1010 Beach Ave, Vancouver
(604) 620-9586

Recent Reviews

Suzie M.

Interesting presentation of food but bland. The view is beautiful of False Creek but it isn't enough to bring me back to this restaurant. The appetizers we tried looked really great but bites were disappointing. The meatballs were bland and the beet salad had greens that had seen better days. I had to send my beef ragu bolognese back as it was swimming in about a quarter inch of oil. It, too, was bland and instead of shredded beef like traditional ragu, it tasted and looked like ground beef. I substituted a lamb bao for dinner and it came on a plate with no garnish or anything and the meat too was bland.

Lisa Seca

Enjoyed our brunch over the weekend on the patio, in the shade but bright sunshine and ocean breeze. The restaurant is right on the path, so enjoyed watching the world swirl by. Our server Faeres was excellent. There is a handy bike rack adjacent to the restaurant and went for a bike ride right after, and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thx!

Iciezra ..

It's my first time writing a review and I have to say this was a great restaurant! I ordered the chef's special, the M8 rice bowl along with the popular Mushroom Tempura for a fabulous lunch on a restaurant outlooking over onto Granville island. The food was delicious and well prepared. Along with the view, there is also a nice patio that gives you an even better harbor view. The music is just my style, a nice, relaxing, lo-fi type beat playing some great non-generic artists. The hours for the restaurant are 12PM-10PM on weekdays. I highly recommend this place for anyone who is in the area to have a nice lunch or dinner experience.

Yvonne C.

I tried the mushroom tempura which is one of their most popular dishes. The flavor was a unique and amazing blend between Chinese and Italian. The environment was bright and welcoming and servers were very friendly and helpful.

Luis Eduardo

Beautiful view! I highly recommend this place specially for happy hour. Friendly staff as well

Wanjie C.

Very delicious Chinese fusion food, love the decor and environment, especially the nice patio. It's nice to have a drink there on a sunny day.

Martin Z.

This place has one of the best location in the city. In a sunny long weekend morning, sitting in a patio and enjoy the view of False Creek and the blue sky.

Carlos Enrique Gaxiola

Bad and slow service. food is not the best.

Conrad D

Great place by the water. Great food and service. My family loved the overall ambience and it's great for a dinner date. I recommend the lamb and the slow cooked pork. 5 stars!


Nice and warm place. Foods are above average. Recommend place for gathering.

Claire Kurara

The food is great and its a small cozy place. The only concern for new customer is that the restaurant is hard to find this. There is no sign and the place is hidden around the corner. If there is a sign or sandwich board that would be better for customer to look for this location. Overall its not bad :)


Food was okay- nothing special. Friendly but slow service. They were out of lobster, steak and truffle oil on a Saturday night- say what? The place was not busy at all which was also strange.

Stella L.

Great happy hour hangout. Friendly and accommodating staff. Great experience overall!

Pilar Dato de Guzman

I recommend going to M8 for dinner. They have excellent food and very good location. The view of Granville and the boat quays are a site that adds to the experience of the place. This summer, the daily brunch at M8 would be a treat!

Cin D.

Tried to go for bunch and patio drinks on a sunny Sunday afternoon. There were 12 people in the restaurant. It took the waitress 10 min to come take our order. Then another 10 min later she comes back to ask what or orders where again. The service was so bad we decided to cancel our orders and go elsewhere. I felt bad for the waitress, but she was way out of her element.

Nicholas Chau

The food, atmosphere and service were phenomenal and a great value too. We had a family meal, 3 kids 7-12 years, and everybody was ecstatic about the food. I would highly recommend this place for breakfast and lunch, and look forward to coming back for dinner.

Michelle Houle

We stumbled upon M8 while walking along the seawall on a sunny afternoon. Ordered off the brunch menu. French toast was really good and the coffee is amazing! The view is wonderful; it's right at the waterfront. We will be back!

Lynn Bourque

wonderful spot today in the sun .. friendly staff .. loved it and looking foward to going back ð???ð??

Michelle Houle

We stumbled upon M8 during a lovely walk along the seawall. The french toast is really good and the coffee is fantastic. My (vegan) husband ordered a few sides and enjoyed his meal as well. The view is stellar. Prices are very reasonable.

Aimee K.

Perfect food and perfect atmosphere It's a little bit hidden, but once you find it, you will love it

laura smith

one of my favourite places to go. the food is SO GOOD, and it's huge portions for the price. The owners and staff are amazing, The local is great, clientele friendly and local. just a really really great spot

Sun Freddy

Food was decent, but took way too long and attitude of server could not have been worse. Didnâ??t serve appetizer and offered to cancel it cuz we supposedly werenâ??t hungry. Never going back. Would not recommend tbh.

elsa renyard

Really great spot, excellent food and service! went above and beyond in helping us out

Richard T.

Visited M8 for dinner on a Saturday. Reservation was by phone earlier in the day, and was able to get a table for 5 people without issue. Parking is in a garage nearby and free. There were reserved signs for other restaurants in the vicinity but none for M8, but we parked anyways. They were offering set course meals but we ordered a la carte. They also had a few daily specials communicated by the waiter. The theme of the food was Italian/northwest cuisine with an Asian twist. Menu was small but had enough variety. We ordered a few appetizers and main courses to share between 3 adults and 2 kids. Food was okay but forgettable. One dish was too salty, and another lacked flavor. Service was good, except that they had forgot to put in our appetizer orders in, which meant that we ate in reverse order. No big deal but some people might care. Overall the experience was average. Will need to give M8 another try to narrow down a verdict.

Stephy Y.

If you think Mott 32 brings fancy asian cuisine to the next level, M8 is better! This review is for the dine out menu though. I really liked how well they infused asian flavours in their dish and made it so elegant. Appetizer: -Beef Cheeks (4/5) -Lamb Belly (5/5) Main: - AAA boneless beef ribs (5/5) Dessert: -Squash cake (4/5) -Purple Yam and coconut ice cream (5/5) My dining partner found all of the dishes were 5 out of 5 plus service was great so 5 stars for rounding up.

Richard S.

The food was unique and excellent. Mushroom tempura, duck breast, prawn pasta. Great. And located right on the water

Gillian Holter

great food, good prices, free parking with restaurant pass. Let's keep them busy in the soggy winter months.

Anita J.

Why this place isn't busier is beyond me...for brunch anyways. I'm not sure what it's like for dinner. Brunch menu isn't extensive but just enough. The pork belly was very well prepared and delicious. The platter items worked well together. Perfect! It may be that the location is not exactly on the beaten path. Strollers along the False Creek walkway may not notice it...the patio area fencing and a pillar kinda blocks the doorway. The sandwich board by the door does not catch one's attention. Even the neon "open" sign is barely visible...is it open? It doesn't look lit in the daytime. Just sayin.

Mark A.

The food, atmosphere and service were phenomenal and a great value too. We had a family meal, 3 kids 7-12 years, and everybody was ecstatic about the food. I would highly recommend this place for breakfast and lunch, and look forward to coming back for dinner. What we ordered...brunch plate, oyster tempura, beef cheek, lamp ribs, pork belly, chicken skin over the most delicious polenta.

Simon B.

Came here for an early weekday dinner in the summer a couple months after they opened. Nice atmosphere with neat art, friendly service, and outdoor seating on the seawall. The food LOOKED great, and sounded great on the menu, but sadly none of us loved our meals. The seafood didn't taste very fresh, two dishes were too salty, a third was too bland. The drinks were so-so. And the prices were far too high to be just "ok". So, oh well. They seem like good people so I hope they figure it out!

Rida Wang

An amazing restaurant with a lovely environment and great food! Their menu updated so there are a lot more options and they will update the menu again very soon. The food was awesome and the service was great! Will definitely come back :)

Jenn K.

On a sunny Saturday morning, we walked by this place and couldn't resist they're welcoming interior. It is so beautifully decorated! We were one of just a few couples there at 11am, So we got to ask all the menu questions we wanted. Our server, Amy, was the BEST. Helpful, funny, kind. The choices she recommended came quickly and were a serious delight! My vegetarian friend had the tempura mushrooms. I had the "brunch plate". We were both totally in love with our meals and felt completely full and satisfied when it was time to leave. We will definitely be back!

Jihan L.

Shoreside place, delicate makeup. Reasonable price. Small mean but every food I ordered are delicious and prepared with care. Definitely going again.

Rose P.

The ambiance was perfect, the food was perfect! I had a wonderful time with my friends

Angel L.

Came here on a rainy day for my bday. Parking was real confusing; parked in the structure and had to run in the restaurant to get a parking pass and then place it in the car. Odd. Or is this a Canadian thing? Cute ambiance & cute decor. Life music performance that was tad too loud but good music. the tasting menu: Lamb was flavorful, the fish was dry (tasted like microwaved filet), pork skin tasted like the chicharrones chips but way greasier, the beef stew meat was super tender and yummy, pork belly was overdone and dry, the 'bean curd' noodles were good however tad sweet, the steak was well done and the sauce was really bad (we had one bite and wanted to throw up) and the claim noodle dish was good (not pictured) Our whiskey drinks were meh. Disappointing birthday dinner. Not worth my money. Lastly, we felt so bad to have so much left over food so we boxed it. More like the waiter asked us to box it. Every single thing on the plate into one box. Lolol he really didn't want us to waste food. Nor give us separate boxes.. basically mixed every thing together in one box... � I don't get why the review here's so high.. totally misguided and came here

Liza B.

Absolutely LOVE their food & atmosphere! M8 is a beautiful restaurant by the False Creek seawall that's perfect for a quick bite, some drinks, or people watching. However, like most fairly new businesses, they appear to be working out a few kinks. Came here last weekend with relatives when it was freezing & pouring out, and we were seated right in front of their open entrance (despite there being maybe 5 other customers). We asked to move to a less chilly location and were also able to choose our table this time, which was kind of them. They have a small but very interesting menu, with a good selection of drinks. We ordered the chicken skin, beef cheeks & tiger prawn bucatini. Everything we ordered looked and tasted amazing - the chicken skin had a great crunch and was similar to chicharron, however personally I'd prefer it without the chilli sauce (as it affected the crispness a bit & made me cough). The beef cheeks were perfectly cooked and tender, and was served with peanuts & a sweet glaze that made us eat every last bit! The bucatini was so delicious and the pasta sauce had nice seafood flavours infused in it, but there were only 3 prawns in it...and for a pricier entree, there wasn't that much more portion-wise in comparison to the appetizers. So I'm not sure yet if the prices really justify what you get. The decor was gorgeous, and somehow had a nice balance - so that it fits both casual and semi-formal occasions. Service was friendly and very attentive, but our server slightly nervous and awkward (which I didn't mind too much, as she seemed to be quite new). There was another guy that kept stepping in at the same time that I assumed was the manager, who caused a bit of confusion...as he took our drink orders & then soon after our server also asked us what we wanted to drink. Some teamwork and communication between them should be expected, and business was too slow to miss any details. He also smelled very strongly of alcohol, which was slightly off-putting to me. I understand you're not busy, and I'm not here to judge...but it was just a bit strange for it to be so prominent, and it affected our overall experience a bit. I will definitely be back as I really loved their food, but I might give them a bit of time to figure out their internal processes first.

Kathy C.

We celebrated for a friend's birthday here just last week and almost ordered everything on the menu. All taste amazing and the service is super! They provided the coffee free of charge with the birthday cake. There's a baby in the group, the staff are so accommodating with the seating and everything. We really appreciate it and will definitely come back! The decor, atmosphere and view here are impeccable. Parking is not an issue at all. It's easy to find cheap street parking around.

Shila B.

Atmosphere: They were aiming for a hipster vibe while trying to be somewhat classy and the balance worked perfectly between the two. The place is medium in size, however, the way it is mapped out they have managed to make it work for them. Price: It is a bit higher than most places, however, you're paying for the area and the theme of what they're going for. The prices were certainly nothing out of reach. Customer Service: Beyond amazing and friendly. Food: I decided to try something different which is the Veal Cheek which was nice and tender and flavorful. Good portion for the size.

Donway S.

I loved every bit of this restaurant. I came in with a large group of colleagues and we ordered the chef's special menu. Fresh Lobsters, Really tasty fancy mushrooms (that I can't even remember the name of), Roast Squab, Lamb Chop, Tomato Pasta and Homemade Vanilla Dessert. Everything was excellent, including the service provided to us. The ambience, the drinks, the food and service contributed to a great evening well spent. As an added bonus, you get to have a really nice waterfront view. Perfect for the summer!

Merissa L.

Made reservations for a group of 8. Beautiful decor and perfect location by the water! We were there on a Thursday night and there were quite a few empty tables but probably 4 big groups were all asians, including us. Service was not bad. They were nice but you can tell that everyone was new and kind of slow and wasn't too familiar with the menu. The food flavours were good but the portions were so tiny! The pork belly appetizer only had two pieces! We also got the beef cheeks which had delicious flavour. For entrees, the duck breast was not bad but abit overcooked and chewy. The wagyu beef was pretty good and was probably the largest portion since it was $48. They only had vanilla icecream for dessert so we skipped out on that. They had a wine list but there were no local wines which was unfortunate. I rate this place 3.5 stars as staff need to work on product knowledge and they need to do something about portion sizes and pricing. Still willing to give this place another shot in the future but they do need to make some improvements.