那家小馆 Najia Restaurant

1018 Beach Ave, Vancouver
(778) 379-3787

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Extremely pricey and small portions. Peking duck was not available. The decor is nice as it has a classical Chinese style. Staff are friendly and attentive.

Selina C.

This hidden place was a super throwback to the old dynasty times without any modern tastes whatsoever. * The pecking duck (duck $88, $8 for wrap, $8 for the sauce). The duck was super meaty, and there was a lot to go around! It was tender, and cooked perfectly! 7/10 - wished there was a bit more flavour on the duck. It was a bit bland for me but it's their style that dated back to the old days. * Noble Crispy prawn ($29.88) definitely one of my favourite dishes here. It was so delicious. I loved the taste and the presentation. 10/10 - I'd get this if you come here! * Fish in chilli oil ($29.88) the dish was huge, a lot of fillets and a lot of chilies. 7/10 - flavours were not spicy enough. With the amount of chilies my expectations were high, but it was no spice at all. * Egg fried rice ($18) I honestly was super surprised by this dish. I really enjoyed it and it tasted amazing. Seasoning, fillings, and the best part they had the crispy fried dough stick 10/10 - I really enjoyed this dish a lot. * Kung Pao chicken ($26.88) this dish was ok la, more nuts than chicken, the flavours weren't my favourite 3/10 - meh won't get this. * House social tofu ($19.88) the tofu was crispy and super soft, it honestly tasted like egg tofu but it wasnt! 8/10 - wished they had more sauce on it but it. * Hot/sour soup ($18) the soup was aight i don't really like hot/sour soup so this wasn't it for me 3/10 - flavours were good tasted the sour not the hot. * Sesame spinach ($11.88) tasted like Japanese gomae. 8/10 tasted nicely small for portion though. * Hot/spicy beef shank ($21) this dish wasn't spicy or hot, served as a cold dish, it was very flavourful though. 7/10 - wish it was spicier as it stated. * 5.5/10 - overall some were super disappointing flavour wise but it was stated that they used old style flavours with no modern twist. I'd get the prawns and fried rice again for sure. * 3/10 - honestly for the price of the dishes it wasn't worth it the rice was worth due to the portion and the duck was worth for the amount of meat. But the other dishes were a let down size wise.

Sandy Y.

NaJia Restaurant (Najia Xiaoguan 那家小館) is a chain Manchurian restaurant from Beijing. It serves unique and royal Manchu cuisine. We came here on our friend's birthday. Apparently, we have never tried Manchu cuisine. We see many notable dishes that have mentioned in the movie or drama about the Qing dynasty of China. They were served at the imperial banquets and the emperor's meals. Manchu dishes appeal to both eye and palate. We tried most of their signature dishes. Cold appetizer 1: Dairy Fish 干酪鱼 It is milky cheese in a fish-shaped. It was very refreshing, and it was great to eat just before dinner. Cold appetizer 2: Noble Beef Tendon 宅門蹄筋 The appetizer consists of cutting of thinly sliced beef tendon, and it has lot of spice. It was very favourable. Small pavilion taste: Na's Secret Tofu 那府自制豆腐 The tofu with seaweed was deep-fried. It was crunchy outside and very soft inside. It was amazing! Peking Roast Duck 北京烤鴨 It was an excellent choice as is roasted perfectly. The skin was crispy, and meat was very tender. Crystal Pear Drink 小吊梨湯 Its ingredient has pear, tremella, dried goji berry, and rock sugar. It helps to relieve cough and nourish the lungs. It was very moisturizing. Najia Restaurant is located at 1018 Beach Avenue, Vancouver, BC. It is a higher-end Chinese restaurant located by the Granville bridge. Food: 4/5 Should Try! Service: ‍‍‍‍4/5 Kids: 4/5 Yay! (Most kids love noodles and dumplings.) Price: $50-$100 for two (Dinner) Presentation: 4/5 Parking: 5/5 ample parking space in the building Tips: *has private rooms for big parties. *accommodates for large group. *has remarkable Chinese style decor and has nice view of the water. *recommends making a reservation Would I Return: Yes ‍

Dapeng Li

The restaurant services Northern Chinese dishes.\\nFood are great, exactly followed the traditional cooks, very well done. \\nThe serving size is also great as well.\\nOverall, I enjoyed, food are close to my hometown taste. \\nDefinitely will visit next time.\\nService was not that good.

James Freeman

Remarkable Chinese style decor, beautiful and cozy, signature dishes are honey prawn , eggplant with fish , delicious. Price is a bit higher But worth it for that nice location

Dave L.

I've been to China a few times and what I remember most vividly is the food. Sichuan, Yunnan, meat sticks and dumplings and noodles and all the rest. Najia delivers that, in an elegant yet family friendly setting. Easy to order and eat well in English.

Peter Ng

I found this nice restaurant on the web and decided to give Na Jia a go based on the rating and a gut feel amongst the numerous recommendations.\\n\\nNa Jia was wonderful from the moment we stepped in till the time we left. The manager was very helpful in suggesting their specialty dishes and not an overkill for the 4 of us. We were late and resulted them having to stay past hours but the manager was very accommodating.\\n\\nThe Peking Roast Duck is an excellent choice as is roasted perfectly. The duck skin was crispy and the meat was without a gamey taste. Their Braised Beef Ribs is has a perfect east meets west combination that exuberantly brings out the flavours. The lentil noodles was to die for as the fragrance of the noodle and lentil compliments each other in this dish. The bean sprouts fried with vermicelli and egg was another good dish that will complete your meal. These dishes are highly recommended if you are craving for such original Chinese dishes. Na Jia provided also provide complimentary desert with their meals.\\n\\nI am overall pleased with Na Jia’s level of service provided and not forgetting to mentioned its located with ample parking space. It has 3 different section of seating and a private room on the second level that seats up-to 25 guests if you would like some privacy. \\n\\nThank you for a great experience.

sophia j

Star Rating:\\nOverall:\\n⭐️⭐️⭐️.5\\nFish in Chili Oil\\n⭐️⭐️⭐️.5\\nNoble Beef Tendon \\n⭐️⭐️⭐️.75\\nStir Fried Sliced Lamb\\n⭐️⭐️⭐️.25\\nSauteed Vegetable and Mushroom\\n⭐️⭐️⭐️\\n—————————————\\nChinese restaurant with beautiful view of the sunset beach ? Its hard to find good restaurant with nice vibe within downtown. I usually go to richmond or on kingways for chinese food. But I think this place can be one of my to go place to take my friends, families and even for business dinner! The service was very pleasing, as well as the taste of food, enviroment and where it’s located! None of the dishes were overly sauced ?? It was def new experience for me to have decent chinese food with such nice view instead of going to western restaurant!! \\n——————————————\\n단탄엔 중식이있긴하지만 중식하면 대부분 리치몬드 또는 킹스웨이쪽으로 많이 가게되죠. 여기는 다운타운에 위치한 중식음식인데요 beach ave쪽 바닷가 풍경으로 즐기실수있는 중식이에요! 인테리어도 매우 그냥 중!국! 같이 잘 꾸며져있고 서비스도 만족 음식들도 너무 자극적이지않고 맛있게 다 잘 먹고왔어요! 레스토랑 분위기가 괜찮아서 친구, 연인, 가족, 또는 비즈니스 저녁하기에 다 좋을꺼같아요! 또한 대부분 여기는 바닷가 풍경으로 양식을 주로 먹는데 중식을 먹으면서 밖을 보는데 워후 새로운 경험이였어욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 자주까진 아니더라도 뭔 특별한? 날에 중식이 끌린다싶으면 갈꺼같은 곳이에요!!


Experienced pretty much like other reviews. Good food and decorations with terrible service. The server literally asked if we want drinks 4 times, once per 10 second. While I told him we need some time to have a look at drink menu every time he asked. And they also didn't pay attention to the order they presented the dishes. Our rice come 10 minutes after dish arrived the table, while the dish already become cold. The dish itself is good quality authentic, but the service and attention to detail is definitely far behind.

deuphony .

Fine Chinese restaurant. Pleasant view, complimentary parking and good service. Enjoyed the dishes, especially the fried shrimp. In general a very nice experiance.


Beautiful location, nice ambience, good service, decent price, delicious food, I’ll return for special occasions!


It is one of the finest Chinese restaurants in Vancouver. The lamb is delicious. Before I didn't like lamb. But here lamb is delicious.


It is one of the finest Chinese restaurants in Vancouver. The lamb is delicious. Before I didn't like lamb. But here lamb is delicious.\\nand view is good


Being Chinese myself, have been living and traveling to many different places, to be honest I am not a big fan of eating Chinese food outside China because I often find too much "localization" version of Chinese food:) I have to say this one offers very authentic Chinese food, I also liked the interior design and atmosphere in the restaurant, highly recommend!!

Everett Krohn

Love the Peking Duck and Dim Sum (former HK Resident)

Victoria M.

The restaurant is nice looking but it ends there. Service was not good, it took them forever to even notice we were waiting. We should have known at that point it wouldn't be a good experience. The food was super spicy even though the waiter told us it wouldn't be. I have had these dishes many times at other restaurants but this time I was very disappointed. I don't remember ever having tasteless (other than the heat) Asian food.

jasmine zhang

Nice view with fine dine Chinese food, hidden gem!

irene I

Overall Service is good. But instead of serving us tea (which should be) the manager (man) asked us immediately once we sit, “would you like to drink plum syrup or the stew pear soup” We replied okay we will get plum syrup without giving us time to even open the menu. During the meal, both my friend and I didn’t notice when a large jug of plum syrup was put on our table without asking whether we want that, despite the fact that we had already been served with two glasses of plum syrup. On the menu, THERE IS A CHOICE FOR ORDERING IN GLASS OR IN ONE LARGE JUG. We were charged $20 for that large jug of plum syrup without even ordering that JUG. We are not eating a hotpot and there is ONLY TWO OF US. What made you assume that we want a jug? He just put it on our table and charge us on the bill. 我们看起来很年轻,看起来很好糊弄?大家都不傻,看得明白套路,只是有的客户直说有的客户心里明白。绝对再也不会去这家饭店吃You seriously lost customers for that sake of $20 we didn’t order.

Jessie Ye

Another excellent addition to the booming regional Chinese food scene. It is a little pricey. But that should be expected of any fine food. My parents spent most of their lives living in Beijing, and they have high praises of this place, which is a rare occasion since my father is a picky eater. I really enjoyed my experience there in terms of food, ambience, and service. Would definitely return.

Esther Lee

Beijing Duck and prawn dishes were great! This resto is appropriate for formal occasions. I didn't like fish and beef dish so much tho.

Chris H.

Unique dishes, eggplant and venison rice were delicious.


Very good Beijing-style food.

Zeid H.

The food is amazing. The fried prawns are delicious, this is a must order. Great Egg fried rice and a beef fennel fried rice. Enjoyed all the beef dishes and lamb dishes. Really a must try.

Calvin Zou

Expensive, not a lot of choices, missing key authentic dishes, flavor below average, servers try to cheat you ordering more expensive dishes. Won't return.

Zita Chen

Decoration is pretty authentic. Food prices are high. I like the drink made of pear. Portion is small so you may need to order more dishes to have enough food.

Cecilia KWAN-YIN

Unique, very very expensive quite overpriced but quality and authentic northern Chinese food, felt like I had gone back in time to ancient China, decor is like Chinese royalty which is interesting and the location is right on the water front. Food was very good quality and tasty. Price very high so not great for the wallet. We stopped here on our bike ride along the seawall for a protein energizing meal so walked in with our cycling gear for which we got some second looks but other than that it was a great experience.

Dan W.

Na Jia is a higher end Chinese restaurant located by the Granville bridge on Beach Ave. It's a chain restaurant from Beijing, and we decided to come here since the food in the Beijing location was excellent. We went here for Valentine's dinner. We were promptly seated and the given the menu. The menu is nicely created and the tea was hot. We decided to order the Peiking duck, emporer's soup, pork fried noodles, stirred fried vegetables and mushrooms, dairy fish, and eggplants and cod. The bill was about $215 after tax. I will be honest and say the food here was not as good as Beijing. For a higher end restaurant, I failed to find the dishes ability to support or justify the prices. Perhaps another disappointing measurement was the level of poor service. It took 15 minutes to place our order, and they forgot to bring our noodles - our noodles came at the same time as the table beside us, which ordered 30 minutes after us, and also our bill had two separate noodles. The Peiking duck was good, but a little too much meat on the skin. It was crispy and not salty. I don't know what happened to the rest of the duck, but I don't believe there was an option to use it (usually you get to order lettuce wrap or a stir fry with the duck meat). I don't believe it justified its $88 price tag. The noodles were bland, and lacked any flavour. The vegetables were just fried vegetables with garlic - a Chinese staple dish. The soup was excellent, as it had sharkfin, abalone and variety of fish parts. The flavour was spot on, but difficult to spend 40$ on one bowl of soup. The best dish was the eggplant and cod - full of flavours and the cod was crispy, yet covered in sauce. Overall, the food was average and the service was poor. For the price, there's many other options out there to explore.

Joseph Alexis

I went here with friends who have all lived in China and one who currently lives in HK. I thought the food was fairly bland and not much flavour. I guess some might call that subtle flavour, I think it needed some salt. Overall I thought it was pretty expensive for the quality and the amount. I would not go back here again. The wait staff was great and the service was good, but I pay money for food, not to be waited on.

Purple D.

It was a total disaster for our lunch experience as we have heard so much hype about this authentic Chinese restaurant. The decoration is very Chinese and reminds you about imperial China, kind of unique in North America. The menu book is also beautifully printed on traditional Chinese booklet with excellent photo shots associated with each item. The good things stopped here because the food was overpriced and of poor quality. The server kept on asking us to order the Peking duck which was at $88 per order, and he seemed annoyed that we repeatedly told him that we simply did not have time for this dish. We have ordered the seasame spinach which came out about 2 minutes after we placed our order, because we were sure this dish was pre-made and was refrigerated for quite a while as it was cold when it was served. The next 2 courses were House special tofu with seaweed and Fried Egg Bun Slices, which were both refried, as we could tell from the soggy texture of outer skin, and lukewarm inside. The entree was Peking Fried Pork Liver In Soy Bean Paste, it was okay but too saucy, and liver was supposed to be cheap but overpriced at $19.98. The last dish was the best one "Noble Crispy Prawns" as this was freshly deep fried, but at $29.98. The bill came out to be at $125 for lunch for 3 people, very pricey for Chinese restaurant with ordinary food order. The worst nightmare was that all 3 of us had bloated stomach, vomiting and even diarrhea that evening. Won't go back there and won't recommend anyone to go either.

Lucie Ingoldby

Good North East Chinese food ...great value too.

Jennifer C.

Came here for a business lunch meeting and was pleasantly surprised! My guest ordered for us, as he grew up in Beijing, and knew best. The place was beautifully decorated with ornate details and rich colours, which my guest explained to me is because of the royal history of Beijing. The house special tofu was amazing, the gelatin fish with honey was refreshing, loved the delicate tea that was served too. We also shared the sour plum drink, seafood supreme soup with abalone (good, but in my opinion not worth the cost), a yam dish, pork and shrimp dumplings (off the dim sum menu, they were delicious!), sticky rice in banana leaf, the tofu dessert (it was savoury! My favorite part of the meal). Unfortunately 3 dishes we first asked for off the menu were unavailable. For two, our lunch bill was $130 before tip. Not a cheap place, but well worth it for a true Beijing cuisine experience in Vancouver.

Sabrina M.

Good service and good food. It was about 200 dollars for 4 people. Price is reasonable. They will start serving breakfast in a week.

Ej Y.

Very clean interior and Delicious foods but need a little more professional services. Waiter couldn't explain the food and couldn't speak English. It looks like a new place. 5 stars for dishes ^^

M J H.

A mix of solid traditional dishes with knockout specialty items -- beef with mushroom dish was among the best eaten

Ivan Zhang

A 70% PRICE INCREASE in JUST ONE YEAR? Are you guys crazy? Is it some kind of rubbery to your regular customers ?

Biao Yu

I would highly recommend this place. Food is delicate and delicious. Not that pricy as most people thought. Service is so thoughtful and comfortable. Location is not in a busy area but you can see Granville bridge from the window and ocean view.

Ivan Z.

A 70% PRICE INCREASE in JUST ONE YEAR? Are you guys crazy? Is it some kind of rubbery to your regular customers ? This place opened 2 years ago and at that time, the price was reasonable. As it becomes more known to the locals, they've been increasing prices regularly. Almost every time I go, I can see the prices of multiple dishes are covered by a much higher price with a sticky tag on the menu. Last time I visited, the menus were all newly made, so you wouldn't see any evidence of their tricks! I did my calculation-they've increased each item to 40%-80% from its initial price, most of which happened within last year! Their food is great, but I'm not gonna go there anymore since this kind of behavior is purely rubbery! I'm boycotting this restaurant and hope whoever reads my review will do the same. Or at least you know that you are paying 40%-80% more compared to what it used to cost you a year ago!!!

Derek L.

Classy outlet with culture interior Portion extremely small but tasty on selected item Pricy

Shuang W.

If you are a Chinese customer, please makesure you don't get fool around about there " signature " dish such as chicken soup has boiled for 48 hours and each this yellowly taste awful soup cost $40! 中国人骗中国人,highly recommend don't go unless you don't care about food but the food view?

Yolanda C.

I'd previously thought this might have been a rundown little place, but was pleasantly surprised when I got here. Not only was it clean and beautifully decorated, the food was cheap and delicious -- and they had a wide variety of unique flavors available. The view was amazing (we could see the entire harbor!!) and the atmosphere of the restaurant was very homely and relaxed. The service was great too -- the dishes came quickly and the waiters were very nice and patient. Prices were very reasonable too!

那家小馆 Najia Restaurant

1018 Beach Ave, Vancouver, BC V6E 1T7
(778) 379-3787