Sneeki Tiki

1100 Granville St, Vancouver
(604) 690-8454

Recent Reviews

Krishan Sharma

A very fun and kick back place to meet up with friends. Whoever created the menu has a great sense humor and the drinks were perfect as they catered to individuals' pallate. Service was great, however at times it did take a while to flag our server but again it was busy with two major parties and our party weren't in no rush. Will definitely recommended this place to friends for future events.

H Madan

Extremely poor service and the food portion was ridiculous. My burger and onion rings came with 5 onion rings. And 2 of them were not even a full onion rings. But the poor service here takes the cake. The server looked she did not want to be there at all and was rude not helpful at all. We had a group of ppl and got charger the 18% auto gratuity and the service was not worth a tip at all. What a waste of money and time... You have 100 better choices then this place in the walking distance. Go anywhere else and you will have better service.

Shannon Cleary

10/10 great happy hour, great food, outstanding service!!

Christine Chan

Great place! Awesome atmosphere, yummy food, strong drinks! Got there during happy hour so it was great value. They also had live performance and DJ. I am still freaked out about from the crazy close up magic. Well done!

Jedhna Avalos

The drinks are nice, the food, the music (my body moved the whole night) they have a magician, the personnel is so nice, they actually clean the tables with antibacterial products (I'm a cleaning lady), you can play videogames, I loved it, I looove it.

James M.

Came in for early happy hour during a weekend trip to Vancouver and could not have been better taken care of. Terrific cocktails (highly recommend the Smoke & Stains) and the gyoza and satay were delicious. The ice cream sandwich dessert was an unexpected treat. Presiding over all of it was a warm and attentive staff that made everything special. Love coming to this city and this will be a regular stop!

r k

The food and drinks here was absolutely amazing, especially the platter with the dumplings and chicken. We ordered the fish bowls, which were very fruity and boozy! The atmosphere was also really cool- definitely a great place to come with a group of friends. A bit on the pricey side, so I recommend sharing!

LS 2019

Bizarre- arrived on a sat night at 8 and someone asked to see our ids. We asked for a table for 5 and he said he had no idea how anything worked here and acted very strange. Someone else came over and immediately said we have no tables and turned us away. The place was completely empty so I asked if we could sit at the bar. Once we sat at the bar we asked when all these reservations were supposed to arrive because it was already 8:10 and the whole restaurant was dead on a Sat night. Finally not one single reservation seemed to arrive (about ten tables worth..) and they let us sit. We shared a 5oz fish bowl drink and It was quite boozy. We had some friends join us and the server did not return to help them for a very long time. They finally got a drink about half hour later and after we finished those we did not see the server for a very long time again. When we decided we wanted our bills it had been about half hour since we last saw the server. We had to track someone down to get a bill and after that it still took about 15 mins for them to arrive. This was odd because the place was not busy. This place has potential but we probably won’t return after the service being so poor. 2 stars because the DJ was actually THE BEST, and the bathrooms were very nice.

After Hours Supply Co

Server was very slow & the drinks seemed off. Atmosphere was on point. Perhaps we had a mediocre experience due to visiting late at night. Will give it another try!

Elvis Glazier

Loved this Tiki Bar!!

Jennifer M.

We went on a Thursday afternoon and found this place pretty quiet for the first few minutes we were there, which was nice and gave us a chance to look around. We always try to find a tiki bar when we're vacationing. It's a cool place, though the decor gets a bit un-tiki near the back, where there's a leather sofa/coffee table set-up that looks like it came from someone's apartment. Also, they would have sold a tiki mug from the display case if there had been prices or the employees knew how much to charge. But the bar does their own vodka infusions and my pineapple mule was great. And they have a really friendly bartender named Dan who made our visit even better.

Magnum M.

Bar tender Dan was extremely friendly and helpful with all the menu items. He made awesome drinks. We stopped in for happy hour. The food was hot and super tasty. This is a great place to go, and Dan will make sure you enjoy your stay.

Lilian H.

Major disappointment!!! NOT because the food or service was bad. I wish i could comment on those stuff but i couldn't!? WHY???? because it was closed...even when I made a reservation for the day cause we are celebrating a birthday!!!! I already got a bad feeling when I entered the location on my google and google said 'sneeki tiki is closed' so i went on the website and sure enough it claimed to be open on tuesdays. Got there there trying to look for the entrance and couldn't find it, so I went into the Grill place beside sneeki tiki (both run by best western) and they said it's close today! but WHY would you take my reservation if you are closed ??? Why would I not get a phone call if you decide to change your open hours?!?! This is 100000% unacceptable!! You have ruined a birthday celebration!

Milleisha N.

Fun Sat. night. they had hula dancers which were fun and the atmosphere is good. We ordered a few different types of drinks and I must say the jello-shots were amazing. The rice was yummy too. The only down was when we walked up the guy outside told us to wait to be seated but the woman NEVER came, lucky it was a nice group of ladies who welcomed us to sit with them at their table.

Theo C

Did not like the service at all, very small food selection and we had to constantly call over the waitress for service, on top of that they add a service tip on the bill. Sneaky eh? We had a drink spill on our table and at no time did any one came to wipe it. No one asked us how things were and we had to clean our own plates and ask some one to take them. Sneaky for a reason, no thanks - for future, always offer customers a finger bowl with the chicken wings😉 slapping napkins on the table isnt gonna cut it. But at least the washrooms were clean. One star for that. I will be contacting the hotel executives for sure.

Chris D.

Skip it and go to the shameful Tiki bar on main. Better drinks service and atmosphere.

Alex P.

Wow, what an awful scene we just walked away from. This bouncer Chad McChode was workin the front door real hard, not letting anyone into what appeared from the outside to be the loneliest island on earth. His insistence that they were "beyond capacity" is laughable considering that you can count their paltry patronage on one hand just ten feet from the establishment, which is where I stood when I said "this place f*cking sucks" and snapped this photo -

Tanner McBee

The Sneeky Tiki is the most lit place you can hit up in the YVR area on a friday night. Live DJ's, cool people, great atmosphere. Its hard to leave!

David Hume

Awesome experience, good food, great drinks and friendly staff!

Richard K.

I had a great time at this local tiki bar. The bartender Shane and his friend were very friendly and spent time visiting with us. The drinks were great and ambiance was just what I was looking for. Give it a try your next time in Vancouver.

Nikos Roumpoutsos

Nice space but cocktails are not even close to good...

Marc Guminski

Drinks were delicious, place looks great and there's lots of seating. Food menu is larger than other tiki spots I've been to. They also have tvs so if you wanted to watch a game you could,ost other places there's no TV. If you're downtown give it a try I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Taylor L.

This was the cutest little Tiki bar!! Everyone there was SO NICE and very helpful! All of the drinks we tried were so good but my favorite was for sure the Blue Hawaiian. Didn't feel like anything was overpriced. The aesthetic was all there!! Loved it!

Steve Nipius

Great little gem in the heart of downtown. The Pineapple Fried Rice is just amazing! Very reasonable priced food and drinks for downtown. Nice loud music and cute themed atmosphere.

Sab N.

Ouch. A group of us checked out this new Tiki spot downtown, and I had high hopes. High hopes because I am inadvertently comparing this to the Shameful Tiki Room. We were all impressed with the ambiance of the place, they definitely got that right. The drinks were quite good - not as kitschy or flashy like the Shameful TR, but still good enough. As other reviewers said, they werent very boozy, unlike Shameful TR where the drinks are STRONG! However, where our experience was completely wrecked was the service. One of the bartenders had come over and asked my friend for his drink order. She then went and created a custom cocktail for him, which we all LOVED. After that point, the place got busier so we had another waitress attending to our table. Oof, this lady was either having an awful night or just plain hated us. When she came around a second time to ask about drinks, my friend inquired about a red drink he just saw being taken to another table with a little flame on it. The waitress refused to tell him which drink it was, and gave him major attitude. So he sat back down feeling slightly awkward about the whole exchange. I later got up and went to the bar and asked the bartender about the drink with the flame on it, and the bartender told me the name of the cocktail on the spot. That wasnt so hard, was it? Exactly 5 minutes later two of the guys from our group wanted to pay and leave, and since they couldnt get the waitress/s attention, they went up to the POS/cash area and stood there. The waitress saw them, came up to the them and basically yelled at them to "go sit back down". No joke. They both came back and sat down and patiently waited for her to bring the cheque. I was appalled with the behaviour. Not sure what was going on, but treating customers this way is bad for business. Basically, this aint no Shameful Tiki Room.

Alvin Wong

Good happy hour times to be had at this Tiki bar. Polynesian themed food is available and the drinks yummy.

Ben Props

Great service! Mediocre food and drinks. Music blasted too loud.

David Howes

Had the place to ourselves on a Tuesday. If was rare experience, me thinks. So much awesomeness!!

Kory T.

The thing I enjoyed most about this bar was the ambience; you really feel like you're at an authentic tiki bar somewhere in Hawaii. The drinks and menu were also in line with the Tiki theme and pretty good albeit a bit more pricy compared to other nearby bars. The waitress was also very friendly and quick to answer any questions I had about the drink menu and the owner brought out some Jell-O shots for our group since we were celebrating a birthday. The only thing I would improve on is the food. We ended up ordering the PuPu platter (which was about $30) but the flavour tasted a bit...low end. I would compare it to bulk frozen foods (corn dogs, gyozas) you can get at Cosco. I also tried the Tiki Bap which I didn't really enjoy; it was quite bitter compared to its typical korean counterpart (bibimbap). Although the service, drinks, and ambience were good, I would have to say the food is the most important thing that would make me want to come back and I wasn't too impressed. If you have not tried the Sneeki Tiki, go at least once to enjoy a taste of Hawaii. Otherwise, I'm not too sure if I would want to visit again on a regular basis.

Sangeetha M.

Love the atmosphere. I came on a Saturday night and they had live music. The singer was dressed like Elvis and performed songs by him. He did a great job. Service was good and I had a mai tai. A little too sweet for my liking and not boozy enough! I'd come back for sure though.

Ryan A

A Hawaiian style restaurant with a great happy vibe and very friendly staff. The drinks are super sexy (The scorpion is the one with flame) and the foods are yummy but in small portions. If you are hungry, probably you need to order multiple foods.

Brian Portner

My friends and I really enjoyed this spot! We came here to celebrate a birthday and we were impressed by the thematic atmosphere and the extravagant drink presentation (the cute plastic animals were a fun bonus!). Certain food items were not as flavourful as I had hoped (didn't love the veggie gyoza) however others were delicious (chicken pineapple fried rice was super tasty and unique). This place had some great deals on offer including 6 shots for $25 that made for a fun and cheap way to get the buzz going. Overall I would definitely return here and am really looking forward to trying some more of their fruity and beautifully-presented cocktails!

Jana King

Excellent bartender. Very personable. Go Vikes.


Awesome place to have some fun. Much needed for Granville street. Staff is awesome and the drinks are really fun!


Well this place is just awesome! Super attentive and friendly servers, yummy drinks (with a good pour) and yes the food was also really good. And did I mention the smoke machines... yes they have one. AND Jell-O shots! Yup I said it! Jell-O shots! For dinner I had the chicken sandwich- breadless- and it was really tasty! I often avoid chicken breast when I am out due to expected dryness and overcooking but the Sneeki Tikki did it right! My friend had the same with the gluten free bun and reported back that it was good, a rare find in these parts! The coleslaw was also really good. Others had the poke and the bebop bowl and reported back that both were also good. Brussel sprouts are def worth a try! Everyone at our table of 6 was happy with their food. Will be back for sure!

Lexus C.

AMAZING!!!!! everything was great about this place. The music, the atmosphere, the staff. I'm visiting from Washington and wish we had places like this back home

Jacques I.

Fun tiki bar in downtown Vancouver! We're fans of tiki bars, so when we learned that there was one walking distance from our hotel, we were sold. It was a Saturday night, after all! Once we found Sneeki Tiki we saw that it was located on the retail level of a hotel and knew we were at the right place because it was decorated accordingly so, with straw walls and lit tiki torches outside the entrance. There was a bouncer who told us that it would be about a 15 minute wait or so, as there were no seats available. We decided to wait for when two seats at the bar opened up. The night we came was especially fun because they had a live DJ who was cracking sarcastic jokes (which I dig!) and playing old school hip hop. Down and down! There was also a bachelorette party celebration going on. The place inside is dark, with all the tacky decorations that a tiki bar should have. My boyfriend and I shared one of the large drinks intended for sharing, the Skull Punch. It had two different rums, bitters with guava and pineapple juices. It was on the sweeter side, but not terribly so, which was good for us since we're not into fruity cocktails. But if you are into that, Sneeki Tiki has plenty of those. Most of the drinks are rum-based, but they do have a few on the menu with other bases. Food is also available, though we didn't get any. It had a Polynesian theme to it. Service was killer! All of the bartenders were awesome; they were super friendly and efficient. Despite how busy the place was they never seemed frazzled even with so many different drink orders coming through. Also, when we were checking out one of the bartenders learned we were visitors and recommended some other bars to check out in town. Love the staff here! If you like tiki bars with the kind of cocktails you'd find at one (Hurricane, Zombie, Pina Colada, etc...) then this is a place for you to check out. Fun atmosphere with great service.

Pam C.

Newest Tiki in town! Literally across the Pawn Shop YVR. It isn't like the Shameful Tiki Room on Main Street, but great place downtown for a night out with a group of friends. We got a large table in the corner near the entrance. We ordered three buckets of beer and some gin and tonic. My gin and tonic tasted great! This place is a lot of fun and it wasn't crowded when I came here on a Friday night. Customer service is awesome. Bathrooms are shared with another establishment. I know because I got lost when I was looking for my way back to Tiki. Maybe one day I'll come back and try a bowl.

K A.

So much fun! Good service. We came on Halloween evening and were treated to special Polynesian performance! Was surprisingly long 3 sets. Thought it was going to be a few minutes of hula dancing but turned into some serious performances. Drinks were ok. Had some wings which were fairly standard fare. We came for the general tropical feeling on a cold dark night and it delivered. Friendly staff.

Jaskiran N.

This is a pretty neat place. The decor sets the whole vibe and the all the staff is exceptionally nice! Try the drinks but they are a bit sugary. For most drinks you can ask for half syrup to fit your tastebuds. I was very excited to try the crunch poke but I was a bit disappointed because the portion was way to small for the price. The ambience is good but they may need to revamp their menu.