Wow Thai Food

88 W Pender St #2007, Vancouver
(604) 688-8525

Recent Reviews

Angus Glasgow

Was going to do a review before I started eating because the service was so good. Then I took the first bite and got this far into it before I stopped to post the review. Hope everyone else appreciates the service and food as much as I do.

Cindy Nagel

Really great Pas Thai with excellent service, a very kind server who asked how we enjoyed our meals and was happy to refill our water.

Iarah Torres

Best Pad Kee Mao - drunken noodles in my books. Will not disappoint your taste bud.

Daichi Yamashita

Had the tom yum noodle soup and it was so flavourful. Just a warning medium was still quite spicy!

Kelsey Hartman

Ordered via Skip the Dishes today and was really disappointed with the Pad See Ew. It came really heavily seasoned with black pepper, something I have never experienced on other restaurants versions, and I strongly dislike pepper. Should have been indicated on the website, as I would not have ordered. Sadly, the rice noodles were also overcooked and mushy. Overall not a good experience.

Jay Morgen

Amazing!!! Delicious flavour, very authentic. Fresh and great quality!!! Prices reasonable. Service awesome. I am very impressed and would highly recommend.

Jasper C.

Truly hit-and-miss. The chilli & basil minced-pork w/fried egg on rice special was a delightful composition with just the perfect hit of fish sauce. Unfortunately, its Tom Yum Noodle soup was an unmitigated disaster: all sour with no depth in the broth, an overpriced $13 bowl of limp shrimp, sprouts, mushrooms & bland rice noodles. I urge they drop this monstrosity from its menu asap.

Charles Trinh

Best Khao soi in town

Jaidan Moody

This place offers excellent service as well as enjoyable menu. My favourite restaurant in the area. The drinks and food came out fast and the prices were inexpensive. I recommend this place.

Nicolas Williams

I simply enjoyed their food. I always get good service there. The place is clean and the staff members are always kind. Will visit here again.

Allen Leung

Every time I come the food is always good and consistently made. Definitely more healthy than other fast food options out there. There aren't many businesses open anymore in this facility (possibly due to the location) but you really should try out this place as the food is worth it.

Edwin Rhodes

This place is my favorite place. Of all restaurants I know I favor it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to this restaurant. Whenever I I need a good lunch, this restaurant comes instantly to my head. Great and diverse food and a rich menu.professional team, and great vibes. Also important, the charge is modest. I tell about this place with no hesitation.

Kian Sweeney

We came to this restaurant for lunch. my friend recommended this place. Well, it was very nice. the staff were so friendly and we had a fantastic feeling. The meal was great. We had a great time and we will visit this place again. We recommend this place to all.

Parker Marshall

One of my favorite places to grab something to eat. awesome location, always clean, and good service. A must try!

Sarrah Mae Calinisan

Had a quick bite here before a movie. Food was made fresh to order. Tasted great but I asked for zero spice and my mouth was on fire 🔥

Wade Meyer

Nice little place with a friendly person at the counter. We got pad see ew and pad basil and a couple egg rolls for takeout. The pad see ew had a good smoky flavor that I prefer (and don't often find). Both dishes had generous proportions of very fresh tasting vegetables, as well, and good amounts of protein. The spice level was great.

Edward L.

Seriously good authentic Thai place. I swear this food court has the best ethnic food in town. Parking is available in the lot underneath the mall. Staff actually are Thai. Nice and friendly. I had the pad basil minced pork fried egg on rice. This thing is seriously delicious. Nice and fragrant, with that street food fragrance. I'm drooling just thinking about this dish. The fried egg and rice are bonus. Haven't had Thai food this good for a while. This place beats out most restaurants in town. I also had the Thai iced tea. This is the real deal. Guessing the secret is in the leaves they use. Haven't had one this good since Thailand. And yes, it's also sickeningly sweet just like over there. Very refreshing. This place really is Wow. I can't decide what to try next time I'm back. Highly recommended.

Martin Egger

Decent price but good food. $2 for rice is a bit on the steep end for me.

Howard Reid

I really like their curry noodle soups... some might fine them too spicy, but I think they are great. The staff is polite and friendly. For food court food they are great.

Matthew Long

Yum! Good portion size, cost, and friendly service.

Richard Chong

It is one of the best fast Thai food restaurant you can get in the International village in Vancouver. Price is reasonable, and portion is just right 👍


Delicious food. Really enjoyed the Pad Thai and Red curry soup.

Sarabjit Minhas

Made to order food the freshest in that IVM Mall the taste of all the dishes is excellent and you can custom make it to your taste . And its fast service no long waits. The curries very flavorful

Alex Razon

Great place if you're craving for some good thai food but don't want to look for an authentic place. We were a bit skepltical at first because its a fast food place in a food court but I ended up coming back for more.

Alvin Wong

One of the best Thai street food style places I have been to, sit included. The pad Thai was both wet, and favourable, the chicken were large chunks that didn't torment me to find, and the peanuts both crunchy and not overly done like some other places

Samantha Ro

Love the food. The Pad See Ew is my favorite here, especially with pork. I also really like the Yellow Curry with Chicken. But more than the food, I love the customer service! Today was a perfect example of good they are. At 11:09am I ordered food through SkipTheDishes and got the time estimate of 23minutes to receive it. After 30minutes passed the time to receive was still 20min, so I contacted SkipTheDishes help line. They said they would assign a new courier and were sorry for the delay. After 55min passed from ordering and it still said 20 minutes to arrive and the courier hadn’t changed I contacted Skip again! They said it was estimated at arrived at 12:35! Almost an hour and a half after ordering, And even though that was actually over 20minutes, the time to receive still said 20minutes! Now, right as I finished this conversation with Skip, I got a call a call from the restaurant and they wanted to let me know that the food was ready, they were keeping it fresh and warm, but didn’t know where the delivery person was so wanted to recommend I contact Skip. And then they let me know when he had picked up the food. I really appreciated that they kept me in the loop, so I knew what was happening (which was a lot better than Skip did). It was still warm when I got it and tasted good.

Donald L

Ordered drunken noodle Pad Kee Mao with chicken spicy level 2. Delicious flat noodles. I could have increased the spiciness to level 3 because I like my food hot & spicy.


I ordered the chicken pad thai. The wait was extremely long for food court standards and the dish was on the pricier side ($11). However the dish itself tasted pretty good.


I ordered the chicken pad thai. The wait was extremely long for food court standards and the dish was on the pricier side ($11). However the dish itself tasted pretty good.

Kristen C.

Pretty good place. I got the pad Thai, the appetizer mix entree, and the green curry. I really enjoyed the green curry and thought it had great flavor. The pad Thai wasn't really my favorite, but I think it was due to the fact I expected noodles to be with it. The appetizer box was also pretty good if you are looking to get a little bit of everything. The chicken satay was flavorful and I like all the sauces that come with the appetizer box. I would recommend as I thought they did a great job on their curries and the amount of food within the portions.

Gary Spiegel

Easily the worse meal I’ve ever had in Vancouver. They obviously don’t care about the food they serve.

Ashley Huffman

I have been here many times and have really enjoyed the pad Thai and the Tom yum fried rice highly recommend. Great prices for the quality and amount. Would SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND :)

Hana Ballum

I found out about this through close friends of mine and decided to try it out. In my opinion it was the best thai food that I have ever had. I had the pad thai and thought that it was very authentic. HIGHLY RECOMEND ;)

Rob Mitzel

For a food court Thai place, they have surprisingly good dishes, at reasonable prices!

Anthony Ho

I loved the Thai food. The prices really good for the quality and really friendly staff. They were very helpful and I like the Pad Thai because of the great spice and flavour. If you want a quick bite that is really good, come here and it will be a great lunch. :)

S B.

Great AUTHENTIC thai food. You can actually taste the fish sauce and they can deliver real spice if you want, truly amazing hidden spot

Craig S.

The Massaman Curry wasn't that good but the staff is very very nice. The price is ok for amount they give you. The curry and rice dish feeds two people for $10.

Melanie Priemer

On 3/25/2018(Sunday), I ordered a lunch menu for the employees at our firm at WOW Thai Food.

Amy L.

I ordered through Uber Eats but the quality of food was so bad I had to share here as well. I ordered a chicken pad Thai and it honestly tasted terrible. Absolutely the worst pad Thai I've ever had in my life. I also ordered two pops and the receipt even said two pops and I only received one. I also ordered no peanuts and got peanuts. Bad food bad service. Would not order ever again.

Jillian R.

This review is for a takeout dinner - the quality may be better for dine-in, but the food I got was 1000% awful. First of all, I ordered through door dash and the food took a very long time to be ready. I saw that the dasher was waiting at the restaurant for a while, so I don't think it was a delivery issue. The curries were flavorless and had almost nothing but sauce in them. The full fish was so oily it didn't look like it could be eaten. Same story with the spring rolls. The Phad See Ew, which is normally safe anywhere, was oily, flavorless, and had very few veggies - even less meat. Definitely not wow. I had writing bad reviews, but I can't help it here.