The Keg Steakhouse + Bar - Dunsmuir

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Samantha Seyfert

Atmosphere was the best part about this place. Food was tasty and beverages were nice. Service was a bit slow but most likely normal for the weekend.

Evan Kita

I've lived in Vancouver for a couple of years, but only recently went to The Keg. I must say I was not disappointed. Always a fan of the calamari and I love the prime rib. If I could eat this once a week, I'd be happy! The mashed potatoes are super good and they serve a generous portion!

Mike Bentley

Tip top.... Exactly the service and food you'd expect from the Keg. Server was awesome, food awesome, drinks fast as we could drink them. Very nice place for lunch!


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Steak cooked to perfection. Love the ambiance and decor. Excellent service by the server and kitchen staff


Definitely the place to go for a fantastic steak or lobster or just a special night out (and they'll ask you if it is a special event every time you go). Experience is very formulaic, though, and the profit margin must be quite thin because I get a lot of email promotions to come eat with us but never any deals or offers. Not to diminish any of the staff, but the further your Keg is from the downtown core the less experienced and younger the waiter/waitress will be (in my experience).

Lindsay K.

I had a business lunch here the other day. It was pretty good! Pros -Interior is spacious and quiet -Bread to start is delicious -I had the Keg burger which was great - good patty on a nice brioche bun. Cons -Had the mini brownie for dessert which tasted like it could have been a little fresher - I just wasn't wowed. -Had a decaf americano which wasn't very hot. Overall it was a nice meal and a safe bet for lunch or dinner.

Melody T.

We booked this place for both me and my boyfriends birthday at least 3 weeks ahead of time. When we arrived, they didn't have both tables ready (30 people). Not even one table was ready. Everybody arrived and still didn't get to sit down. Waited for 30 mins. The manager talked to us saying it will be another 5-10 mins (wasn't true, had to wait much longer), gave champagne and cauliflower appies, but still didn't have our tables ready. We had friends arriving early, and they had to wait 45-50 mins. Having reservations ahead of time for 2 birthdays for two tables and not having one table ready questions me, what's the point of having your birthday reservation here? We talked to the manager, wondering why they didn't tell the other party to leave or let them know there's another party waiting for their tables? When we sat down, they said they will provide lemon drop shots as a complimentary. We did dine out, the ridiculous part here was, we didn't get to order our food until 1hr or more? I understand getting our drinks but that shouldn't delay so much for our food to be ordered. We came here at 8:30, sat on table around 9:10, food came out at 11 or so. Everybody was starving and was confused Food: some peoples steak was over cooked or their prime rib is really rare where you see a lot of blood. We left the restaurant at 1am! due to how long the food came out. Our friends were leaving because of how late it was (some has kids, etc), told them to bring cake right away and dessert after for others to leave. Took ""another" 30-45 mins for cake to come out, when we said we want it right away due to people leaving. Told them they didn't need to clear the table since we just want to blow the cake. Why does it take a simple cake with a candle30-45 mins? Also, they kept bringing peoples desserts when we requested cake first, due to this, the billy miner pie melted because we were celebrating our cake for pictures, singing, etc. I saw how some peoples billy miner pie melted. To pay for a whole dine out, some desserts melted where you can't eat it, some people didn't even get their desserts at all but left because it took to long This made our night sour and ruined my birthday overall. We just had to put a smile on so others around us couldn't tell that we were annoyed by this. Wouldn't come here for a birthday party anymore and all my friends saw this disaster and said the same. This never happened ever in my life for birthday reservations, i would never expect this from The Keg at all.

Don Johnson

Great service and meal last evening. We were less than 10 minutes past our reservation time in getting seated-both the Manager (Graham) and our server (Juno) were very apologetic for the inconvenience to us! The service was great throughout the evening, food was served hot and very tasty. Not only were we presented with complimentary dessert, the appies (we ordered) were removed from the bill at the end of the evening! Fantastic evening at Keg-Dunsmuir!

Zechariah Rivers

The food is regularly fresh and flavorful, staff members gives awesome service. I liked how clean it is and atmosphere. Keep up the good work.


My wife and I ordered steaks. The meals arrived and we did not see our server for the whole meal. Normally this would not be a big deal. Unfortunately both of our steaks were under cooked. When we saw our server again the rest of our group had finished their meals. We told our server that both of our steaks were under cooked. Since we did not eat the portions of the steaks that were not cooked it was obvious that we were not bringing it up for no reason. The server was apologetic and said they would let the manager know.

Bill Milner

Happy hour when I was there, so not a great time for quiet reflection after a long week. But the steak was served perfectly, the wine suggestion spot on, and the server's attentions were timely and appropriate. And always amusing to watch patrons interacting with their phones instead of their dates!


A comfortable and feel good atmosphere. The food was incredible and our host / waitress Stephanie was brilliant.

George Georgeopoulos

I have been to this location in the past without incident. But the most recent visit on Friday Jan 10 2020 was very disappointing. There was a group of 12 and I would say at least half the group had issues with the food. First of there was hair in one of the loaves of bread they brought out. The answer from the manager was just a shrug of the shoulder and sorry about that. Then two of our party ordered burgers and were told sorry we have run out of burger buns. This is Friday 630pm so that seemed odd. Oh well everyone ordered drinks appetizers and meals. Appetizers were all fine but the server came out and apologized for the delay of our main meals as 90 minutes had gone by and they brought out more bread until meals were served. The meals came out and I had ordered medium rare but mine was medium well. Others had medium and received rare or medium rare. One person had ordered the baseball steak and got something different. When questioning the server was told that he did receive a baseball steak. It wasn’t three people ordered baseball steak and his was not a baseball steak. Multiple complaints went in on the order and nothing was really done other than warming up the undercooked steaks. Mine was overdone and I just didn’t eat it as they forgot about my sent back order. Each person spent with drinks about $100 or more and to be honest the meal was very disappointing and has me wondering

Arash Salamati

I have been to this location at least a dozen times and I have always had a incredible experience. I went there for our Christmas party with a large group of friends and everyone had an amazing experience. Food as always is fantastic and the wine pairing was bang on. I tried kegomega the item that wasn't on the menu but once one tries it its hard to eat anything else.

Seth Eckley

How is just Place only a 3-star?

Seth E.

How is just Place only a 3-star? First place in half a dozen that Cooked my steak correctly! The bearnaise is absolutely excellent with the filet. Whiskey peppercorn sauce not so much with the meat but I mixed it into my mashed potatoes and they were then BOMB. Service and timing of everything was excellent


Always go here for quiet sociable lunches and dinners. However, this visit I got no sourdough bread although the sourdough taste has gone downhill months ago. Serving staff should pay more attention. I asked for it but never received any.

Sergio VM

Not many vegetarian options, but I tried the couscous and I was able to enjoyed it quite a bit. The wine was also good. The place itself is large, well decorated, with nice atmosphere and very nice staff.

Jeff D.

There are times where one employee can make a meal extra special. Alyisa was like that for us. She has a great spirit and is full of energy. Mikiko and I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet her. We had the prime rib and the filet. Both were cooked perfect! The white sangria is a great balance between fruit and wine. One of the best I have ever tried. For dessert we had the vanilla ice cream with the cherry sauce. If you are going, ask for Alyisa! I hope her manager realizes how much of an impact she had last night with us. :)

Nichole Erichson

I've been to a few of the other locations and this one is by far my favorite. I really enjoyed the company of my waitress (I wish I remembered her name!) She made the experience all that more special. The medium rare steak I ordered was perfectly cooked. Will definitely be back for more!

James F.

Recently visited for lunch and again a couple weeks later after work. Love the location and the room. The decor, furnishings and vibe are very classy and comfortable. For lunch I had the 7 ounce bacon wrapped filet mignon with mashed potatoes and green beans. It was delicious and perfectly cooked to rare as ordered. Service was friendly and efficient and food was served within 15 mins of ordering. Thought value was excellent at $37 for the food. 2nd visit I had the prawn cocktail which was very good along with a few Guinness beers. Service again was excellent. I highly recommend this location and look forward to returning.

Dan Laporte

We ordered the sliders, Caesar salad, the New York steak with mushrooms (the special of the night) and the prime rib. We loved the miners pie (one piece fed four of us-it was huge). The place was packed and I would definitely have a reservation.

Sahar J.

We ate here on the final night of a two week trip to western Canada. The staff were welcoming and attentive throughout. Our server, Nick, was great; very knowledgeable about the menu, and fully familiar with my friend's gluten free request. The food is stunning and flavoursome. I had fillet mignon, which was cooked to my liking. I also loved the mash. This is not the cheapest place to eat, but well worth the money. I would definitely recommend

Kim Liu

The service here is exceptional compared to the other locations that I've visited. They were very organized and friendly. I like that they have booth seating for parties of two. The food was cooked the way we asked and was very good!


Service was Decent. The wine selection was good. They actually had a very good Merlot. The Steaks were cooked according to each persons choice. And the veggies, mushrooms, spinach, bread etc were all up to par.

Sonja Simic

Went for lunch on a Friday and had the mushroom soup and cheesy garlic bread. Everything came out quickly and was delicious! The service was also very good.

Liza Ramos

Very much enjoyed my dinner tonight at this place. I had a parmesan crusted halibut and it was one of the best halibut dish ever. Excellent service and very good food!


This Keg is always a stop off for us whilst in Vancouver, but on this occasion, I did not enjoy it quite as much. The atmosphere seemed to be lacking and the steak not as tender as I would expect from the Keg.

Akshay Kanwar

Nice looking restaurant. Decent service. Terrible food. My steak was over done and plate was thrown together in a rush. The replacement took a while to get to me, by which time I had lost my appetite and my colleague has finished his meal. I love the keg yet this was a sub-par experience. The restaurant made no attempt to compensate for their mistake.


The food was really good in fact so good we went again a couple of days later. There isn’t much more to say, service was good and a nice atmosphere- perhaps a little too dark for my failing eyesight but the food was great

Daniel V

fiancé and i eloped in vancouver and had our first dinner at the keg. they made our celebration extra special with their smiles and extra care. their steaks are well seasoned. the thna tartar was flavorful.

V C.

The server was friendly enough, but the food was definitely a mixed bag. Two thumbs up for the complementary bread, twice-baked potato, and lobster. The margarita was on special (so, not very expensive) and actually fairly decent. However, there was absolutely nothing "medium" or "rare" about my "medium rare" prime rib. Bone dry and one of the brownest steaks I've ever seen. Sure, I could have sent it back, but I just wanted a chill night out and wasn't up to causing a fuss.

Kash Tran

This place is worth trying. They have big portions for affordable prices. Constantly well kept and with great character. Will come back again.

L K.

This restaurant was recommended to us and they were spot on! The food, drinks, service, and atmosphere were great. I enjoyed a drink at the bar while waiting on others in the party to arrive and found it to be welcoming, large, and knowledgeable bartenders. The only downfall was that I wanted to order an appetizer but after serving me my drink, the bartender disappeared. The hostess was wonderful at meeting the party at the bar and getting us to the right table with no problems. The waitress was extremely helpful with all of our questions, knowledgeable about meal ingredients, and had a good outlook on life. Each person ordered a different meal and drink and all were wonderful. We also had the bite-size desserts which I recommend. Overall, I recommend this as a place to stop by for dinner.

Korinna Khangura

Food was superb and the service was excellent from the server. It was my birthday and she brought out a cake surprising me and my friend. It was quite a treat after our wine and fantastic savoury meals. Very great service and nice ambience.

Taylor Haas

This spot gives great service as well as yummy menu. One of my favourite restaurants ever. The food and drinks came out quick and the prices are reasonable. Recommended.

David M.

Oh this was a nice place and the price was just right Nice vibe here and the view was amazing the food was great we had prime rib very tender and tasty and halibut very tasty while we waited they gave us some bread. We were Celebrating our birthdays there and when we made reservations we told the. They told us happy birthday but we did t get a dese The server started out great but as they got busy we kind of lost him

Leah Kerekes

Five stars for our server Nikita! I come to this Keg location often for business meetings and drinks with friends. The experience my friends and I had here on Sunday August 18th was the best yet though! While all of the servers here are pretty great, Nikita is on another level. She makes you feel like you're royalty. She was very attentive, super friendly and really funny. My friends and I had such a great time, we're hoping she can be our server every time we come here! Thanks again Nikita!

Ariel Dominguez

This place provides amazing service and delightful menu. One of my favourite restaurants ever. The food and drinks arrived quick and the prices are inexpensive. Recommended.

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar - Dunsmuir

688 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1N3
(604) 685-7502