tuna.

Lisa Bacon

Really good presentation of food. Flavour is good too. Haven’t been to a korean restaurant this good in a long time.

Jeane Park

Really nice staff! We ordered Gopchang Gengol yesterday, and it was awesome!! I really recommand of it.

Prell do

I love cold noodles.

Cindy B.

I love this place so much! I've been many times and the food is good, I love thats it's open late and the servers are really nice! My boyfriend stopped in on the weekend and we shared the Galbi set and it was definitely enough food for the both of us. We love the spicy salad. Will be back soon!

J Ramos

The food is always fresh and delightful, workers hands out great customer service. I liked how neat it is and atmosphere. Will visit here again.


Chill spot. Garlic chicken was excellent. La galbi as well. Menu is kinda small

Austin L

Im seriously asking, is amount depends on cook? Regular order but different compared before. Even greasy, not fresh, and smells like sour. Was it made yesterday and just offered? Please stand by consistency. I ❤️ Kooso dishes :(

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Kosoo Korean Restaurant - 1st Branch

832 Cardero St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2G5
(604) 563-5556